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DATE News (chronologically 5/28/01 to 6/3/01)
Audio from Milwaukee
Top 3 winners press conference
Tom Michaels of the CART Radio Network, race wrapup
Kenny Brack of Team Rahal, who won his second consecutive race Sunday in Milwaukee 
Kenny Brack, who was nearly taken out in a first lap accident with Castroneves
Michael Andretti, who finished second in Sunday's race
Scott Dixon of PacWest Racing, who finished third
Indy Lights Top-3 post-race press conference ( 17:52 min) 
Mario Dominguez post-race comments from Milwaukee ( 4:07 min) 
Kenny Brack on being awarded the pole for the Miller Lite 225 at Milwaukee ( 0:18 min) 
Kenny Brack on lack of practice time for the Miller Lite 225 (0:18 min) 
Kenny Brack on compensating for the unexpected elements in the race (0:32 min.) 
Max Papis on the approach to the Miller Lite 225 with the lack of practice time (0:15 min.)
Wrap-up report voiced by Tom Michaels of the CART Radio Network
Kenny Brack of Team Rahal, who will start on the pole for the race
Helio Castroneves of Marlboro Team Penske
Max Papis
on his Friday practice and the difficulty of the CART wing package (0:34 min.)
Kenny Brack practice and on how difficult it is to be competitive at each venue (1:00 min.)
Tom Michaels summarizes Friday's practice (0:37 min.)
Kenny Brack chats with French journalists and about CART (16:33 min.)
Helio Castroneves comments after Friday practice (2:05 min.)
Helio Castroneves talks about Indy 500 (2:56 min.)
Mo Nunn talks about team improvements and opinions about CART's 'package' (6:01 min.)
Alex Zanardi talks about being back in CART and his recent improvements (1:49 min.)
Bobby Rahal talks about the Adrian Newey controversy with McLaren, and more (9:07 min.)
Atlantics: Orsi stays cool under fire After battling the elements all weekend, the CART Toyota Atlantic Championship race at the Milwaukee Mile, finally got in under cloudy and cold conditions. Hoover Orsi (Hylton Motorsports/U.S. Print Swift) broke into the win column for the first time in his Atlantic career after holding off a furious charge by rookie, Grant Ryley (Worldspeed Motorsports/Northwest Speedwerx Swift) in the closing laps of the race.  Story
Townsend Bell next American star, wins by lap in Milwaukee 2nd UPDATE In a perfect weekend, Dorricott driver Townsend Bell led every lap and lapped the entire field in winning today's Indy Lights race at Milwaukee.  PacWest drivers Mario Dominguez was 2nd and Dan Wheldon were third Full Story 6/2/01 - Townsend Bell will start on the pole for Sunday's Dayton Indy Lights Championship race at the Milwaukee Mile even though he and the 11 other drivers entered here this weekend never turned a lap in official qualifying. Steady rain showers hit the Wisconsin State Fairgrounds track soon after the completion of this morning's third Indy Lights practice session of the weekend. Along with all other CART activity, qualifying was officially canceled late this morning.  6/1/01 -  Townsend Bell made quite an impression in the Indy Lights series his first year.  Now in his second year, he's just as quick.  Bell's (DirecPC) Lola and his rookie Dorricott Racing teammate Jon Fogarty (Thomas Fogarty Winery & Vineyards Lola) set the pace Friday in the opening day of practice for Sunday's Dayton Indy Lights Championship race at the Milwaukee Mile. Bell was the top driver in both the morning and afternoon sessions and set the day's fastest overall lap in the second run at an average speed of 153.166 mph (24.256 seconds). Fogarty, making his first appearance at Milwaukee, was second fastest at an average speed of 151.951 mph (24.450 seconds) and fellow rookie Dan Wheldon was third quick at an average speed of 150.932 mph (24.615 seconds).   Bell hopes to move up to Champ Cars in 2002, if only some team owner would give him a test so he can show his stuff.
Monterrey to add 30,000 seats next year   Confirming what we reported months ago, the promoters of the Monterrey, Mexico CART race will be adding 30,000 seats for the 2002 race.  Last years attendance was 130,000 on race day.  Next year will be 160,000.  200,000 expected for Mexico City (500,000 weekend), 160,000 expected for Monterrey (400,000 weekend).  Like we have said repeatedly, CART will be well served if it goes after key international venues. 
De Ferran leads morning practice  On a cool gray overcast morning in Milwaukee, Marlboro Team Penske driver Gil de Ferran was fastest in morning warmup, followed by Bryan Herta and Oriol Servia.  Servia was struggling on Friday, but it looks like they have their problems sorted out.  The only incident was a spin and crash by Shinji Nakano into the outside wall of turn 2.  He was OK, but his car was not.
Did you know?  That Peggy Haas, owner of the Lynx Toyota Atlantics team, is part of the wealthy family that owned the Levi-Strauss Jeans company?  Did you also know that she spends around $3 million of her own money each year (no sponsorship per se) to field a Toyota Atlantics team to give a young American a start?  Did you also know that Dee Dee Rodgers does a similar thing with the DSTP team?  Both of these women are to be commended for what they do for the sport and the young drivers using their own money.  We tip our hat to both.

CART, IRL and NASCAR safety data lacking vs. F1  We have tried to get stats like this put out by F1 for the American series, for the sake of providing real safety and risk numbers for interested parties to use in assessing the safety risk and liability of USA racing, which is perceived to be much much higher than reality. These supposedly educated, forward thinking people refuse to admit that their uninformed opinions might be refuted by fact.  But we could not provide facts to refute, as the USA motorsports industry refuses to release them, or has never even studied them. Even the insurance companies do not release numbers of any kind, and told us they don't really keep track, and that their risk and probability calculation do not involve past incidents, so they do not track them.  We applaud the FIA for releasing this information, so that fans and those involved in the sport can deal with fact as opposed to perception. Now we need to see this from CART and the other forms of racing here in the US. It would be our guess that for every mile or minute spent in a racing car, drag racing is by far the most dangerous. Then motorcycle racing. Next in our guess would be stock car racing. We have a feeling that formula based road racing would be quite down the list, next to electric car racing.
