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DATE News (chronologically 6/12/01 to 6/17/01)

TV viewership as of 6/17/01 All numbers are estimated worldwide viewers through June 17th
Series No. Races Avg. USA Avg. Global Avg./Race w/Indy Total to date
CART 6 1,100,000 10,000,000 - 60,000,000
NASCAR 15 5,500,000 6,000,000 - 90,000,000
IRL (Incl. Indy 500) 6 700,000 1,500,000 3,500,000 21,000,000

Note: Global averages are not scientific as no accurate data exists.  Estimates are conservatively based on number of countries each race is broadcast x 50,000 average viewers per country. This number can easily be double.  CART broadcast worldwide to 200 countries.  IRL and NASCAR broadcast primarily in North America and limited in Europe.

Honda protest denied UPDATE For those of you who may have missed what the spacer on the bottom of the valve looks like, we have added a picture to the right. We also refer you to this article by Gordon Kirby which is the most thorough one we have seen written on this issue.  6/16/01 - Honda filed a formal protest over the Pop Off valve debacle yesterday in Detroit.  According to a statement issued by CART this morning, "the judges concluded that there was no basis under the rules for granting HPD's protest and therefore it was denied. Honda has three business days to file an appeal with CART regarding Friday's decision." Three CART judges unanimously denied the protest. The protest, which was heard by a three-member panel including Bill Hildick, Todd Hodgdon and Steve Summers, addressed six grievances regarding the 3/4in extension situated between the base of the manifold pressure relief valve and the top of the plenum.  HPD general manager Robert Clarke said no decision has been made about a possible appeal of the denied protest.
Audio from Detroit GP (Real Audio format)

Tom Michaels does a race wrap at the Detroit GP (0:33 min.)

Helio Castroneves who earned his fifth career Champ Car win Sunday (0:23 min.)

Helio Castroneves on facing up to challenges during the race (0:23 min.)

Dario Franchitti on his daring pass of Patrick Carpentier late in the race (0:17 min.)

Dario Franchitti on whether he thought he could catch Castroneves (0:17 min.)

Roberto Moreno talks about finishing 3rd and his go-kart days in Brazil (0:33 min.)

Tom Michaels does a Friday wrap at the Detroit GP (0:33 min.)

Dario Franchitti on qualifying in the heat and humidity at the Detroit GP (0:19 min.)

Dario Franchitti on what the team will concentrate on for tomorrow (0:17 min.)

Tom Michaels previews the Detroit GP (0:37 min.)

Helio Castroneves on his return to Detroit, where he won his first CART race last year (0:24)

Helio Castroneves on how he developed his habit of climbing fences after wins (0:39 min.)

Dario Franchitti of Team KOOL Green, who won at Detroit in 1999 (0:26 min.)

Kenny Brack on how the Belle Isle circuit fits his driving style (0:22 min.)

Detroit - Food for thought  UPDATE This years race day attendance was down to 44,000 with a weekend total of 107,000 compared to last year's numbers of 50,500 and 138,000 respectively.  The following statement was issued jointly Sunday afternoon by Detroit Mayor Dennis Archer, IMG Motorsports President H. Kent 'Bud' Stanner and Championship Auto Racing Teams Chairman and CEO Joseph Heitzler regarding the future of the Tenneco Automotive Grand Prix of Detroit: "We met earlier today for one hour to discuss the future of the race. We each left that meeting feeling that it was a productive and positive exchange of ideas regarding the future of the event. As we have said before, the race must make business sense for IMG, CART and the city. Over the next few weeks, we will further examine the alternatives and will be getting together again soon to further discuss those options. Each of us is confident there are alternatives that can work for all of us. We must now thoroughly examine and research those opportunities and determine what is in our collective best interest."  6/16/01 - Although it looks quite likely that CART won't return to Belle Isle in Detroit next year, did you know that last years Sunday attendance was just over 50,000?  It was, and putting it in perspective to, say, Milwaukee, it's not a bad number.  Too bad the environmentalists are preventing the City from making the track on Belle Isle a real race circuit with better passing, a paved paddock area, etc. 

IRL beating CART hands down when it comes to post-race fanfare  It can't go unnoticed how much fanfare there is after an IRL race compared to a CART race.  They really try to make it seem exciting with fireworks, confetti, people holding up signs in the background when the TV cameras are rolling, etc..  It doesn't go unnoticed to the media how quickly they get out all their post-race reports as well.  Our observation is that the IRL has perhaps twice the number of staff at every race than CART taking care of all the details.  We especially noticed that at Indy, IRL staff were everywhere.  F1 has a lot of hoopla after their races as well.  CART says they realize they are in the entertainment business, but the IRL and F1 walk the walk.
CART uses mobile cranes to remove cars in Detroit  Kudos to CART for using mobile cranes to remove damaged cars from the race circuit during the Detroit GP.  They helped to make the caution periods shorter and should be employed at all street courses. 
Matt Plumb wins Barber Dodge race in Detroit  American Matt Plumb warded off a forceful charge behind him to claim his second Barber Dodge Pro Series career victory at the Raceway on Belle Isle in support of the CART FedEx Tenneco Automotive Grand Prix of Detroit. Plumb led the race wire-to-wire from the pole in his No. 4 Premier Nutrition Dodge Reynard, setting the fastest lap of the race in the process and thereby collecting a maximum of 22 points. As a result Plumb vaults from 11th overall to fifth in the points chase. Roger Yasukawa and Alex Sperafico continued their podium streak finishing second and third respectively. The race was a nail-biter the entire way as Plumb never led by more than 1 second until the white flag lap where he led by a meager 1.166 sec. A train of five drivers circulated lap after lap within four seconds.
All Drivers in Barber Dodge Reynard racecars on Michelin tires 
1/4/Matt Plumb/Unionville, Pa./22/$13,000/21/Running 
2/8/Roger Yasukawa/Santa Monica, Calif/16 $8,750/21/Running 
3/9/Alexandre Sperafico/Toledo Parana, Brazil/14/$6,500/21/Running 
4/27/Akihira Okamoto/Osaka, Japan/12/$4,500/21/Running 
5/24/Nicolas Rondet/Melle, France/11/$2,750/21/Running 
6/18/Peter Boss/Narragansett, R.I./10/$2,250/21/Running 
7/94/Marc Breuers/Philadelphia, Penn./9/$1,800/21/Running 
8/15/Rene Bauer/Sao Paulo, Brazil/8/$2,200/21/Running 
9/19/Sara Senske/Kennewick, Wash./7/$1,600/21/Running 
10/17/G. Brusatin/Cali, Colombia/6/$1,500/21/Running

