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2019 Point Standings
After Laguna Seca
Rank Driver Points

1 Newgarden, Josef 641
2 Pagenaud, Simon 616
3 Rossi, Alexander 608
4 Dixon, Scott 578
5 Power, Will 550
6 Rosenqvist, Felix (R) 425
7 Herta, Colton (R) 420
8 Hunter-Reay, Ryan 420
9 Sato, Takuma 415
10 Rahal, Graham 389
11 Bourdais, Sebastien 387
12 Hinchcliffe, James 370
13 Ferrucci, Santino (R) 351
14 Pigot, Spencer 335
15 Kanaan, Tony 304
16 Andretti, Marco 303
17 Ericsson, Marcus (R) 290
18 Veach, Zach 271
19 Leist, Matheus 261
20 Jones, Ed 217
21 Harvey, Jack 186
22 Chilton, Max 184
23 Carpenter, Ed 161
24 Daly, Conor 149
25 Kimball, Charlie 117
26 O'Ward, Patricio (R) 115
27 Karam, Sage 39
28 Davison, James 36
29 Castroneves, Helio 33
30 Hanley, Ben (R) 31
31 Mann, Pippa 28
32 Kaiser, Kyle (R) 22
33 Hildebrand, JR 20
34 Servia, Oriol 16
35 Enerson, RC (R) 13
36 King, Jordan (R) 12

Rookie of Year Standings
1 Rosenqvist, Felix 425
2 Herta, Colton 420
3 Ferrucci, Santino 351
4 Ericsson, Marcus 290
5 O'Ward, Patricio 115
6 Hanley, Ben 31
7 Kaiser, Kyle 22
8 RC Enerson 13
9 King, Jordan 12

Manufacturer Standings
1. Honda 1436
2. Chevy 1387

Latest IndyCar News and Commentary

Motorsports has a major dilemma to overcome
  by Mark J. Cipolloni
Motorsports has a major dilemma it soon must address, or it will be faced with almost certain extinction. Increasingly manufacturers are using motorsports for R&D for its road cars. We hear all the time that manufacturers want the series they participate in to be relevant to the road cars they will sell either now, or in the future. I will be the first to admit that the manufacturers are the lifeblood of motorsports. They bring huge sums of money into the sport to try and develop better engines, better cars and better engineers.
F1 and IndyCar Year-In-Review
  by Brian Carroccio

With the retirement of Jeff Gordon, Kyle Busch's improbable championship, and a variety of on-track fisticuffs, it was certainly a memorable season for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. Last week, AR1's Pete McCole did a fine job reviewing those stories and more. So, for all things NASCAR 2015, I'll refer you to Pete, as I've been tasked with putting a wrap on the year that was in the world of single-seater racing.

Michai Stephens: Everything Happens for a Reason
  Graduating to USF2000
Michai Stephens
I am Michai Stephens, a new and proudly signed racing driver for RJB Motorsports sponsored by Metalloid Corporation competing in the Cooper Tires USF2000 Championship Powered by Mazda in 2016. Hip hip hooray! The past two and a half years have been the most influential of my life. It has been a relentless learning experience about the world and my place within it.
Chevrolet Racing Wins 11 Championships in 2015
  Titles in IndyCar, NASCAR, NHRA, IMSA and PWC
Chevrolet completed another successful year in motorsports in 2015, earning six manufacturer and five driver championships in NASCAR, IndyCar, NHRA, United SportsCar Championship and Pirelli World Challenge series. In addition, Chevrolet drivers won several noteworthy races in 2015, including the Indianapolis 500, IndyCar Dual in Detroit, NHRA U.S. Nationals, the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Rolex 24 Hours at Daytona, and the manufacturer’s first overall victory in 50 years at the 12 Hours of Sebring.