Tony George interview  We thought you might enjoy this interview with Tony George done by the Dallas Morning News.  He has some interesting things to say.  One very interesting quote - "One of my goals is to develop the IRL into the premiere racing series in the world."  While we think that's commendable to have such lofty goals, we think it will be quite some time before the IRL surpasses F1, CART and NASCAR.
Rutherford helping TMS  On Friday night, Fox Sports Southwest ran a piece about a press conference held Friday at TMS in which Eddie Gossage and Johnny Rutherford held an "IRL education" seminar to get the local media educated about the difference between CART and IRL cars. Seems some undecided "callers" to the ticket office were wondering if the IRL cars were the same as CART Champ cars and if there was a chance that the race would be postponed. TMS rolled out Rutherford to educate the press regarding specifics of the cars. 
The show must go on and it did  When I arrived at the track early Saturday morning, things did not look good for the days events. Once again, Mother Nature was throwing a wrench (no pun intended) into the big weekend in Dover, Delaware. I immediately made my way to the Winston Cup trailer where the trusty radar showed a band of rain over the track. When I looked over I noticed that Jack Rousch had the same question as he looked at the radar, when and how much? The word was that this line of showers would not last. Finally around 9AM it looked as if we could get some racing in, and we did. The NASCAR Truck Series race went off unimpeded. It seemed like Mother Nature waited for the checkered flag and for the race winner, Scott Riggs to pull into victory lane before the rain started. With truck race over and the rain falling, I made another trip to the Cup Trailer to play weatherman. Again, it looked as if the showers would pass. Finally, they did and NASCAR started the track drying ritual. The weather held and NASCAR dried the 1.0-mile ribbon of concrete. It wasn't long before the Busch race started and it wasn't long before the rain did as well. Almost as soon as the race went green, the race went red. The rain subsided and NASCAR hit the track. I think more fuel was used today for the Jet driers than for the trucks/cars. Mother Nature played games with NASCAR and the fans several more times before the race finally got under way for the final time. Mr. Excitement, Jimmy Spencer finally brought home the checkered flag at Dover. At this time the sky was blue. NASCAR and the Dover Track Officials/Workers should be commended for the spectacular job they did in keeping with "The Show Must Go On" spirit. It was obvious to me when I looked up into the stands today while the rain was coming down, NASCAR racing has the most loyal and diehard fans in all of sports. I did not see anyone run for cover and when the sun finally came out for good, the crowd noise was deafening. After the Busch race the Cup cars got to air it out one last time before the big show on Sunday under crystal blue skies. The clear weather at happy hour may prove to be a handling nightmare for Crew Chiefs and Drivers come Sunday afternoon in the MBNA Platinum 400, if the forecast of overcast skies comes true. Jon Osborne
Did you know?  That the undertray for a Champ car Lola ($40K+) costs 50% more than one for a Reynard?  That's a prime example of where CART can control costs.  While the Lola folks will argue "yeah but ours produces more downforce" there comes a point where one has to wonder if some things should have some sort of cost cap.
Atlantics: Qualifications washed out  For the first time since 1996 when the CART Toyota Atlantic Championship race was postponed here at Milwaukee, rain has once again washed out a schedule Atlantic event. A spinning low pressure weather system continued to dump rain in the Milwaukee area, postponing Round 3 of the CART Toyota Atlantic Championship until Sunday morning at 9:35 a.m. The Atlantic teams will run another warm up session tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. This is a huge break for Argentina's Martin Basso (Michael Shank Racing/3b Engine Valves Swift) who destroyed his car late in Friday's practice. The team worked overnight rebuilding the car and its first track time was going to be at the drop of the green flag today. But with the postponement, the team can gain some much needed sleep along with 15 minutes of track time before the race starts tomorrow morning.
Rockingham, Germany and Japan Update UPDATE We spoke with the Director at Rockingham today who explained why they only built 52,000 seats.  Since some soccer fans were crushed to death a few years ago (Liverpool?), rules in England limit the seating capacity of new stadiums initially, until such time as it's determined crowd control is adequate and the transportation system is not overloaded.  That same bill that was passed requires that every person have a seat - no standing room only allowed.  Earlier - Representative from Rockingham, England are here in Milwaukee this weekend (as they were in Motegi) is learn what they can about putting on a CART race.  We asked them about ticket sales.  They said they were very good and they expect to sellout all 52,000 seats.  When asked about reports of additional stands being built, they said that is possible if they sellout the permanent stands.  The extra grandstands would be temporary ones this year.  Their goal is to eventually have permanent seating for over 70,000.  We also heard tickets in Germany are selling at the rate of about 2,000 per week now.  We spoke to some more people who were in Japan.  They tell us the paid attendance was 72,000 and with track and CART staff, there were over 80,000 people at Motegi two weeks ago.  The tracks seating capacity is 120,000, and we can expect they will fill them, in a controlled manner, in about five years.  Road capacity up to the track is still a concern.  One person told us it took hours to get down the mountain after the race.   CART's popularity overseas is growing steadily.
CART adversaries afraid of Heitzler?   It seems that way from our end.  We have noted an influx of negative Joe Heitzler anonymous e-mail lately, all of which has turned out to be false.  Today, David Phillips reported on that Joe Heitzler's demise have been both premature and exaggerated.  "He's stronger than ever," quipped one Board member.  We are not sure who is behind the thrust, but it looks like people are finally beginning to realize it's someone with a hidden agenda that's on the outside looking in.