All-oval series taking its toll on IRL teams  2nd UPDATE Shigeaki Hattori will not be cleared to drive in today's Radisson Indy 200 at Pikes Peak International Raceway, according to Dr. Henry Bock, director of medical services for the Indy Racing League. Hattori crashed Saturday (June 16) in the second practice session and then again on his second lap of qualifying. "Shigeaki was not cleared to drive for precautionary reasons," said Bock. "His body went through two crashes yesterday, and we don't want to risk putting it through another accident today." The team will not put a replacement driver in the car for today's 200-lap race which means only 20 cars will start the race.  Hattori was to start 7th.  Earlier today - Only 21 cars qualified for the IRL Pikes Peak race, so hopefully not too many are wrecked in today's race or the next race in two weeks might see something less than 20 cars qualify.  Given that the teams are stretched very thin with a 13-race schedule, we wonder how things will be in 2002 when the IRL intends to expand the schedule to 15 or more races.  We also wonder how much support there will be for their pending new Indy Lights series. We wonder how many of the IRL teams will become Indy Lights teams instead due to a lack of finances to run the big cars.  The ideal situation would be for the IRL to become a very strong Indy Lights series (in support of the Champ cars) by combining with existing Indy Lights teams.  A strong Indy Lights series would be of great benefit to Indy Car racing in general.  There simply is not enough money around to support an Indy Lights series in both CART and the IRL.  What we think will likely happen in the short run will be for CART to abandon Lights and let the IRL have it.  CART will then bolster up the Toyota Atlantic series.  We heard weeks ago of bumping up the Atlantics cars to F3000 specs with a Toyota engine.  6/15/01 -  For a long time we have maintained that oval track racing is far more expensive than road course racing.  The reason is quite simple.  When a car spins out on a road course, usually only minor damage results.  However, when you hit a wall on an oval, many times the car is a write-off.  Curt Cavin writes in today's Indianapolis Star news - In the midst of the busiest stretch of races this season, some of the Indy Racing League's teams are struggling to keep up. A season-low 22 cars are expected to line up for Sunday's Radisson Indy 200 at Pikes Peak International Raceway in Fountain, Colo., and that number could be high. Some teams have not determined whether they can field a program in time for the first practice of this weekend's two-day event on Saturday morning. Brian Barnhart, the league's vice president of operations, understands the difficulty. Including practice and qualifying leading up to the Indianapolis 500, this will be the IRL's seventh weekend of action in eight weeks. Cars have been damaged and drivers injured. Healing takes time. "It's not a bad number given all the things (our teams) have been through," Barnhart said Thursday. "We've had in the ballpark of 35 to 40 cars crashed since the Atlanta race (April 28) and that's put quite a stress on the teams."  35 to 40 cars, wow!  We don't see that on road courses.  We have proposed that CART become an all-road course series while the IRL be the 'oval' series.  Ultimately, this will be less costly for CART teams and enable them to run a 24 or 25 race schedule.  The IRL has a shorter schedule so perhaps they can afford to be an all-oval series, although right now it appears even 13 oval races per year is stretching the teams thin.
Tire Combination Key at Pocono The tires supplied by Goodyear for the Pocono 500 have not been used in the Winston Cup series this year. The tires, left side compound D-6344 and right side compound D-6346, have been used three times prior in 2001, by NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series teams at Homestead, Gateway and Pikes Peak. Goodyear is also planning to supply this tire for the Winston Cup stop at Homestead and also at the Brickyard. As mandated on all ovals that are one mile in length or longer, inner liners are required to be run with the tire configuration. These tires were tested at Pocono by Johnny Benson in April, and have had favorable results in the three CTS races earlier this year. Tony Freund, a lead engineer for Goodyear elaborated on the tire configuration, "we are looking forward to another good weekend of performance at Pocono, but this will give us a good test of these tires for the Brickyard 400 later this summer. We've noticed a great correlation between Pocono and Indy over the years, as far as tires are concerned.  FR
Harvick wins in Kentucky While the teams and the fans at Pocono Raceway had to deal with the heavy winds and rain of tropical storm Allison last night, Kevin Harvick was having another sparkling night. Harvick left Pocono yesterday afternoon and jetted to Kentucky Speedway for the inaugural Outback Steakhouse 300, which he promptly won. Harvick was forced to qualify a backup car for the race after Mike Bliss had totaled the primary car that Harvick was to drive during practice. But Harvick jumped in the car, qualified 11th and then led 130 laps in a seemingly routine performance to win the race. After the race Harvick commented on his ride, "Luckily, it's the backup car we used to win at Bristol and St. Louis, so that just shows it's a proven backup car.  FR
Encouraging news for Hamilton  Davey Hamilton underwent further reconstructive surgery on his left foot and ankle June 16 at Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis. Hamilton, from Eagle, Idaho, suffered severe injuries to his legs and feet in a crash during the Casino Magic 500 on June 9 at Texas Motor Speedway. He has undergone numerous surgeries since then at Methodist Hospital. The surgery during the afternoon and early evening June 16 consisted of bone reconstruction and muscle transfer, said Dr. Kevin Scheid, leader of a team of specialist physicians caring for Hamilton. "The surgery went well," Scheid said. "There were no complications." If there are no further developments with either of his feet, Hamilton will not have additional surgery for approximately four weeks, Scheid said.