My Mazda Road to Indy: Zach Veach
  Inside look at drivers involved in the Mazda Road to Indy
Ask any successful race car driver what is the key to success, and most will tell you that perseverance ranks above all others. It is a trait put to good use in 2015 by young Zach Veach, who made the most of a season spent out of the racing cockpit. Driving the Verizon IndyCar Series two-seater and providing commentary for the IndyCar Radio Network, Veach kept himself on the radar until fortune came around again - this time in the form of an Indy Lights Presented by Cooper Tires ride with 2014 champions Belardi Auto Racing.
Motorsports needs a major re-think, and soon
  by Brian Carroccio
If you look around, the signs are everywhere. Not that this is anything new, mind you. If you follow racing you are aware of the trends over the better part of the last decade, which have seen the sport decline in relevance and interest. Whether it's empty seats at races, declining television viewership, diminished sponsor support, or further dilution of the sport, racing is struggling. That trend continued in 2015, and there are signs the bottom has yet to be found. Worse, those in leadership positions either fail to see this or have chosen to focus their energies on non-essential matters.
What Jack Hawksworth Means for Open Wheel Racing
  by Stephen Cox
Jack Hawksworth is a nice kid and a good Indycar driver. Some will take this column as a knock on Hawksworth, which is a complete misunderstanding of every word. It is no such thing. Ultimately, this is really not about Hawksworth at all. But his meteoric rise through the ranks exposes Indycar's gravest weakness and tells us a great deal about the inner workings of the series. In the miraculous span of just 36 months, Hawksworth rose from another teenage kid in go karts to the highest level of open wheel racing in North America. This is a kid who had driven a grand total of thirty-eight races in full sized automobiles in his life prior to his Indycar debut.
Can the Boston GP succeed where others have failed?
  by Brian Carroccio
You've likely seen some of the numerous reports questioning the viability of the Grand Prix of Boston Verizon IndyCar Series race scheduled for Labor Day Weekend 2016. While Hulman & Co. CEO Mark Miles and race organizers Grand Prix of Boston (GPB) have stated their expectation that the Grand Prix will proceed as planned, important matters such as the use of convention center and approval of the local port authority have yet to be resolved. Further, concerns about disruptions to the city and the possible cost to the city have been expressed in various outlets (although GPB has repeatedly stated the race will be conducted without public expenditure).
Q&A with IndyCar's Mark Miles, Jay Frye and Rod Davis
  New Management for IndyCar
IndyCar Representatives
Mark Miles - CEO of Hulman & Company
Jay Frye - Pesident of Competition and Operations
Rod Davis - Chief Revenue Officer
AR1 Catches up with Steve Edwards
  by Lucille Dust
Recently, AutoRacing1 IndyCar Correspondent caught up with former CART safety team director Steve Edwards. The Indianapolis native joined the nascent organization at its founding in 1979 and became one of the driving forces behind the group widely considered to have been a pioneering force in motorsports safety. 
Q & A with Mark Miles, CEO of Hulman and Company
  Addresses current issues facing series
MARK MILES:  Thank you, all, for dialing in. This call is really a reflection of our belief that we should be accessible and do our best to stay in touch with you all on a regular basis. I don't know if this will end up being a monthly thing or exactly what the pace will be, but it is something we think is important to do more regularly to make sure the lines of communication are really open and our friends in the media have access to us. I have a list of a few things I was going to make a few comments on and then take any questions.
Organizers confident they can overcome Boston politics
  by Brian Carroccio
Announced this past May and re-confirmed last week, the inaugural Grand Prix of Boston is scheduled for September 2-4 2016, Labor Day Weekend. As a major East Coast Market, Boston has obvious appeal for the series. Throw in a racy 2.5-mile layout amidst the picturesque South Boston Waterfront backdrop, and a host of local sponsors already signed on to support the event, it would appear on the surface at least, Boston has the potential to be a long-term success for the IndyCar Series.

Mark Miles and Scott Dixon on 2016 IndyCar schedule
  Media Teleconference
INDYCAR officials announced the 2016 Verizon IndyCar Series schedule today. Mark Miles, CEO of Hulman Motorsports, the parent of INDYCAR and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and 2015 Verizon IndyCar Series champion Scott Dixon of Target Chip Ganassi Racing participated in an INDYCAR media teleconference.