BAR team loses appeal -  The International Court of Appeal met in Paris on 1 June 2001 in order to examine the appeal brought by the Royal Automobile Club - Motor Sports Association (MSA - United Kingdom) on behalf of the team Lucky Strike Reynard British American Racing Honda (British license-holder) against the decision of the Stewards of the 2001 Formula One Austrian Grand Prix (document number 44 - rejection of the protest lodged by the team Lucky Strike Reynard British American Racing Honda against car number 17 - Kimi Räikkönen, Red Bull Sauber Petronas - for alleged overtaking under yellow flags). Having listened to the explanations of all the parties involved and examined the various documents and other evidence, the Court rejected the appeal and decided to confirm the Stewards' decision (document number 44) of the 2001 Formula One Austrian Grand Prix. The results of this event are therefore final. 

So you understand why Honda races -  Some people in the Indy Car ranks can't understand why Honda is so adamant about keeping CART's engines state-of-the-art, and not dumbed-down.  Hopefully this will help you understand.   The motto of Soichiro Honda, "Without racing there is no Honda" rings loud throughout the company's motorsport programs and is the cornerstone of its approach to staff development in F1 and CART. The aim is simple - to give as much exposure as possible to as many young engineers as possible in the high-pressure, time critical environment of F1 and CART. To do this, roughly halfway through each year Honda rotates the majority of its engineering staff on its F1 and CART race team and test team. Underlining Honda's deep-rooted commitment to its future through training, many of the 25 or so F1 technical staff (and additional CART staff) will return to Japan, except for the most senior members who are permanently assigned to the program. Approximately 16 new engineers will join each of the teams supporting Lucky Strike BAR Honda and Benson and Hedges Jordan Honda. After six months on the race team the young engineers return to the Racing Division in Japan, where they remain on the Formula One program (and CART) before moving onto general automotive projects. Many of the employees will return to F1 at a later stage to assist the younger engineers who are there for the first time. New engineers are selected to join the F1 and CART program from the thousands of employees at Tochigi, Honda's research and development center in Japan. As part of Honda's racing culture, they are immersed in a situation where they have to operate to strict time limits and are given a high degree of responsibility at a relatively junior level. This experience is invaluable when they return to Japan to work on projects in general automotive design, where problem-solving and innovation are bywords. There are few senior executives at Honda who haven't been exposed to the motorsport environment and the current president, Mr Yoshino, was previously the head of Honda Racing Corporation, which is responsible for motorcycle racing for Honda worldwide. The personnel changeover is a key objective of Honda's challenge.   The same policy and time frame extends to the test team but a smaller number of people are involved.
Atlantics - Ryley sets track record at Milwaukee  Grant Ryley (Worldspeed Motorsports/Northwest Speedwerx Swift) who had suffered through a run of bad luck during the first two events of the season, redeemed himself by grabbing the pole for Saturday’s Round 3 race of the CART Toyota Atlantic Championship at the Milwaukee Mile. Not only did Ryley get the pole but shattered Daniel Wheldon’s 2000 record by over one mph. with a speed of 148.834 mph (24.962 seconds). “Mike Doyle, my engineer made a good change on the car,” said the pleased first year driver from San Jose, California. “He put his magic fingers on the car and that did something to it. After that, the car was just flying. It was all about just going out and having the confidence in the car to go around flat. I just can’t say enough about my team. We have a great oval setup. I think we have a very good race car as well as a good qualifying car.” 
Luciano Burti in Milwaukee  Roaming around the pits here in Milwaukee is Prost F1 driver Luciano Burti.  Rumor is that he has some interest in possibly doing CART someday.  CART's sweep at Indy has really raised awareness of the series, so much so that their TV negotiations (with CBS and NBC) have taken a significant turn for the better.
Castroneves to be on Letterman Monday night  Indy 500 winner Helio Castroneves will be on the David Letterman show this Monday night.  Letterman has been plugging CART extensively lately, and helping its popularity.
CART engine manufacturers make big gains  We were told by one engine manufacturer that in the beginning of the year the engines were down on power from 2000 due to the 3 inch drop in boost.  However, since Long Beach we are told the advancements have been so significant that everyone is at or above last years levels.  The competition is higher now than ever before, each manufacturer trying to beat the others.  We also learned from another source that the Arciero-Blair team, who recently switched from the Phoenix to Ford, is currently using 2000 spec Ford engines, but that may change as Ford is able to catch up with parts supply.  Actually, it is more likely they will get 2001 engines that are always just a little behind the very latest upgrades for the customers who signed on early.  Ford is prepared to also supply Dale Coyne's team when they re-enter the series.  We understand Coyne's team was also getting 2000 spec engines.
Reynard teams get new undertray for Milwaukee  Although it's being kept a bit hush-hush, Reynard has come out with a new, higher downforce, undertray here in Milwaukee.  The Lola cars have been consistently faster on the ovals, especially in traffic, and the higher downforce they are thought to produce from their undertray is the likely factor.  So far, the drivers we talked to are happy with the gains Reynard has made.
Michigan Speedway state's biggest campground  The largest campground in Michigan isn't in the Upper Peninsula or along a Great Lakes beach. It's at Michigan International Speedway in Brooklyn. That campground is revving up for one of its three biggest weeks of the summer as the speedway prepares to host the NASCAR Winston Cup Kmart 400 on June 10. A total of 5,281 camp sites on three locations -- the Speedway Infield (2,600), Coleman Family Campground (1,681) and M-50 Campground (1,000) -- are available. Although none of the sites have electricity, the campgrounds do offer shower facilities and drinking-water spigots. Of the estimated crowd of 165,000 for the June 10 race, approximately 20,000 to 30,000 will be camping somewhere on the 1,500 acres owned by the speedway company, according to Tommy Cameron of MIS. They camp in motor homes, trailers, truck caps and some old, converted buses. A few of the more adventurous camp in tents. "People have found that they can rent a motor home instead of a hotel room and be a lot closer to the track," Cameron said. "The campgrounds are not like traditional campgrounds, because there aren't a lot of extra amenities, but more and more people are camping around the track every year."  Det. News
CART Museum will influence CART's future home  CART is holding discussions with Walt Disney Co., DreamWorks SKG and AOL Time Warner Inc. about possibly building a CART museum.  Joseph Heitzler, in his first annual meeting as CART chief  executive officer, divulged the plans during questioning by shareholders about potential new revenue sources during the company's annual meeting here.  As one way of keeping CART in the public eye after the race season ends in November, "we've entered into some discussions with DreamWorks, Disney and Time Warner" about whether museums and other entertainment offered by competing racing enterprises might also make sense for CART, which is might move its headquarters from Michigan.  "NASCAR's headquarters is Daytona Beach, where they have a museum, extensive merchandising and entertainment. I've talked to several of my counterparts there, and it represents a significant increase in their revenues," Heitzler said. Rival Indy Racing League has a popular museum at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  Heitzler has told us he was going to recommend three possible headquarters sites to CART's board of directors: Detroit, Las Vegas 
and Orlando, although Indianapolis also is a long-shot candidate as it too may change it's tax structure for race teams. "This won't happen until I'm convinced DreamWorks, Disney or Time 
Warner's Six Flags or someone like that is going to tell us whether it's a viable business option.  It's expected CART will take bids on the museum.