Paul Ricard circuit in southern France getting major upgrades  2nd UPDATE We recently had a discussion with CART's Tim Mayer about how important it is for each CART race to be an 'event', a 'happening.'  After a little research, it's quite easy to see how a CART race at Paul Ricard can easily become a 'happening,'  More...6/4/01 - We have added an image of the Paul Ricard circuit.  Note the long Mistral Straight, ideal for passing, something CART certainly needs more of. It is an ideal circuit for CART.  The track is located 34 km east of Marseille, 200 km west of Nice, and 20 km north of Bandol. The nearest Airport is Marseille Marignane. It measures 3.610 miles in length (full course), and 2.369 miles (short course).  Toyota has said this will be their primary test track for their F1 car. Mario Andretti can tell you all about Paul Ricard, he won two (?) F1 races there. Slipstreaming was quite common when the F1 cars raced there.  Earlier - We learned over the weekend that Bernie Ecclestone is investing a lot of money into the Paul Ricard circuit in southern France.  The entire track is being repaved, safety is being brought up to the latest FIA standards, etc.  With its warm climate, it will be a hot bed of F1 testing, especially during the cold winter months.  Bernie Ecclestone still needs a 'big' race there and with Magny Cours having the French GP date locked up, perhaps we will someday see CART race there.
Kanaan withdrawn from Detroit race  Mo Nunn Racing has withdrawn the #55 Hollywood-sponsored Honda-Reynard of driver Tony Kanaan after Kanaan was diagnosed with a mile concussion resulting from a qualifying accident this afternoon at the Tenneco Automotive Grand Prix of Detroit. Kanaan spun into the Turn 10 tire wall four laps into today's 30-minute Group 2 qualifying session after appearing to make contact with the car of Max Papis. Kanaan continued the session in his back-up car, but in five timed laps could achieve only the 26th-fastest time. He visited the CART medical staff immediately after the session complaining of headaches. CART doctors sent him to Detroit Receiving Hospital for a precautionary CAT scan, which was negative. Doctors, however, diagnosed him with a mile concussion and advised him not to race on Sunday. Kanaan, currently ninth in the CART FedEx Championship Series point standings, is expected to return to action next weekend for Round 8 at Portland, Ore. MORRIS NUNN "We are thankful that Tony did not get hurt badly in the accident. But we are quite disappointed that he won't be able to drive in the race. Except for a mild concussion, Tony is okay, according to the doctors. He'll be fine by Portland next week. The doctors just thought it would be the wise thing to do to take the rest of the weekend off. We're not going to argue with that." 
Kurt Busch returns for truck race at Milwaukee Kurt Busch will return to his No. 99 Eldon truck for one race during the NASCAR Winston Cup off weekend. Busch will head to the Milwaukee Mile for the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series race on Saturday, June 30 along with Jon Wood who will be driving the No. 50 Eldon truck. Busch was last years winner at the one mile facility. "I'm looking forward to my chance to run my old No. 99 truck again and defend my race title," Busch said. "The Roush truck development program is a great one, and it seems like this is a good opportunity to check out the program, help our rookie drivers understand the trucks better and help the program continue to develop."  FR
Tim Steele wins ARCA race at Pocono Tim Steele won the Pocono ARCA RE/MAX 200 this afternoon as rain brought out the caution flag with two laps remaining in the event. After qualifying for the race third, Steele led the event five times for a total of 50 laps. Steele has won an incredible 8 of the 15 ARCA races he has competed in at Pocono Raceway. With rain starting to fall on the backstretch with just 4 laps to go, Steele didn't want to win under caution, but he didn't want to wreck trying to stay ahead of the rain. "We went down into one and my windshield got wet," recalled Steele. "It was raining there a bit and I checked up a little bit. Then we got off of one and it wasn't raining there so I took off and ran into the tunnel turn then into three. You get a little nervous when you see raindrops there and I was saying on the radio that it was raining, telling my guys and they told the officials. When you run thru the rain down there it makes you nervous, I didn't want to race a perfectly good race car." The race was slowed six times for caution periods, for a total of 24 laps. The most serious accident occurred on lap 68 when Malcolm Bennett made heavy contact with the turn one wall after coming together with Marty Houston. Bennett complained of dizziness and had difficulty raising his right arm. He was transported to Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center for treatment.    FR
Rising Costs in NASCAR Team owners have turned to NASCAR to help control the costs of fielding a car for the Winston Cup circuit. Andy Petree, owner of Bobby Hamilton's Square D Monte Carlo and Joe Nemechek's Oakwood Homes Chevrolet, spoke of some of the reasons for the escalating costs. One of the items NASCAR is looking at is using a single engine to qualify, practice and race in for the entire race weekend. It is speculated that the July race in New Hampshire will have the single engine rule in effect as a trial before mandating it for every track next year. "On a normal weekend with no problems," explained Petree, we're putting three engines on every one of these cars. I think that is a concern. Going into next year, I don't know what the timeline is, but I talked to Gary (Nelson) and he's talking about doing something sooner than that. " In addition to engines, there are other factors that influence costs. "Over the last five years I have owned a team, it's costing me twice as much money now as it did when I first started", Petree stated. "If it keeps on going, it's going to be tough for everybody to keep bringing in enough money. There are only so many corporations out there that have enough money to support something like that." Other than the hard costs, the cost to sign and keep a top driver is also expensive. You then need to create a team that is equally as talented to support the driver. "It takes good people," Petree said. "We've got to pay them a lot. You have got to have a good race car driver and you've got to pay him a premium. So that definitely drives the costs. There's only so much the sanctioning body can do about that. But they can change the rules enough and structure it in a way that you don't have to have as many people. In addition to the ever-increasing costs in materials and personnel, Petree has concerns with sponsorship for next year as well. "This is a bad year for me to have both of my contracts up going into 2002. With the economy the way it has been, I'm not an economist, but it looks like it's turning around some."   FR
Saturday morning update from Pocono  This morning's Winston Cup practice session was completed just as the rains came. Ricky Rudd once again was the fastest on the track, turning a fast lap of 165.338 mph. Sterling Marlin was also fast with a lap speed of 165.141. Sterling seems to be closing the gap; he was only 0.2 mph slower than Rudd, while qualifying yesterday at nearly 2 mph slower. Rounding out the top 10 fastest in the 45-minute session were Mark Martin, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Ward Burton, Johnny Benson, Rusty Wallace, Jeff Gordon, Ted Musgrave and Brett Bodine.  The next round of Winston Cup practice is scheduled for 11:15, provided that the passing rain showers move out of the area by then.  FR