Where does IndyCar go from here?
  by Mark J. Cipolloni

No sane individual can look objectively at IndyCar racing today and not see that it has lost its way. It's lost the majority of its fan base, the majority of its sponsors, the majority of its traditional races, and the majority of its grassroots media support. With so many forms of motorsports in the world today competing for fans, competing for sponsors and competing for manufacturer support, how can IndyCar avoid what appears to be the inevitable - extinction.

Dan Wheldon, Four Years On
  by Brian Carroccio
Today is the four-year anniversary of IndyCar driver Dan Wheldon’s passing. Below, is an article written by Brian Carroccio, which appeared on AutoRacing1, a few days after Wheldon succumbed to injuries from a horrific accident at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. It’s been nearly 72 hours since INDYCAR CEO Randy Bernard announced the death of Dan Wheldon.
Misc. observations from the world of racing
  by Brian Carroccio
If you've read AutoRacing1 for any length of time, you know we've dedicated called attention to the phenomenon of 'pay' drivers or 'ride buying' - particularly in the junior open-wheel ranks. This is the phenomenon of drivers securing race seats based on their ability to bring the desperately needed funding to the team, often in lieu of drivers with more talent. Now, it should be noted that the subject is not necessarily a black and white one. For example, there are World Champions, all-time great drivers whose rise to the sport's top-levels launched via significant financial support.
Q&A with Paul Leyton on inaugural CART Reunion
  by Lucille Dust
The greatest era in the history of IndyCar Racing was the CART/Champ Car era from 1979 until 2007. IndyCar racing was before, and has been ever since, a series trying to find its direction. As the 2nd evening of the CART reunion was winding down, Paul Leyton, President & Treasurer of CART Reunions, sat down with me to review the inaugural gathering of former officials and key members.
IndyCar teams help build house for disabled vet
  by Lucille Dust
It may be the offseason for the Verizon IndyCar Series teams, but don't think for a minute they're taking it easy. Quite the contrary, in fact. One such example would be on Saturday, Oct. 10th when The Fuller Center and the Pit Crew, a group of IndyCar team members established to assist veterans, dedicated a newly rebuilt home at 1928 Allison in Speedway, Indiana to disabled veteran Frank Gazvoda.
AR1 Catches up With Brian Bonner
  by Brian Carroccio
Recently, AutoRacing1 caught up with former IndyCar, stock car and motorcycle racer Brian Bonner. Bonner has of course remained involved in the racing industry since his days behind the wheel. He currently serves as President and CEO at Bonner Race Marketing and assists young drivers looking to climb their way to the top of the sport. Amongst BRM's clients are two-time IndyCar winner Josef Newgarden, 2015 Indy Lights Presented by Cooper Tires champion Spencer Pigot and 2015 Pro Mazda runner-up Neil Alberico.
AR1 Head-to-Head: IndyCar 2015
  Lucille Dust & Brian Carroccio
It’s been nearly six weeks since the 2015 Verizon IndyCar Series season concluded at Sonoma Raceway. In dramatic fashion, Target Chip Ganassi Racing driver Scott Dixon earned his fourth series title edging out Team Penske's Juan Pablo Montoya. Of course, there was drama throughout 2015, and today with the benefit of a little perspective, AR1 IndyCar Correspondent Lucille Dust and Senior Columnist Brian Carroccio look back on the 2015 season in the latest installment of AR1 Head to Head. Enjoy!
The Life of Justin Wilson Celebration
  by Lucille Dust
In a proper and fitting ceremony on Tuesday afternoon at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the IndyCar family joined together for "Celebrating the Life of Justin Wilson." Wilson, a native of Sheffield, England passed away this past August 24th from a head injury sustained in a crash during the ABC Supply Pocono 500 the day before. The popular and beloved driver of the #25 Andretti Autosport Honda had scored 7 wins in 174 starts spanning 13 Indy car seasons.