Petty Teams Reorganize - A reorganization within the competitive framework at Petty Enterprises has led to a new position for Chris Hussey and an increased role for Doug Hewitt. Hussey, who serves as crew chief for the No. 45 Sprint Dodge, will now also be race operations manager for Petty Enterprises, facilitating communications among the three Winston Cup teams, the engine and research and development departments. Doug Hewitt, head of mechanical research and development, will have his role increased..
PPI Crew Chief To Leave In July PPI Motorsports  Joe Garone has announced his resignation from his position as crew chief of the No. 96 McDonald's Ford driven by Winston Cup competitor Andy Houston. Garone has accepted a position with NASCAR's research and development project in Hickory, N.C., but will remain as crew chief on the McDonald's Ford through July. In a move not related to Garone's departure, PPI Motorsports has also undertaken a company-wide restructuring resulting in the reduction of 14 staff positions effective today. This reorganization brings the total number of PPI Motorsports employees to 97. The restructuring was based on a thorough evaluation of the company's organizational chart and department-by-department staffing after observing the operating structures of several top teams in the NASCAR Winston Cup Series.
Jeff Gordon is GQ?  Jeff Gordon has been nominated for GQ's Men of the Year awards in the "Sports - Individual Athlete" category. Other nominees in the category are Lance Armstrong, Andre Agassi, Ricky Carmichael and Phil Mickelson. You can vote up until June 15 on
Industry News is fans choice is today's Fans Choice of the Day on The Sports Hot Sheet.
Fox continues to pull in record numbers  Continuing to re-write the record books, NASCAR on FOX made its first visit to Primetime last Sunday (5/27) and recorded a 5.3/11 national rating for the Coca-Cola 600-a +56% gain over last year's 3.4/7 on TBS. The race from Lowe's Motor Speedway in Charlotte delivered a 4.2/16 among adults 18-49, giving FOX a win for the night in that valuable demographic. In total, an estimated 22.8 million viewers watched at least part of the race. Season-to-date, FOX Sports' NASCAR Winston Cup Series racing average now stands at a 6.5/16, a +20% gain over last year's 5.4/14.
Waltrip gives lowdown on Dover  NASCAR on FOX analyst Darrell Waltrip is no stranger to racing at Dover Downs International Speedway. "I'd rather drive six hundred miles at Charlotte than 400 miles at Dover," he fondly recalls. "That's how tough this track is. We used to kid and call this race the '24 Hours of Dover.'   When you show up to race at the Monster Mile, you can expect a long, tough, grueling afternoon. The last few years were especially tough on me because I'm not a fan of racing on concrete. I guess it's kind of like when you hear that Pete Sampras doesn't like playing tennis on clay courts. Well, I've just never felt secure racing on concrete... I never felt as though I could get what we call 'down in the track,' I always felt as though I was on top sliding around, always the verge of spinning out. And that's an exhausting feeling to endure for several hours. Imagine what it's like driving to the supermarket on an icy day. Now imagine that the supermarket is 400 miles from your house and there are 42 other guys racin' you there to buy the last loaf of bread!"
Goodyear released from Hospital  Scott Goodyear, who broke a bone in his lower back in a crash during the Indianapolis 500, was released from Methodist Hospital on Thursday and returned to his suburban Indianapolis home. Two-time IROC champion Al Unser Jr. will replace Goodyear in the June 9 race at Michigan International Speedway, IROC said. Goodyear sustained a compression fracture when his car was struck by the spinning car of Sarah Fisher and slammed against the wall on the back straightaway. The two-time Indy runner-up is wearing a back brace, and his doctors estimate his recovery will take 8-12 weeks. ``My goal, once the brace is off, is to get back in a race car as soon as possible,'' he said.
Ray leads Richmond testing  Greg Ray turned a lap of 164 mph under the lights at Richmond International Raceway to lead private Indy Racing Northern Light Series testing at the track May 30. 1999 Indy Racing champion Ray and Mark Dismore each turned a top lap of 16.5 seconds at 163.636 mph earlier in the day. Ray, Dismore, series points leader Sam Hornish Jr., Robbie Buhl and 2001 Indianapolis 500 pole sitter Scott Sharp each turned laps on the ¾-mile oval in preparation for the SunTrust Indy Challenge on June 30 at RIR. The night race will be the first event in Indy Racing League history contested on a track shorter than 1 mile. Hornish was third on the speed chart with a top lap of 16.67, 161.968 in the No. 4 Pennzoil Panther Dallara/Oldsmobile/Firestone during the afternoon. Buhl was next during the afternoon at 16.9, 159.763 in the No. 24 Team Purex Dreyer & Reinbold G Force/Infiniti/Firestone with Sharp putting in a top lap of 17.53, 154.022 in just 43 laps of work in the No. 8 Delphi Automotive Systems Dallara/Oldsmobile/Firestone. Dismore led all drivers with 145 laps in the No. 28 Delphi Automotive Systems Dallara/Oldsmobile/Firestone, followed by Hornish with 120. The short, D-shaped oval at Richmond requires a new driving style, said 1999 Indy Racing champion Ray, driver of the No. 2 Johns Manville/Menards Dallara/Oldsmobile/Firestone. "We are struggling with the car, and we're really driving the wheels off of these things," Ray said. "We're not used to sliding these things and wheeling them around, so you have to be precise to be really fast. The fact that it's new and we are all learning is exciting for us." Ray's unofficial speed was faster than the top lap of the Indy Racing League Open Test on April 20 at the track, 160.753 by defending series champion Buddy Lazier. The official track record is 131.374 mph, set by Randy Tolsma in 1996 in a USAC Coors Light Silver Bullet Series race. "This is going to be an action-packed place to run," Sharp said. "Things are moving fast when you come off of turns 2 and 4, so I can't imagine what it is going to be like with 26 other cars out there. I think the fans will be impressed. "The cars sound great, they look fast, they are fast. We'll probably be about 30-40 mph faster than the Winston Cup cars here. With all the downforce we have, we'll have the potential to be side-by-side in the corners and to dart in and out of the holes. There is going to be a lot of action. "It'll be like a big pack of swarming bees that can also move around." The two-day private test ends May 31 at the track.