Penske team leads Saturday morning practice  Penske teammates Gil de Ferran and Helio Castroneves topped the charts in Saturday morning practice in Detroit.  De Ferran turned a lap at 1:14.043 min, about 0.2 seconds faster than Castroneves.  Dario Franchitti, who was fastest on Friday, was 3rd, making it a 1-2-3 Honda sweep up front.  Qualifying begins at 1:45 EDT.
Koster quick in Detroit Dutchman Sepp Koster emerged as the quickest driver in provisional qualifying for round 5 of the 2001 Barber Dodge Pro Series in support of the CART FedEx Tenneco Automotive Grand Prix of Detroit. Koster lapped the 2.346-mile temporary street circuit on Belle Isle in 1:33.147 sec, averaging 90.670 mph. Second quick and the only other real threat to Koster in the session was the No. 4 Premier Nutrition Dodge Reynard of American Matt Plumb. Akihira Okamoto of Osaka, Japan turned the best qualifying performance of his rookie career, posting the third best time. 
Vasser picks up Visteon sponsorship for Detroit Patrick Racing announced today that the #40 Patrick Racing Toyota Reynard piloted by Jimmy Vasser will carry identification from Visteon Corporation and its associate sponsors for this weekend's Tenneco Automotive Grand Prix of Detroit on the temporary street circuit at Belle Isle in Detroit, Michigan. "As Detroit is Visteon's world headquarters we felt that it would be an ideal opportunity to give Visteon Corporation, which is already the primary sponsor of Roberto Moreno's #20 Visteon/Patrick Racing Toyota Reynard, some added value by putting its corporate identification, and the corporate identification of its associate sponsors, on Jimmy's car for the upcoming Tenneco Automotive Grand Prix of Detroit," said Patrick Racing owner U. E "Pat" Patrick. "This has been done by Patrick Racing to provide Visteon and its associate sponsors with some additional exposure," Patrick said. Visteon, which is in its fourth year of sponsorship with Patrick Racing, originally joined the team as a primary sponsor in 1998 with Scott Pruett as the driver. In 1999, PJ Jones and Jan Magnussen drove the #20 Visteon/Patrick Racing entry. Moreno, who took over the ride last year, provided Visteon with their highest finish in the FedEx Championship Series standings placing third in 2000. "Visteon is pleased that Patrick Racing has presented us with this opportunity to promote our corporate brand image during the Tenneco Automotive Grand Prix of Detroit," said Visteon's Susan Skerker, Senior Vice President of Business Strategy and Corporate Relations. "We are proud to be a part of the Patrick Racing team and of the excitement the Grand Prix brings to the city of Detroit and its surrounding communities." In addition to Visteon, Patrick Racing will also detail the #40 Patrick Racing Toyota Reyard with signage from Free Markets, Futaba, ABB and DuPont Engineering Polymers.
Team Kool Green supports Black men of America Team KOOL Green (TKG) and 100 Black Men of America, Inc., jointly announced today they would participate in a program designed to increase access to computers, technology and training in urban communities.  Full story
Honda and Ford teams boycott opening Detroit practice 3rd UPDATE  CART has issued their statement - All FedEx Championship Series engine manufacturers were notified earlier this week that all Champ Cars would be fitted with the extended manifold pressure relief valve beginning at this weekend’s Tenneco Automotive Grand Prix of Detroit. The ¾-inch extension, situated at the base of the manifold pressure relief valve, was mandated to reduce the potential influence of airflow regarding the operation of the valve. The valves, which have a maximum allowable intake manifold pressure of 37 inches, are provided by CART to all competitors each race weekend. Kirk Russell, CART Vice President of Competition: “As the sanctioning body, CART has the obligation to implement any changes it deems necessary to ensure the integrity of the sport as well as for the best interest of all competitors. The valves are the property of CART and maintained by the sanctioning body to ensure the operation of all valves is as identical as possible.” The components to modify the valve were manufactured by Metalore, the same manufacturer of the CART manifold pressure relief valve. Jeff Horton, CART Vice President of Electronics: “The first run of parts was manufactured in time for the CART Select Open Test held Tuesday at Michigan Speedway with five teams. All three manufacturers – Ford, Honda and Toyota – were involved in the test. At the time of the test, the engine manufacturers were informed of our intentions that the component would be implemented this weekend. The modification will remain in effect until further notice.” The teams that participated in the test were Newman/Haas Racing (Toyota), Team KOOL Green (Honda), Zakspeed/Forsythe Racing (Ford), Team Rahal (Ford) and Marlboro Team Penske (Honda).  Earlier - Toyota statement - "As with the other Cart engine manufactures Toyota was first issued CART's new pop- off valve configuration on Tuesday at Michigan and Mid Ohio. Upon issuance it was the first time that Toyota had seen the new valve installation. The new popoff valve configuration has required absolutely no change to the Toyota engines that have run in competition on the mandated 37 inches of boost since the opening race in March. Toyota is completely in favor of any CART ruling that allows the sanctioning body to continue to vigorously enforce its rules and regulations.  Editor's Note: Assuming it's true that Ford and Honda may have been getting a little more boost from their popoff valves, the way we read this, Toyota thought Ford and Honda were bypassing the intent of the popoff valve by some ingenious engineering inside their plenum that Toyota did not have.  In Toyota's eyes, they probably thought Ford and Honda were cheating.  In Ford and Honda's eye's, they probably thought it was their superior engineering prowess that allowed them to gain an advantage.  Earlier - Ford has issued this official statement Earlier  The first practice in Detroit this morning has seen only Toyota cars on the track.  The Honda and Ford teams have not been out.  Both Honda and Ford are not happy that CART has mandated a spacer be placed between the pop off valve and plenum.  CART is suspicious that some engine manufacturers have found a way to overcome the pop off valve and get perhaps 1 inch of additional boost from the engines.  The spacer is meant to prevent that.