Close F1 and IndyCar Cockpits, Save Lives
  by Ethan Bregman
Justin Wilson, my friend, my colleague, the man with whom I first stood on top of an IndyCar podium, is dead. His death last month was preventable. We in the racing industry had the technology and ability to prevent his death and we chose not to. In the 1950s, our engineering capabilities were such that racing cars would destruct on impact. They became cages of flaming death. The cars had no seatbelts and open cockpits, since a driver’s best hope for survival in a crash was a prayer to be thrown clear of the wreckage.
Analyzing Red Bull's F1 dilemma
  by Brian Carroccio
No doubt, racing is a bottom-line, cutthroat, what have you done for me lately business. That said, I think one would be hard-pressed to come up with a nastier, more drawn out, more it-really-didn’t-have-to-end-this-way divorce than what we’ve witnessed between Red Bull and Renault over the last 8 months. And while the general belief is that the Adrian Newey-designed RB chassis from 2010-2013 were the primary driving force behind the team’s four consecutive Constructor and Driver championships, Renault’s contributions to that historic run cannot be disputed.
IndyCars test at Road America
  Still slower than a 9 year old Champ Car
Scott Dixon joked that driving an Indy car at Road America was like riding a bicycle – just a completely different bicycle than the last one he rode. Dixon, the reigning Verizon IndyCar Series champion, was back at work a few weeks after wrapping up his fourth series title at Sonoma Raceway. He joined nine other drivers for a team test Sept. 22 in preparation for the Verizon IndyCar Series race June 23-26 at the famed road course. Road America, which held its first race in 1955, hosted Indy car races from 1982-2007.
AR1 Faces in the Paddock: Chris Simmons
  by Lucille Dust
On the Saturday morning of the Honda Indy 200 at Mid-Ohio, AutoRacing1 IndyCar Correspondent Lucille Dust spent a few minutes with Chris Simmons, chief engineer for the #9 Target Chip Ganassi Racing Chevrolet driven by Verizon IndyCar Series champion Scott Dixon. Amongst the subjects we covered with Chris were in this installment of AR1: Faces in the Paddock, were how he got into racing, the disappointment of a tough weekend, and what it's like to work for Chip Ganassi. Enjoy.
Miscellaneous ramblings on NASCAR and IndyCar
  by Brian Carroccio
NASCAR could have used an exciting race Saturday evening at Richmond as a lead-in to The Chase for the Sprint Cup. They sure as heck didn’t get it. For one, other than a non-2015 winner taking the checkered flag in Saturday’s Federated Auto Parts 400, there was really no drama entering the evening. Also, while you can’t criticize Matt Kenseth, Joe Gibbs Racing and Toyota for cleaning everyone’s clock, their dominance did make the evening something of a formality.
Spencer Pigot captures 2015 Indy Lights championship
  by Brian Carroccio
Juncos Racing's Spencer Pigot won the 2015 Indy Lights Presented by Cooper Tires championship today by capturing victory in Race 2 at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. Starting out the outside of the front row, Pigot overtook polesitter Max Chilton for the lead heading into turn 1. Meanwhile his closest championship contender Jack Harvey, who started fourth was penalized for jumping the start. The Brit would never recover and finish 9th, while Pigot led flag-to-flag to score his sixth victory of 2015.
Ban Indycar Forever, Says Associated Press Writer
  by Stephen Cox
"After the latest tragedy in Indycar... it's time to shut down this ridiculously dangerous form of racing," says Associated Press writer Paul Newberry in the wake of the tragic death of Indycar driver Justin Wilson. In making his demand, Newberry is typical of the paternalistic, safety-at-gunpoint class of pundits who seem to have taken over the Land of the Formerly Free. Newberry's rant, which appeared on ABC News on August 28th, goes on to say, "It's time to end a sport that has destroyed too many lives."