Highlights of today's CART stockholders meeting  As shareholder meetings can be, a pretty vanilla affair. About 30 shareholders attended, including Larry Murphy of the Detroit Red Wings, who asked a couple of cogent questions and is apparently a pretty serious motorhead. The Board as seated was elected for an additional term with 86% shareholder approval, and the Long Term Stock Incentive Program was approved with 69% approval. Then Joe Heitzler gave his CEO speech. Apparently, Joe likes the way the TV negotiations are going, describing them as “intense” and saying “we’re encouraged by the level of interest” from the various parties involved. Then, CFO Tom Carter took the podium and described CART’s latest financial performance. The floor was then opened to questions. Heitzler & Co. answered the questions in as much depth as they could, which wasn’t much. Litigation with ISL and Texas Motor Speedway was discussed, but nothing new put forth. Joe did go into a fair amount of detail about what he called the “off-season brand recognition” plan, mentioning discussions with DreamWorks and Disney to keep CART fresh in people’s minds between November and February. He said they’ve opened a Los Angeles office to promote the entertainment angle, and that David Letterman and Paul Newman have provided input in this respect. During the meeting, the banner with the CART logo on the front of the dais fell off. Let's hope that’s not symbolic.
Industry News
New Soft Wall to be tested  We have published 2 or 3 soft wall articles in the past.  Now we hear some more good news.  A 20 inch thick Molecuthane soft wall to be demonstrated in July at Indianapolis Raceway.  Supposedly Molecuthane is a new material that is at least 70 percent superior to any other material previously tested to reduce the G force from impacts. Also, the wall is not damaged by the impact but returns to its original shape after the impact. This return to original shape is accomplished yet they have eliminated "bounce" that would generally happen with other materials.  Also, supposedly the wall has a very low coefficient of friction so that if the wall is struck at an angle, the vehicle is not pulled into the wall. This is very important. In short, Molecuthane has enabled them to develop a soft wall totally unlike any other wall ever tested.  Stay tuned...we will let you know how the test goes.  If you remember from our Soft Walls or Soft Cars articles, we proved in physics that about a 3 foot thick Crumple Zone is required.  While 20 inches by itself is not enough, the car will also Crumple meaning between the wall and the car there should be enough crumple....hopefully.
Helio Castroneves Teleconference  The guest yesterday was driver Helio Castroneves of Marlboro Team Penske, who drove to victory Sunday in the 85th Indianapolis 500 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Transcript 
Britany Spears named Grand Marshal for Pepsi 400  Britney Spears will serve as grand marshal for the 43rd annual Pepsi 400 NASCAR Winston Cup Series race on Saturday, July 7 at 8 p.m. at Daytona International Speedway. Spears will give the command to start the engines to the field of 43 drivers in front of more than 200,000 race fans at the Speedway and millions of fans around the world watching the mid-summer classic on the first NASCAR broadcast of the year for NBC. "We're looking forward to having Britney Spears preside over America's largest nighttime sporting event," Speedway President John Graham said. "Britney has captured the hearts of fans around the world with her musical and performance talents and I'm sure she'll capture the attention of NASCAR fans and competitors as part of the Pepsi 400 at Daytona." Since earning a spot on the Mickey Mouse Club at age 11, the award-winning artist has quickly gone from being a star in the making to a superstar. Spears' two albums, "Baby One More Time" and "Oops! . . . I Did It Again" both reached platinum and produced such hits as "You Drive Me Crazy" and "Lucky." 
Leno to pace Brickyard 400  Two years ago, it was a winning combination at the Indianapolis 500. So for the 2001 Brickyard 400, Chevrolet and comedian Jay Leno will team up once again to pace a race at the most prestigious racetrack in the world. Leno, host NBC's popular "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno," will be behind the wheel of a specially modified 2001 Chevrolet Monte Carlo as he leads the field at the start of this year's Brickyard 400 on Aug. 5, 2001, at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. "The Indianapolis Motor Speedway gives a warm welcome once again to Jay Leno, as he assumes the duties of Pace Car driver for the eighth running of the Brickyard 400," said Tony George, president and chief executive officer of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. "Jay was a fine ambassador for the Speedway when he piloted the Chevrolet Monte Carlo Pace Car at the 1999 Indianapolis 500, and we look forward to his return to Indianapolis in August."