Texaco/Havoline race team supports flood victims  In the wake of Tropical Storm Allison, Texaco and the Texaco/Havoline Racing teams have joined together in an effort to encourage relief to the flood victims. Texaco and its sponsored racing teams will display special decals identifying 1-800 HELP NOW, the toll-free telephone donation number for the American Red Cross, on their entries in the NASCAR and CART racing series. Ricky Rudd, who will be driving the #28 Texaco/Havoline Ford at the Pocono 500 race on Sunday, said, “Our hearts and prayers go out to the people who have been affected by this flood. The entire team is pleased to be able to use the #28 car to help encourage people to provide relief to these communities.” Also driving on Sunday, in the Tenneco Automotive Grand Prix of Detroit, Cristiano da Matta in the #6 Texaco/Havoline/Kmart car said, “The Texas and Louisiana fans and communities have always supported our team and we want to do all we can to help out. It’s great that we can use our race car to let racing fans around the country know how to help the flood victims.” Texaco announced earlier this week that it has donated $100,000 to the American Red Cross for disaster relief efforts. In addition, Texaco has activated the Texaco Humanitarian Relief Fund, which provides a vehicle for employees to make donations to ease the financial burden of fellow employees living and working in the areas impacted by the flood. Texaco employees have also been active in volunteering to help their neighbors, including distributing bottled water to areas without fresh drinking water. Tropical Storm Allison has caused massive flooding in Texas and Louisiana. The deluge has resulted in widespread property damage; families forced out of their homes and, most unfortunately, a number of storm related fatalities. The American Red Cross was on the scene from the beginning of this storm providing lifesaving emergency relief, including safe shelter, health services, meals and emotional support. The Red Cross relief effort for the victims of Tropical Storm Allison is estimated to cost at least $15 million. “Through their coordinated efforts, Texaco and the Texaco/Havoline Racing teams are playing an important role in helping the American Red Cross provide lifesaving assistance to those devastated by this terrible storm,” said Jennifer Dunlap, senior vice president of development at the American Red Cross. “Their support shows a true concern for their neighbors.”
News from Pocono  Ricky Rudd was fastest in morning practice in Pocono. Rudd and his Texaco/Havoline Ford made 8 laps of practice on the triangle and clocked in quickest at 169.725 miles per hour. Johnny Benson was second quickest in a Pontiac, but he was nearly 2 miles per hour slower than Rudd with a speed of 168.442. The quickest Dodge in practice wasn’t Sterling Marlin, but instead was John Andretti. Andretti, a native to Bethlehem, PA has a brand new car for Pocono. He started on the outside pole last year for this race before finishing in 21st position. The fastest Chevrolet in practice was rookie Kevin Harvick, who was 13th quick in the 14 laps that he completed. In the only incident of the morning, Kurt Busch spun his Sharpies/Rubbermaid Ford. Busch kept the car off the wall and was able to bring it back to the garage for repair. Bobby Labonte completed the most laps in the morning practice with 27, while Jeff Gordon figured they didn’t need much practice as they were only on the track for 7 laps, least among all the drivers.
News from Pocono  In a short, informal ceremony, Pocono Raceway will dedicate the garage to the memory of Adam Petty. Both Kyle and Richard Petty will be on hand to attend and will have short words following the ceremony. Kyle is continuing to race Adam Petty’s #45 Sprint Dodge on the Winston Cup circuit, in what would have been Adam Petty’s rookie season. Adam Petty was killed last year practicing his Busch car at New Hampshire International Speedway.
Hearn to sub for Hamilton   Richie Hearn will substitute for driver Davey Hamilton at the Radisson INDY 200 to be held on Sunday, June 17 th at Pikes Peak International Raceway as announced by Sam Schmidt, owner of Sam Schmidt Motorsports. Hamilton was severely injured during an incident at the Casino Magic 500 last Saturday night where he broke both legs and sustained multiple fractures and soft tissue damage to both feet.  He is currently undergoing reconstructive surgery for both feet at Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana under the care of Dr. Kevin Scheid and a team of orthopedic surgeons. Schmidt stated, “This is the hard part about being a team owner. My concern and focus has been and will continue to be on Davey’s recovery. However, we also need to continue to honor the commitments we have made to our sponsors and to the Foundation. Yesterday, I spent time with the patients at Craig Hospital in Denver, many of them will be joining us trackside as well. Today, Treadway Racing is hosting a local fundraising golf tournament at the Broadmoor. I have asked Richie to drive the car because he has done a ton of testing on ovals and with the two-day schedule we needed as much experience as possible. Besides that, Richie is very motivated to do well. He genuinely wants a career in the Indy Racing League and needs the chance to prove himself. Richie already has a pole and a win in the Indy Racing League (Pole – New Hampshire I 1996; Win – Las Vegas I 1996) and there are not many who can say that.”  As for Hearn’s thoughts, “This is certainly not the way you want to get a ride, but I am appreciative of the opportunity. I’ve worked with Crew Chief Mark Killgo before, and have known both Larry Nash and Engineer Tim Neff as well, so it’s a good group of guys. It’s going to be a busy two days. We could all use some solid results, so I’m looking forward to it.”  The #99 Sam Schmidt Motorsports Racing Special will carry a message for Davey on it’s sidepods for the race.
IRL driver Stan Wattles retires   Veteran driver Stan Wattles announced June 14 that he is retiring from Indy Racing League competition effective immediately. Wattles, who made 17 career starts in the Indy Racing League since its debut in 1996, will take an ownership role for the remainder of the 2001 Indy Racing Northern Light Series season. Wattles' Hemelgarn/Metro Racing plans to resume competition in July, and a new driver will be announced within the next few weeks. "I came into this year with all the right stuff," Wattles said. "I had great equipment, an awesome team and the opportunity to compete for the reigning IRL champions, Hemelgarn Racing, but unfortunately the luck of racing was absent." Wattles competed in the first three Indy Racing Northern Light Series events this season, posting a best finish of 12th on April 28 at Atlanta. A series of racing-related incidents throughout the first quarter of the season and failure to qualify for the Indianapolis 500 played a key role in Wattles' decision process. "I've thought long and hard about retiring," Wattles said. "After having been beat up emotionally, physically and financially for long enough, it's time. I've got a wonderful wife, two adorable children and endless opportunities. I have nothing to prove. I love the speed, the balance and the skill that it takes to handle an Indy car. It's in my blood and always will be. "But given the luck I have had in IRL competition, I think someone is trying to tell me that it's time to move on. The fun has definitely gone." Wattles, from Sewall's Point, Fla., will continue to pursue race driving as a hobby. He plans to compete in sports cars and karts but will turn his primary focus toward his family and other business opportunities. Holding black belts in the Korean martial arts of Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido and Kum Ye Do, Wattles plans to open a martial arts school in the near future. "I would like to take a moment to thank my team for sticking by me," Wattles said. "They are truly some of the best individuals I have ever worked with. Running under the Hemelgarn Racing banner was a wonderful opportunity, and I appreciate the support that Ron Hemelgarn, Lee Kunzman, Buddy Lazier and the rest of the Hemelgarn team gave me. "The Indy Racing League is an exciting concept, one that allowed me the opportunity to compete in the Indy-car ranks. I want to extend my appreciation to Tony George and the entire Hulman-George family for developing such a series."
Dallenbach to work TV for NBC  Wally Dallenbach will be added to the NASCAR on NBC and TNT broadcast booth when the networks begin coverage of NASCAR's Race for the Championship at the Pepsi 400 from Daytona International Speedway, the networks jointly announced today. Dallenbach will debut with analyst Benny Parsons and play-by-play announcer Allen Bestwick beginning with Bud Pole Qualifying, July 5 at 8 p.m. on TNT and the Pepsi 400, July 7 at 7:30 p.m. on NBC. "This is always something I've wanted to try," Dallenbach said. "I enjoy the camera but I've always been too busy racing to try it. During the auditions and rehearsals I got a really good taste for what this is going to be and there is a real chemistry between Allen, Benny and me. Benny is a walking encyclopedia of NASCAR knowledge and has all the great stories that make this sport so special. We have a really talented and knowledgeable team and a fun group of people." Before his broadcast career begins, Dallenbach will drive the No. 33 car for the injured Joe Nemechek this weekend at the Pocono Raceway. "Wally is the perfect person to complement Allen and Benny in the booth," Sam Flood, NASCAR on NBC and TNT producer said. "He and Benny have a great rapport - they have a smooth give and take that makes a broadcast flow, it's a producer's dream. We're all really excited about this team, everyone is eager to get on the air from Daytona." Bestwick said: "Wally has always been a very well spoken and opinionated driver. His opinions and explanations of issues and items cut right to the heart of the matter. He can add that third perspective in the booth and handle issues with excitement while having some fun with Benny and me." Parsons said: "During rehearsals Allen and me both walked away saying - 'Wow.' We both walked away learning something new and different about the cars and drivers from Wally." Bill Weber, pre race host and lead pit reporter, said: "A lot of us reporters always knew that Wally was a go-to-guy when a story was breaking, he is known as a guy who will always tell the real story. He has always been very open and candid with his opinions." Dallenbach moves behind the microphone with more than 200 starts in his 10-year NASCAR Winston Cup Series career. His best year came in 1999 when he accumulated six top-10 finishes behind the wheel for Hendrick Motorsports' No. 25 car. He is known for his expertise in road racing, finishing second twice at Watkins Glen International (1995 and 1993). 
Dixon fast at Mid-Ohio   Rookie PacWest Racing Group pilot Scott Dixon and his Powerware/Panasonic team took a detour on the way to Detroit to take advantage of a test day at the Mid Ohio Sports Car Course, a twisting 2.258-mile permanent road course. Dixon was joined at the test on Wednesday, June 13, by Walker Racing's Tora Takagi as well as Target/Chip Ganassi Racing drivers Nicolas Minassian and Bruno Junqueira--Dixon's closest pursuer in the race for the Jim Trueman Rookie of the Year award. CART FedEx Series rookies are allotted three test days to use throughout the season. All other in-season testing, save for official CART sanctioned tests, such as Tuesday's Michigan test, is not permitted under CART rules. Dixon, in his #18 Powerware Panasonic PacWest Toyota, ran a fast lap of 67.88s. Bruno Junqueira completed the fastest lap of the day at 67.59s. Dixon and the rest of the PacWest Racing Group head to the Raceway on Belle Isle for this weekend's Tenneco Automotive Grand Prix of Detroit; Round 7 of the CART FedEx Series Championship. The June 17th race will be televised live on ABC at 2 p.m. ET.