Meet the Road to Indy Contenders
  Harvey, Pigot, Jones and Enerson
Jack Harvey, Spencer Pigot, Ed Jones and RC Enerson are the four drivers in contention for the Indy Lights Presented by Cooper Tires championship title heading into the double-header series finale at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca on September 11-13. The champion is awarded a $1 million scholarship toward the Verizon IndyCar Series with three guaranteed races, including the historic 100th Indianapolis 500, in 2016.
IndyCar Sonoma postscript
  by Brian Carroccio
Of all the possible scenarios I envisioned prior to Sunday's GoPro Grand Prix of Sonoma, Chip Ganassi crowd-surfing was not amongst them. And while Ganassi doing his Eddie Vedder imitation would have been implausible under most any scenario, part of my disbelief was of course, the fact his driver Scott Dixon emerged from Sunday's race as the 2015 Verizon IndyCar Series champion.
'X1 Series' to 'Make IndyCar Great Again'
  by Mark J. Cipolloni
About a month ago we rumored that a group was going to make a proposal to buy the IndyCar Series from the Hulman-George family. That rumor of course was met with immediate denials from IndyCar because the group we had been talking to had not yet met with anyone from IndyCar or the Hulman-George family.  I sat on this story until the time was right. The time is now right for this exclusive.
Dixon Pockets $1 Million Bonus
  for Winning Fourth Verizon IndyCar Series Title
Less than 24 hours after claiming the fourth Verizon IndyCar Series championship of his career, Scott Dixon was officially minted as the 2015 series champion. Dixon, who won the 2015 crown with a come-from-behind win at the GoPro Grand Prix of Sonoma on Aug. 30, was honored along with other drivers, teams and manufacturers during the Verizon IndyCar Series Championship Celebration at the Nob Hill Masonic Center in downtown San Francisco.
IndyCar Sonoma Sunday Press Conference
  Ganasi Team plus Montoya and Rahal
Post-Race Press Conference with:
Chip Ganassi
Mike Hull
Scott Dixon
Juan Montoya
Graham Rahal
Dixon wins Sonoma race; Series Title
  by Brian Carroccio
Needing a victory to capture his fourth Verizon IndyCar Series championship, Scott Dixon did just that in winning today's GoPro Grand Prix of Sonoma at Sonoma Raceway. It was Dixon's second consecutive win at Sonoma, 38th career win, and the fourth series championship for the driver of the #9 Target Chip Ganassi Racing Chevrolet.
IndyCar Sonoma Saturday Press Conference
  Power, Newgarden, Montoya and Rahal
An interview with:
Will Power
Josef Newgarden
Juan Pablo Montoya
Graham Rahal
Power takes pole for IndyCar season finale in Sonoma
  by Mark J. Cipolloni
While other drivers trashed around the undulating Sonoma Raceway road course on the soft red Firestone tires, Will Power shocked the paddock by going out on the harder and slower black tires and put his Penske Chevy on pole for the IndyCar Season finale. Power reset his year-old track record on the blacks. He is that good. Americans Josef Newgarden will start 2nd ahead of Ryan Hunter-Reay.  Simon Pagenaud and points leader Juan Montoya round out the top-5.
Q&A with IndyCar title contenders
  Six drivers still have mathematical chance
An interview with Juan Pablo Montoya, Graham Rahal, Scott Dixon, Will Power, Helio Castroneves and Josef Newgarden. The interview was with the six championship contenders for the Verizon IndyCar Series title which will be decided on Sunday.
A look at IndyCar Ministry
  by Lucille Dust
Tragedy struck the Verizon IndyCar Series on Monday, when driver Justin Wilson succumbed to injuries sustained in Sunday's ABC Supply Co. 500 at Pocono Raceway. The popular Wilson's passing has shocked and stunned a community that heads to Sonoma Raceway this weekend with very heavy hearts. However, there is a traveling support network the IndyCar family can turn to in such times: IndyCar Ministry.