NASCAR says no to Humpy Bumper UPDATE Following extensive discussions with NASCAR officials during The Winston and Coca-Cola 600 weekends at Lowe's Motor Speedway, H.A. "Humpy" Wheeler said today testing is continuing on the frontal impact absorption system, nicknamed the "Humpy Bumper," that was developed by Paul Lew of Lew Composites. "They are at the University of Dayton this week doing computer simulation testing," Wheeler noted. "Then, next week they are scheduled to sled test it at General Motors' facility. From there they will go to the Lockheed wind tunnel to examine its aerodynamic effect on the car. "After all that testing is complete, they plan to do two remote crash tests of Winston Cup cars fitted with the bumper at as-yet-undetermined speedways," Wheeler continued. Wheeler emphasized NASCAR officials met with him and Lew, head of Las Vegas-based Lew Composites, and are completely aware of the testing that is taking place. "NASCAR officials have been very cooperative," Wheeler continued. "In fact, there is some specific testing data they want to see and we are complying with their request." Wheeler said once the testing is complete and the impact absorption system is approved for competition, Lew Composites can build 45 units in 30 days. The unit's super high-tech production process, known as "3D/DL" (three-dimensional/directional laminate), produces a structure that weighs only 16 pounds, will cost less than $6,000 per unit to manufacture and can be made to sacrifice itself when acted on by a pre-determined amount of force. 5/29/01 -  NASCAR officials are saying "no way" to Humpy Wheeler's crushable "Humpy Bumper," a $6,000 piece of composite materials designed to bolt into the nose of a Winston Cup car, attach to the frame of the car and provide for a Crumple Zone in a crash.

Overnight TV ratings up 18% for Indy 500 UPDATE Even though ratings were up over '99 (last non-rain delayed race), the share was lower by one point. 5/29/01 - Overnight TV ratings for the Indy 500 were up 18% over the previous year, largely driven by the anticipation of the CART vs. IRL rivalry and/or by Tony Stewart's participation.  We have long maintained that CART and IRL would be well served by playing up the rivalry between the two sides.  Every successful sport has great rivalry's, and for a long time, that has been missing from Indy Car racing.  ABC television's coverage of the Indianapolis 500 on Sunday earned a 5.3 rating and 14 share, an increase of 18 percent over last year's rain-delayed race. The network was on the air from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. EDT covering the race won by Helio Castroneves. Last year, with the rain delay, coverage was from 11 a.m. to 6:15 p.m. and got a 4.5 rating and 11 share. Sunday's rating was also 6 percent higher than the 5.0 for the 1999 race, which had a 15 share.  Still, the ratings are down from the 8+ ratings before the CART/IRL split.
Castroneves keeping busy  Helio Castroneves was in NY City today and tomorrow for the Winner's Media Tour.  He started with a tour of Wall Street and the NY Stock Exchange. In between he has been at numerous events and TV shows talking about his win at Indy and the CART series he normally drives in.  He ends the tour tomorrow by throwing out the first pitch at the Mets vs. Phillies Major League baseball game at 7:10 PM ET at Shea Stadium.  Then it's off to Milwaukee for this weekends CART race.
No Bull Challenge returns in Pepsi 400  Jeff Burton, Kevin Harvick, Tony Stewart, Mark Martin and Bobby Labonte will have some extra incentive in the 43rd annual Pepsi 400 on July 7 at Daytona International Speedway. Based on their top-five finishes in last weekend's 600-mile race in Concord, N.C., the five NASCAR Winston Cup Series drivers can pocket the Winston No Bull 5 $1 million bonus with a victory in the Pepsi 400. In addition, five fans once again will be paired with the five drivers and will also have the opportunity to win $1 million.  It's the first time the Winston No Bull 5, the richest single-season bonus program in NASCAR Winston Cup Series history, will be contested under the lights at the "World Center of Racing." In each of the previous three seasons, Daytona International Speedway has played host to the Winston No Bull 5 during the season-opening Daytona 500. "I'm excited to be in the No Bull 5 again," said Mark Martin, driver of the No. 6 Viagra Ford for Roush Racing and the fourth-place finisher in last weekend's race. "We've been in it several times, but never won it. My teammate Jeff Burton has won it a few times, so maybe it's our turn. Of course, he'll be in it too this time so we'll have some tough competition."  When looking at the statistics, Burton, the defending Pepsi 400 champion, might have the best chance of the five drivers at the $1 million bonus. He's the only driver of the five to have won a points race at Daytona and is the only driver to have won the Winston No Bull 5. In his seven attempts at the Winston No Bull 5, Burton has pocketed the $1 million bonus three times.  Labonte, driver of the No. 18 Interstate Batteries Pontiac for Joe Gibbs Racing, has had the toughest luck at the Winston No Bull 5 $1 million bonus. In the eight times he has been eligible, Labonte hasn't been able to cash in.  Meanwhile, Harvick, driver of the No. 29 GM Goodwrench Chevrolet for Richard Childress Racing, will be eligible for the Winston No Bull $1 million bonus for the first time in the Pepsi 400. He'll also be pulling double duty that weekend, competing in both the Pepsi 400 and the NASCAR Busch Series race at Watkins Glen, N.Y. Fans can see Burton, Harvick, Stewart, Martin and Labonte compete for the Winston No Bull 5 $1 million bonus in the Pepsi 400 by purchasing tickets online at or by calling the Speedway ticket office at (386) 253-7223. 
Winston No Bull 5 Records Entering Pepsi 400 
Jeff Burton: Eligible seven times, won three times (Charlotte 1999, 
Darlington 1999, Las Vegas 2000) 
Kevin Harvick: First time eligible for the Winston No Bull 5 
Tony Stewart: Eligible twice. 
Mark Martin: Eligible seven times. 