TV Ratings   As can be seen from this Speedvision article, the IRL drew a paltry 0.51 TV rating for last weekends exciting race at Texas Motor Speedway.  The race was on ESPN and not ABC so that hurt the ratings some, as did the Stanley Cup game.  However, the fact remains that 1) the split has hurt open wheel racing's popularity, 2) CART's ratings are not much better in the USA.  However, what CART has going for it is the fact that each race is watched in over 200 countries and it's broadcasts are seen by over 50 million people worldwide, giving their sponsor far more exposure than NASCAR and the IRL.  CART must expand more internationally to increase worldwide TV ratings and bring its sponsors even more benefit.  The USA market is over saturated.
IRL fans can now buy photos online  Indy Racing fans can buy photographs of their favorite drivers and cars online through a new partnership between the Indy Racing League and Artemis Images. Vivid color prints are available in three sizes at Indy Racing Online from every Indy Racing Northern Light Series event this season, starting with the Indianapolis 500. All transactions are simple and secure, payable online with a major credit card. Print sizes and prices:
·5-inch by 7-inch: $6.95 
·8-inch by 10-inch: $13.95 
·12-inch by 18-inch: $20.95 
"We are pleased to make it possible for our fans to order photos from Indy Racing Online," said Fred J. Nation, Indianapolis Motor Speedway Corporation vice president of corporate communications and public relations. "We introduced this during the Indianapolis 500, and it was an immediate hit with fans. This marks another positive step in new media growth for our companies." Hundreds of color photos will be available for viewing and purchase from each Indy Racing event this season, starting with the Indianapolis 500. A wide variety of on-track, pit and garage action and feature shots will be offered. In addition to current photos from Indy Racing events, more than 1,500 archival photos from past Indianapolis 500's are available for purchase, with many more archive photos to be added in the future. Fans also can send a free Indy Racing electronic postcard to friends and relatives via e-mail, featuring the photo of their choice from the thousands available for viewing at Indy Racing Online. "This is a great resource for race fans," said Christine Nazarenus, Artemis Images CEO and founder. "Not only can they find images of their favorite drivers, teams and cars, but they also will find specific information about each photo that helps to tell the story of the image."
CARA Charities Party at The Peak  The third annual CARA Charities Party at the Peak will pay special tribute to dads and fathers from the racing world and other walks of life on the eve of their special day this Saturday at Pikes Peak International Raceway. The charitable event, presented by CARA Charities, is being held in conjunction with the Indy Racing Northern Lights Series Radisson Indy 200 that runs on the Pikes Peak track on Father’s Day Sunday. The “Pop’s the Top” themed party, that continues CARA Charities 20th anniversary celebration this year, features food from award-winning chefs, wine tasting, blues music entertainment and a raffle featuring motorsports memorabilia, travel adventures and more. Party at the Peak is a CARA Charities fundraiser benefiting IRL Ministries, IRL “Buckle Up Baby” and other programs. Party at the Peak takes place right on the grounds of Pikes Peak International Speedway on Saturday from 6 – 10 p.m. Tickets are available for a $30 donation. You can order tickets for Party at the Peak through the CARA Charities office at (317) 299-2277. Or you can visit the CARA Charities website at for more information.
Musgrave and Robby Gordon back in Winston Cup  Ted Musgrave will be in the Ultra Motorsports' No. 7 Ford for this weekend's NASCAR Winston Cup Pocono 500.  Team owner Jimmy Smith said he he wants to figure out why his team had struggled to qualify this season with driver Mike Wallace. Smith said Thursday morning Robby Gordon will drive Ultra's car in the road course event next weekend at Sears Point Raceway but that he expected Wallace to return for the July 7 Pepsi 400 at Daytona International Speedway when the team plans to unveil a new speedway car. "It's a shock and I'm heartbroken," Wallace said of a Wednesday afternoon phone call from team owner Jim Smith. "We've missed two races, and I guess they feel it's my fault." Smith said everything had been done to level the field for the "test," with the team changing its plans to bring a new car to Pocono. He said Ultra would field the same Ford Taurus it had failed to qualify last weekend at Michigan. "The bottom line is the Winston Cup team has been doing miserable," Smith said. "We don't know the problem. We have changed crew chiefs, and our cars are better now than they were at the beginning of the year."
Oldsmobile deals with thin-air of Pikes Peak  The barometric pressure at mile-high Pikes Peak International Raceway is low, but the pressure on GM Racing engineers is high. The only blemish on Oldsmobile's 42-1 record in Indy Racing Northern Light Series competition is a lone loss last year at PPIR. This weekend Oldsmobile will return with a vengeance to the high-altitude oval for the Radisson Indy 200 with a potent short-track engine package that is tailored to the rarified air of the Rocky Mountains.  Full Story
Contact updates for Robbie McGehee and Davey Hamilton  Mailing and e-mail addresses for fans to send well wishes and cards to Indy Racing Northern Light Series drivers Davey Hamilton and Robby McGehee, who were injured in separate accidents June 9 during the Casino Magic 500 at Texas Motor Speedway:
Davey Hamilton 
Methodist Hospital 
1701 N. Senate 
Indianapolis, IN 46202 
Robby McGehee 
47 Picardy Lane 
St. Louis, MO 63124 
Dick Simon sues driver  This article in the Orange County Register say that "Dick Simon filed suit Friday against Stephan Gregoire, the former driver for Simon's Dana Point-based IRL team, alleging breach of contract and fraud. The dispute stems from Gregoire's abrupt departure from Simon to drive for Heritage Motorsports at this year's Indy 500. Gregoire had driven in three races for Simon this season going into Indy, but Gregoire struggled to get up to speed during qualifying for the 500. The suit alleges Gregoire made negative statements about "the equipment and services provided by Simon" in an interview with the Associated Press."
Dallenbach to drive No. 33 at Pocono  Wally Dallenbach will pilot the No. 33 car of Andy Petree at Pocono this weekend, filling in for injured Joe Nemechek.