Justin Wilson - a great racer, father and man to the end
  by Brian Carroccio
As you surely know, Verizon IndyCar Series driver Justin Wilson passed away Monday evening after succumbing to injuries sustained in a crash during Sunday’s ABC Supply Co. 500 at Pocono Raceway. The pilot of the #25 Andretti Autosport Honda had qualified seventh and spent much of the day running near the front of the field. A lap 144 pit road speed limit violation moved him outside the top-10, and he was running 13th on lap 179 when rookie leader Sage Karam spun and hit the wall exiting turn 1. Although we don't yet know the specific metrics of the impact, debris from Karam's car bounced onto the track before, gruesomely, striking an oncoming and still at speed Wilson in the helmet.
IndyCar Pocono 500 Sunday Press Conference
An interview with:
1st RYAN HUNTER-REAY, Andretti Autosport
Ryan Hunter-Reay wins Pocono 500; Wilson injured
  by Brian Carroccio
Ryan Hunter-Reay's won today's ABC Supply Co. 500 at Pocono Raceway. It was the second win of 2015 for the driver of the #28 DHL Honda, and 16th of his career. All thoughts however are with Hunter-Reay's teammate Justin Wilson. A broken bumper piece from Sage Karam's car on lap 179 seemed to make contact with Wilson's head at speed. The Sheffield, England native was extracted from the car and airlifted to a local hospital.
Castroneves storms to IndyCar pole at Pocono
  by Brian Carroccio
With an average speed of 220.530 miles per hour, Helio Castroneves led a Team Penske one-two-three in winning pole position for tomorrow's ABC Supply Co. 500 at Pocono Raceway. It was the 45th career pole for the driver of the #3 Shell V-Power Team Penske Chevrolet. Simon Pagenaud was second a mere .01s behind Castroneves with Will Power third. Josef Newgarden made it a Chevrolet sweep of the top-4, with Graham Rahal the quickest Honda in fifth.
An interview with: MARCO ANDRETTI
  Andretti Autosport, No. 27 Snapple Honda
THE MODERATOR:  We’re pleased to be joined by Marco Andretti from Andretti Autosport. Marco has been gracious enough to join us after a snafu at the media dinner last night that didn't come off as scheduled. He's agreed to give us a few minutes to bring us up to speed, so to speak, as to what he's looking forward to this weekend. Marco, your home track, great family history here. Your grandfather won here, your dad placed third here, all three generations of Andrettis have sat on the pole. Does this race bring a little extra excitement for you going into this race weekend?
The 'Perfect Storm'
  by Brian Carroccio
It's been something of a slow period in racing lately. Yes, NASCAR has continued its weekly approach towards The Chase. However, for those inclined towards racing of the single-seater variety, Formula One and IndyCar have been off the past couple of weeks. Still, that doesn't mean there hasn't been news to chew on, and we'll get to some of the news from IndyCar and F1 soon.
America's Greatest Speedway & Why It Was Never Built
  by Stephen Cox
In the summer of 1912, it seemed that anything was possible. Land was cheap and plentiful. Gold was money. The motor car was the wonder of the world. Two investors from Alabama were convinced that an affluent suburb could be built just five miles south of downtown in what is now the village of Homewood. The new development would attract home buyers and businesses by tapping into the public's enthusiasm for the latest rage - the motor car.
Q & A with Newgarden and Carpenter
  From the CFH Racing IndyCar team
An interview with:
Josef Newgarden
Ed Carpenter
AR1 Up and Comers: Bruno Carneiro
  by Brian Carroccio
A couple weeks ago, I had the opportunity to speak with 16-year-old race car driver Bruno Carneiro. The Brazilian-born Riverton, Utah native has made a very successful transition from karting to cars this past year with aspirations of climbing the single-seater racing ladder and ultimately competing at the top-level. Already, Carneiro has gained the attention of local media in the Salt Lake City area...
Indy Lights Q & A with Anderson, Pigot and Harvey
  Mazda Road to Indy
An Interview with:
Dan Andersen
Spencer Pigot
Jack Harvey
IndyCar Mid-Ohio postscript
  by Brian Carroccio
If there was a career breakout for Graham Rahal this year, it was undoubtedly his fantastic drive to second at Barber, which sparked the current 6 podium/11 race stretch. Fast forward to this past weekend’s annual Verizon IndyCar Series visit to the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, and the narrative on young Rahal has undergone a huge metamorphosis. If one were to grade on a curve so to speak, the best driver in the IndyCar Series in 2015, week-in and week-out has been Rahal.