Bobby Labonte: Eligible eight times
Scott Goodyear remains hospitalized  UPDATE  Scott Goodyear will remain in Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis for two or three more days after suffering a fractured lower back in an accident during the Indianapolis 500.  Goodyear was injured on Lap 8 of the race May 27 when the spinning car of Sarah Fisher hit his #52 Thermos®Grill2Go(tm) Infiniti Dallara/Infiniti/Firestone, causing Goodyear to hit the outside retaining wall on the back straightaway.  Two-time Indianapolis 500 runner-up Goodyear received a back brace May 28 and took a few steps May 29. He is under the care of noted orthopedic surgeon Dr. Terry Trammell and his staff at Methodist and should return to his suburban Indianapolis home by the end of this week, according to a Cheever Indy Racing statement.  Goodyear will require eight to 12 weeks to recuperate from his injury, according to the team statement. "Obviously I'm disappointed because this stops me from testing for the Cheever Indy Racing team and Infiniti, and I know I will miss the IROC race at Michigan next month, but this accident does not change my planning process at all," Goodyear said. "I'm hopeful that I will be cleared to drive in the IROC event at Indianapolis (in early August), and after that I'll continue testing and planning for 2002."  Goodyear appreciates all of the support he has received from fans and media. But his doctors have requested that he not be disturbed during his stay at Methodist. Cheever Indy Racing respectfully requests that the media not attempt to contact Goodyear at the hospital or team office. The team will provide information on Goodyear's condition when available.  5/28/01 - Scott Goodyear, who fractured a bone in his lower back in the Indianapolis 500, was in good condition Monday but will remain hospitalized for several days.  Track spokesman Bill York said the 41-year-old Toronto driver was waiting to be fitted for a back brace at Methodist Hospital.  Goodyear suffered a compressed fracture at the base of his spine on the seventh lap of Sunday's race when Sarah Fisher spun in front of him going through Turn 2. Goodyear slammed hard into the wall and had to be removed from the car.  "I'm a little sore, but other than that I don't feel bad," he said Sunday. "Unfortunately, when the No. 15 car spun in front of me, I had nowhere to go but the wall."   Goodyear expects to be out of racing action for two to three months. 
Recent CART stock sale news  UPDATE Although the link below does not show it, we have learned that CART's President, Joe Heitzler, has, in the past week, invested over $1 million of his own money in purchasing shares of CART stock. We are told he is THAT confident in its future.  5/19/01 - We thought you might find this link interesting.  It gives an update on the latest stock sales by CART insiders.  Since the cancelled Texas fiasco, only Derrick Walker has sold shares.  It's interesting to see that Bobby Rahal continues to sell shares and Forsythe continues to buy shares.  At the rate he is going, Forsythe will eventually own CART.  The last time we spoke with him, he shared our view that CART must look toward street and road races and overseas venues, markets where CART excels.  Therefore, perhaps that would be a good thing for CART.
Elliott Sadler's thoughts on Dover  "Dover is one of my favorite tracks. I'd say it is in the top three. It feels like a roller coaster. I remember the first time I went. Going into turn one, my stomach was way up in my throat big time. I didn't expect that. It was pretty neat. TV doesn't do it justice. I'd never seen it in person until I showed up in a Busch car there in 1996. And then I fell in love with the place. It is unbelievable how fast it is and the demands of that racetrack. It is a place that I look forward to going to. It's a place I think we can run good at. It's a place I think we can win at. It's a cement track. I run good on cement tracks and I look forward to going there again. DOVER IS QUITE OFTEN HOT AND HUMID. WHAT KIND OF A TOLL DOES THAT TAKE? "Some places that you run are more physically demanding and some are more mental. I think there it is more physically demanding track so you don't really worry about the heat and what is going on mentally. You really worry about your arms and you shoulders because with the up and down at Dover it throws you around right much. You've got to be on top of your game." 
Dick Barbour picks Matsuda for 24 Hours of LeMans  Dick Barbour has named a versatile and experienced driver to replace Eric van de Poele at this year's 24 Hours of Le Mans. Hideshi Matsuda will partner with Didier de Radiguès and Sascha Maassen in Barbour's #36 Reynard 01Q -Judd at Le Mans. Matsuda will thus co-pilot the car that not only won, set fastest race lap and pole position in the team's second race at Jarama, Spain May 19 and 20, but also achieved the fastest lap time in its category (LMP 675) in the Le Mans preliminary trials earlier this month.  Ironically, it was the "endurance" race that is the Indianapolis 500 that brought Matsuda to Barbour's attention as he sought to replace van de Poele. Earlier this month van de Poele moved to Team Bentley for Le Mans 2001. Barbour sought a replacement with Le Mans experience. Matsuda brings that experience to the team along with versatility and strong performances in recent Indianapolis 500 races.  In fact, in the U.S., Matsuda is perhaps best known for his strong Indy 500 record. He is a popular driver there, having made the field four times since 1994. In 1996, he took a two-year old Lola-Ford all the way from the 10th row to 8th overall for Team Taisan/Beck Motorsports. In 1999, Hideshi achieved his best Indy qualifying run, putting his Beck Motorsports Dallara on the inside of the 4th row and bringing it home 10th. 
CART, Shell, Ford, Simple Green team to help kids  Championship Auto Racing Teams, in a partnership with Ford Racing, Shell and Simple Green, will utilize several Ford-powered Champ Car drivers to help promote automobile, helmet and environmental safety among children through the formation of CART Wheels For Kids summer youth camp program. Champ Car drivers will visit summer camps in six race markets – Milwaukee, Detroit, Cleveland, Brooklyn, Michigan, Chicago and Columbus – in a concerted effort to relay safety messages to children regarding such key components as seatbelts, helmets and the environment; educate them about the sport and the FedEx Championship Series; and create a special experience for all those involved.  Full Story
Wheldon wows the crowd at Rockingham England's Dan Wheldon wowed the crowds at the new Rockingham Motor Speedway in Northamptonshire yesterday when he came within half a second of becoming the fastest-ever racing driver in England! The 22-year old Briton was demonstrating a Reynard-Ford Champ Car at the COYS Historic Festival meeting which was held over the inaugural weekend of Britain's new oval circuit. On Saturday, former IndyCar and Formula One World Champion, Nigel Mansell, had opened the new track by setting a time of 33.009 seconds - the fastest lap ever around a racing circuit in England. Dan Wheldon - currently racing for PacWest Racing in the CART Dayton Indy Lights series in the USA - was invited to drive the same car. On Monday, Wheldon was scheduled to run for 17 minutes. By the time his session finished after 14 minutes track time he had set a fastest time of 33.4 seconds! Afterwards, a jubilant Wheldon declared: 'I was very pleased - as a 22-year old rookie - to so quickly match the pace of one of motor racing's legends. I can't wait to actually race here and am optimistic of being on the starting grid for September's Champ Car race.' Steve Slater of Rockingham Motor Speedway commented: 'Dan was very impressive around the new track and obviously has the chance of being as big a star as Mansell in the future. It would be great if he were to be able to race in the Rockingham 500 this September as an English 'home hero'.