Mast tests at Daytona  For Rick Mast and the No. 50 MidWest Transit Chevrolet team, there was little doubt that they needed to participate in a test session at Daytona International Speedway in preparation for the 43rd annual Pepsi 400 on July 7. Mast missed the field for the season-opening Daytona 500 and also came up short on speed for the recent restrictor-plate race at Talladega (Ala.) Superspeedway in April. So Mast's team packed up the hauler and headed to the "World Center of Racing" for a two-day fact-finding mission that he hopes will help him qualify for the mid-summer classic. "We missed the race in February with this particular car," said Mast, who shared the track with the BAM Motorsports Pontiac and driver Andy Hillenburg. "This car also missed the Talladega race. We've got to find something to make this car go faster. We've got Hendrick motors for this car for here. They're good. The chassis is pretty good. We've been struggling with our aerodynamic package. This car has had a lot of massaging done to it for this test to see where it stacks up. "In Winston Cup racing, you don't luck in. It's very simple. It's a lot of hard work, a lot of money, a lot of R&D, a lot of engineering and Daytona and Talladega is where it shows up more than anywhere. So when you're behind in those areas, you just come to the track and throw stuff at it." Mast, who recorded his best finish at the 2.5-mile tri-oval with a fourth-place run in the 1991 Daytona 500, doesn't want to miss the field for the Pepsi 400, a race he thinks has grown in prestige since being held under the Speedway's lighting system. Said Mast of previous daytime Pepsi 400s: "The stands were never full for this race. God bless there souls out there in that heat. I don't know why (the fans) did it. I couldn't do it. But now that it's done at night, it's been packed. Anytime you have a night race, the word I use is electric. "Daytona is so big. The thing that makes this whole deal work is the stands being full. If the stands were still empty, it wouldn't be that special. But the stands being full and all those flash bulbs going off during the pace laps. As a driver, it's a whole different feel. I love running here at night." Mast said the mood of the Pepsi 400 has changed a little bit to where drivers are more serious about winning the fastest night show in America. "It use to be like you would come here and bring your families and go to the beach," Mast said. "The race wasn't really like a second thought, but it wasn't on the forefront of everybody's mind like the Daytona 500. Everybody's vacationing and staying over after the race on Sunday. Now, it's starting to take a different direction because of the fans here. That's what does it. These guys are motivated by fans." Testing for the Pepsi 400 continues on Wednesday between 3 p.m.-11 p.m. Grandstand access is free and open to the public with entry through the lobby of DAYTONA USA, the official motorsports attraction of NASCAR.
Newey will stay with McLaren  Both Jaguar and McLaren have announced that an amicable resolution in respect of the future employment of Adrian Newey, who will remain at McLaren."
Lights: PacWest team tests  PacWest Lights drivers Dan Wheldon and Mario Dominguez continued their mid-season testing schedule Wednesday, with a one-day test at the GingerMan Raceway in South Haven, Michigan. PacWest was the only Lights team representing the series on the 1.88-mile road course, as today marked another good day of fact gathering for the two-car team.  "We had to share track time with a few Trans Am Series cars today, but we really never experienced any traffic related issues," said Paul 'Ziggy' Harcus, PacWest Lights Team Manager. "It's always nice to test with other teams so we can judge where we are, but it's also nice on occasion to run alone. We took this opportunity to try a few things on our cars and really get a good idea as to where we stand heading into Portland. I'm happy with our progress and this test, along with our Mid-Ohio test after Milwaukee, confirmed that we are heading in the right direction and taking the steps necessary to win races." Wheldon, who is currently fourth in championship points with 44, completed approximately 200 miles in his #1 Gemstar PacWest Lights machine while posting a quick time of 1:10.89 seconds. Wheldon is currently leading the Rookie of the Year battle by four points over Kristian Kolby. Mario Dominguez, driver of the #17 del Valle Corona Televisa PacWest Lights entry, also enjoyed a productive day at the track. His efforts resulted in another 200 solid testing miles, and his quick time for the day registered a 1:11.10 second lap. Dominguez is currently third in the championship with 49 points.
Yo, Biff's in the house  Biff Henderson, Stage Manager of CBS's Late Show with David Letterman will be at the Detroit GP this weekend with a film crew to shoot vignettes. Also, Kenny Brack will be the show Monday playing guitar with the band.
We found this odd  UPDATE From an anonymous e-mail "I worked the TMS IRL race as part of the safety crew. I can assure you that the relative location of the fencing in regard to the posts made absolutely no difference in the severity of Davey Hamilton's crash. Davey's car actually penetrated the fencing, ripping out a sizeable portion of fencing completely. This allowed the car to contact at least 2 posts, which did the majority of damage to the chassis. We cut pieces of the nose out of the fence. We also found one of the pedals about 8 rows up in the, fortunately, unused back straight grandstands, along with numerous other pieces of debris."  6/12/01 - Someone sent us this photo taken through a fence opening just as the Davey Hamilton accident was happening.  The person asked how come it appears that the mesh fence mounted on top of the outside retaining wall at Texas Motor Speedway appears to be on the spectator side of the posts rather than on the track side of the posts?  That seemed rather strange to us as most tracks have the posts on the spectator side.  We are not certain if the posts are mounted on the track side of the chain link fence all the way around the track or just near this opening.  Perhaps someone out there can verify if they are this way all the way around.  It has been speculated that the front of Davey Hamilton's car was ripped away by one of these posts, but we have no info at this time to substantiate this.  We also noted that the steel horizontal reinforcing cabling is mounted outside as well.  If the posts are indeed trackside, lets hope that the reconstruction that will be starting any day now includes tearing down all that fencing and putting the posts on the spectator side.  There should be no exposed fence posts for a car to get snagged on.  It should be smooth chain link fencing of some sort. Safety must be #1.
Official Davey Hamilton update  Indy Racing Northern Light Series driver Davey Hamilton remains in stable condition at Methodist Hospital after another surgery Tuesday night in Indianapolis. Hamilton, from Eagle, Idaho, was injured on Lap 73 of the Casino Magic 500 on June 9 at Texas Motor Speedway. Hamilton suffered severe injuries to both of his legs and feet when his car hit the fence exiting Turn 2 in the 200-lap event. Tuesday night's surgery focused on bone repair to his right foot, with minor procedures also being done on his left foot. Hamilton is under the care of a team of specialist physicians led by orthopedic surgeon Dr. Kevin Scheid. Tuesday night's surgery was the first of several that Hamilton will undergo during the next few weeks to reconstruct his damaged feet, according to Dr. Henry Bock, director of medical services for the Indy Racing League.