IndyCar Mid-Ohio Press Conference
An interview with:
1st Graham Rahal
2nd Justin Wilson
3rd Simon Pagenaud
Rahal wins home race in Mid-Ohio
  by Mark J. Cipolloni
Ohio's Graham Rahal did what he had to do, win at his home track (Mid-Ohio) to keep his championship hopes alive, and he did it in classic style. Taking advantage of a timely pitstop just as the caution flag flew, Rahal won the Honda GP of Mid-Ohio to close the gap to points leader Juan Montoya to 9 points who could do no better than 11th.
IndyCar Mid-Ohio Saturday Press Conference
  Fast Six qualifiers
An Interview With:
1. Scott Dixon
2. Will Power
3. Sebastien Bourdais
4. Helio Castroneves
5. Josef Newgarden
6. Charlie Kimball
IndyCar: Dixon on pole at Mid-Ohio
  by Brian Carroccio
With a blistering lap time of 1:04.581 seconds, five-time Mid-Ohio winner Scott Dixon put the #9 Target Chip Ganassi Racing Chevrolet on pole position for tomorrow's Honda Indy 200 at Mid-Ohio. Dixon's new Mid-Ohio track record was 0.096 seconds quicker than Will Power in the #1 Verizon Team Penske Chevrolet. Last year's pole winner Sebastien Bourdais was third, with Helio Castroneves and Josef Newgarden rounding out the top-five.
An interview with: Art St. Cyr
  President, Honda Performance Development
T.E. McHALE: Good afternoon. Thank you for joining us for the latest in a series of Honda media briefings that we've conducted periodically throughout the 2015 season. Our guest today is the president of Honda Performance Development, Art St. Cyr. Art, thanks for making the time for us today.
ART ST. CYR: Thanks for having me, everybody.
T.E. McHALE: I want to start by talking about how the season has turned a little bit more pleasantly for Honda of late with victories in two of the past three races, kind of get your thoughts on any ideas you have related to the reason for that success.
IndyCar Mid-Ohio Friday Press Conference
  Top-2 drivers
An interview with:
Scott Dixon
Sebastien Bourdais
A visit to Ganassi Racing and driver-coach Dario
  by Brian Carroccio
Recently between the Milwaukee and Iowa IndyCar events, I had the pleasure of visiting Chip Ganassi Racing in Indianapolis. CGR of course also has facilities in North Carolina and Brownsburg, IN for its NASCAR, sports car and rallycross operations, with Indianapolis home to the organization’s four-car Verizon IndyCar Series team. Now, if you had any question as to why CGR has achieved the success it has over the past two decades plus, I can tell you that question is answered the moment you walk through the doors at the Indianapolis shop. Immediately, you are taken aback by the countless trophies, banners and race cars displayed celebrating the team’s glorious history across many racing disciplines.
Q and A with Graham Rahal
  IndyCar's hottest American
Verizon IndyCar Series driver Graham Rahal was on the INDYCAR media teleconference today. Rahal, driver of the No. 15 Steak 'n Shake Honda for Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing, is enjoying his finest season in the Verizon IndyCar Series. He is currently second in the series point standings and won earlier this season at Auto Club Speedway.
INDYCAR: Rethinking Doubleheaders
  by Lucille Dust
The fans that attend the Chevrolet Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix got something no other race goers did in 2015: two Verizon IndyCar Series championship races in the same weekend. Sure, the weekend was plagued by foul weather, which caused session delays, and certainly added to the challenges that comes with attending a race. However, since the doubleheader format was implemented in 2013, there have been seven race weekends features two events. And all indications are they have been a hit with fans.