Atwood - I wish I wore the HANS Device  Rookie Casey Atwood was the second car out of the Coca-Cola 600 Sunday, when he wrecked on the front stretch on Lap 51 and severely damaged his #19 Dodge. Atwood, who elected not to wear his HANS device this weekend, suffered neck pain and a headache. "I wore one at Talladega and California and it hurt my shoulder a little bit, just from being pulled down so tight, so I didn't wear one this weekend. I wish I would have been," Atwood said.
Wheels continue to fly off of cars  It did not go unnoticed yesterday that wheels still flew off of the cars when they crashed at Indy, that with the addition of a third tether by the IRL prior to the race (see photo at right courtesy of the Toronto Sun).  Bruton Smith must have watched with interest as well.  He cancelled all IRL races at Charlotte after fans were killed by a flying wheel.  Last week he cancelled all future races at Atlanta Motor Speedway where low attendance and last months wheel flying into the grandstands were likely behind the termination.  One has to wonder if he will eventually pull the plug on the IRL races at Texas Motor Speedway if the IRL can't get the flying wheels under control.  He has also had to cancel all future races at his Las Vegas track due to low attendance.  Between CART's postponement at Texas Motor Speedway last month, and the need to cancel IRL races at 3 of 4 tracks, Indy Car racing has not been kind to Bruton Smith.
Nigel Mansell quick at Rockingham Grand Opening  Nigel Mansell set a new lap record on the new Rockingham Motor Speedway Oval track of 33.009 seconds. Nigel lapped the 1.5 mile circuit in a staggering 163.59 mph, over 3 mph faster than the fastest lap ever record in the UK, which was set at Silverstone by Finnish Formula One World Champion Keke Rosberg in 1985 (160.4mph).  Nigel was all smiles in front of the gathered media after his ten lap run, which he finished with a number of doughnuts in front of the packed turn one grandstand. “Wow, what a brilliant circuit, this bodes so well for the future of motorsport in this country. I am very excited about the whole thing, this is nothing like an American Oval, this is something very special. When the Champ Car World Series comes here is September I predict speeds of over 180 mph and the racing will be awesome to watch.”  The 1992 Formula 1 and 1993 Indy Car Champion was glad to be back behind the wheel and was determined to set a competitive time. “I did a couple of laps in the 34’s and knew what I had to do. I slowed for a couple of laps and then pushed really hard in one big one. The seat wasn’t a perfect fit and I was really having a job hanging on so I was really happy to set a 33 second lap. I hope Rockingham gets all the praise it deserves for this impressive circuit, British motor sport really needs this!”  Rockingham’s Chief Executive David Grace summed up the feeling of everyone involved with Britain’s newest racing circuit. “My heart was in my mouth as I was watching Nigel lap the oval. This is a great day for Rockingham and Nigel has provided us with a great start.”
CART plans to move headquarters to Las Vegas & might build new road course  Las Vegas seems more destined to be in CART's future with each passing day.  CART wants a warm-weather climate to base its headquarters, a place where people can come year-round to visit a plethora of CART facilities.  The first step of CART's move to Las Vegas will be having their year-end awards banquet there this year.  That's only the beginning.  Joseph Heitzler, president and chief executive of CART, said Saturday from Indy that he also will recommend to his board of directors Thursday that its headquarters should relocate from Troy, Mich., to the Las Vegas area. He said its new offices might be there by February. Gerald Forsythe wants to build a permanent road course in the state.   Forsythe said Saturday that either CART or he will open a permanent natural terrain road-racing facility in Southern Nevada by 2004. He estimated the facility's cost at $30 million, not including the expense of acquiring "several hundred" acres of land.  He would be wise to model it after F1 standards for width and safety, and Road America for elevation change.  It's hoped it will be like a real European road course.  One of Forsythe's top executives was in Las Vegas last week to meet with commercial real estate agents.  "CART is needing newer designed facilities, and if we are going to have our corporate headquarters (in Las Vegas), then we need to have a flagship event there," said Forsythe, who has invested in a new oval track in England and is about to announce plans for a new road course in North America (read that Mexico).  Heitzler said a new Las Vegas race could provide CART with the one thing it lacks. "Tony George and the IRL has a Super Bowl and a mediocre season," said Heitzler, referring to today's Indianapolis 500. "CART has a Super Bowl season with no Super Bowl.  "Perhaps we should build a facility for ourselves and create a Super Bowl of our own. We're prepared to do that."   As for CART racing at Las Vegas Motor Speedway owned by Bruton Smith - Heitzler would not comment on the recent lawsuit by Smith's company against CART because it postponed their recent race at Texas Motor Speedway, but said he plans to meet with Bruton Smith, the chief executive of Speedway Motorsports, to find a suitable settlement.  "Bruton Smith is a premier operator of racing facilities, and we at CART want to exercise every degree of business sense to resolve the differences between CART and Speedway Motorsports Inc.," Heitzler said.  Heitzler and Forsythe are optimistic that CART will race in Las Vegas next year. Forsythe said that when the road-racing facility is completed, they would still want CART to compete on the speedway's 1.5-mile oval.  Las Vegas was the hot topic during CART's race in Japan a week ago after it became apparent that Nevada would adopt sales and use tax exemptions for professional racing teams and racing organizations based in the state. The measure, Assembly Bill 657, was signed into law by Gov. Kenny Guinn on Thursday and will become law by year's end.   Forsythe said if he can muster the support of his employees at shops in Indiana and Ohio, he will move the operations and about 120 staffers to Las Vegas before the start of the 2002 season.

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