Summary of Bruce Wood's CART engine comments   1. It looks like N/A will be the engine. He said 3.2 Liters is probably about right. Can use same bore size as IRL and reduce stroke slightly. 3.2 L should make about 750 HP.  2. The engine should turn around 15,000 RPM and sound like a F1 engine did before they went to V-10's......this is good folks!  3. To control power over time he recommends a 500cc reduction in displacement every 2 years. If that is written in the rules, the manufacturers can plan for it and design their engine accordingly. If bore is held constant, than over time the stroke will get very short (can you say 17,000 + RPM?)  4. Ford has no plans to do an IRL engine at this time.  5. The 295 Lb. min. weight of the 2003 IRL engine is very close to the current CART engine with turbo....within 10%. Hence, the car should not be tail heavy. He wonders if the current Olds engine is at the current 320 LB min. weight (he did not say so, but he seemed to say it looks heavier than that).  6. The 2003 IRL spec goes from 1 to 2 injectors. All the CART manufacturers are using that now as one just won't flow enough fuel. Therefore, little change there.  7. Look for some sort of mufflers to be used for street circuits. He said with current muffler technology you can make it sound like a turbo if you wanted. Any sound is possible.  8. Cosworth is looking forward to the N/A engine as a new challenge.  9. CART must not let the engine manufacturers dictate what sort of engine they need for their target audience as each has a different opinion. He said CART must decide what's best for CART and let the manufacturers meet the challenge....or get out.  10. The IRL engine might share 50% of the design with the CART version. If you want to compete in both series you would have to design 1.5 engines so-to-speak.  11. Philosophically he said F1, CART and IRL should have agreed on a common formula spec (with different limits on technology by each to control speeds), but that would probably never happen.   Full Interview
Tidbits from Michigan test  Things you didn't read in the 'official' report from our reporter Dan Maldonado who was on the scene yesterday - Some people on the teams were upset that CART didn't tell the teams to run all the cars together on the track to really measure the turbulence caused by at least the 5 cars.  Team Rahal spent a lot of time chasing the set-up and weren't able to get their tests completed. One Rahal crewman was overheard saying that the test was over and they didn't even complete the CART tests and that the day was not as productive as they would have liked (however, remember that they got a late start due to high winds in the AM).  Herta's team really struggled today and the team was quite obviously frustrated.  It wasn't just set-up but little things. Bryan was running some smooth laps but it was immediately apparent that the car wasn't really running. When they came in it was found that the line to the popoff valve wasn't attached. Franchitti's car was running some interesting aero pieces. It looked a lot like the sidepod of the Lola's. I couldn't help but think that maybe Christian was telling the truth about the car being the same as before. If Lola is indeed at a downforce advantage over Reynard than maybe the decrease in downforce from the wing might not be effecting his car too much. I mean it was remarkable how easily N-H rolled the car off the truck and was immediately up to speed. Ian Watt said that this test is useful in setting up for the race in July. The obvious differences being the rubber on the track and weather. Also, he said that NASCAR pretty much runs a single line around MIS and that line is different than the CART line in that it crosses the CART line. A Firestone engineer told me that the rubber from NASCAR is not all that bad. It is better than a totally green track. The drivers notice that there is a different rubber on the track and they can feel it when they are running.  Track temp rose from 104 degrees at 1:30 to 119 degrees at 2:15.  Full Story
Looks like CART won't return to Detroit  According to this report from the AP, negotiations to keep the Detroit Grand Prix alive beyond this weekend are not promising.  IMG and CART officials say talks are ongoing, but the event's future looks bleak. ``This could very well be the last CART race,'' Graham Hearns, IMG vice president for operations and business affairs, told The Detroit News. ``We hope not. We're doing everything we can to try to make sure that does not happen. I don't say that to sell tickets. That's the unfortunate truth right now.'' Joe Heitzler, CART's new president and chief executive, said his company is considering several new markets and needs to make room on the schedule. He said he expects a decision on Detroit as soon as within a week after the race. ``Our No. 1 objective is to enhance the shareholder value of this company because we are publicly traded,'' Heitzler said. ``All of the decisions I make have that in the focus.''  [Editors Note - read that as make room for races like Mexico City with 200,000 in attendance on race day].
Industry News
Race fans join Mark Cipolloni's Mark Cipolloni will be on radio station KFNS (Fansports 590 AM) at 8:10 PM (CST) tonight in St. Louis with guest Tony Hubert.  The show is a St. Louis Motorsports weekly.  The topic tonight will be CART and the IRL, can they co-exist peacefully?  Listen in if you can.  You can listen in from the KFNS website.
Davey Hamilton's wife issues statement on Hamilton  The following is a statement from Tracey Hamilton, wife of Indy Racing Northern Light Series driver Davey Hamilton: "I just want to thank everyone for their kind words and prayers. We have received literally hundreds of phone calls in the last few days regarding Davey's condition. Davey and I are both extremely touched by all of the sentiment throughout the racing community and, although we would like to answer all of the well wishes and concerns, we need to focus our time and energy towards getting Davey well. The Indy Racing Northern Light Series is doing a great job of keeping everyone updated on Davey's condition as it changes, and they will continue to be the source for updates on his recovery for the fans and all of our friends." Hamilton is in stable condition at Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis for injuries sustained in a crash on Lap 73 of the Casino Magic 500 on June 9 at Texas Motor Speedway. Hamilton recently moved to Eagle, Idaho, his home state, after living in Las Vegas for the past five years. His family extends its appreciation for the support it has received but is requesting no visitors. All cards and letters should be directed to:
Davey Hamilton 
Methodist Hospital 
1701 N. Senate 
Indianapolis, IN 46202 
Further updates of Hamilton's condition will be provided when available. 

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