IndyCar Iowa Postscript
  by Brian Carroccio
Granted, it doesn't happen often. But as they did in Saturday's Iowa Corn 300, when Americans drivers swept the top-4 positions and 6 of the top-7, the Verizon IndyCar Series will every now and again, and often when you least expect it, make the spine tingle with absolute delight. But it's never exactly long lasting. As we saw with yesterday's bungled, poorly-worded and ill-timed announcement that the series was cracking down on disparaging remarks, we were reminded there is perhaps no entity with such an uncanny ability to piss on its own parade as INDYCAR.
Q&A with IndyCar rookie sensation Sage Karam
  I would not change a thing Karam says
Verizon IndyCar Series rookie Sage Karam is the driver of the No. 8 Comfort Revolution/Big Machine Record Chevrolet Ganassi Racing entry and is second in the season-long Sunoco Rookie of the Year standings.  He scored his first podium in the Verizon IndyCar Series at the Iowa Corn 300 on Saturday night and he did it with some fairly aggressive driving that ruffled the feathers of a few veteran drivers.
A Better Idea to Save Auto Racing
  by Stephen Cox
Every motorsports enthusiast is painfully aware that racing, in general, is experiencing tough times. Fewer fans are in the stands, and those fans are aging. The question is, what to do about it? Perhaps the most immediate and pragmatic idea for reviving American motorsports comes from racing journalist Mark Cipolloni of, who shared his amazing concept with me on the phone a few weeks ago.
IndyCar Iowa Post-Race Press Conference
An interview with
Ryan Hunter-Reay (Andretti Autosport)
Josef Newgarden (CFH Racing)
Sage Karam (Chip Ganassi Racing Teams)
Michael Andretti (owner, Andretti Autosport)
Hunter-Reay breaks thru for 1st win in 2015
  Americans 1-2-3-4
Ryan Hunter-Reay won this evening’s Iowa Corn 300 at Iowa Speedway. It was the first win of 2015 for the driver of the #28 DHL Honda, 15th of his Indy car career, and third victory at Iowa in 4 years. CFH Racing’s Josef Newgarden was second, with Sage Karam scoring his career best finish bringing home the #8 Comfort Revolution Chevrolet in third. Graham Rahal made it an American 1-2-3-4, with Carlos Munoz rounding out the top-five.
IndyCar Iowa Pole Press Conference
An interview with:
Helio Castroneves
Tony Kanaan
Castroneves leads Chevy qualifying sweep in Iowa
  by Mark J. Cipolloni
Helio Castroneves and Tony Kanaan will start from the front row in the Iowa Corn 300 tonight leading a Chevy sweep of the top-7 positions. Castroneves posted a two-lap average speed of 183.480 mph (35.0817 seconds) on the 0.894-mile oval to earn the 44th pole of his career. Kanaan posted a two-lap average of 183.125 mph (35.1497 seconds) for his first front-row start of the season.
Andretti Autosport Press Conference
  From Iowa
An interview with:
Marco Andretti
Ryan Hunter-Reay
Carlos Munoz
Justin Wilson
Team Penske Press IndyCar Conference
  From Iowa
An Interview With:
Helio Castroneves
Juan Pablo Montoya
Will Power
Simon Pagenaud
Milwaukee Indy Postscript
  by Brian Carroccio
Sebastien Bourdais scored his 34th career Indy car win in Sunday's ABC Supply Wisconsin 250 at Milwaukee Indyfest presented by the Metro Milwaukee Honda Dealers. Taking advantage of the decision to stay out when those ahead of him pit on lap 117, Bourdais utilized the clean air to build a lap advantage over the field by his final pit stop on lap 212. He was able to make that final stop without surrendering the lead, and held on for victory in what was as impressive a performance as we've seen on an oval in years.
IndyCar Milwaukee Sunday Press Conference
An interview with:
1st Sebastien Bourdais - Chevy
2nd Helio Castroneves - Chevy
3rd Graham Rahal - Honda
Bourdais holds off Castroneves in Milwaukee
KV Racing's Sebastien Bourdais held off a charging Helio Castroneves to win the ABC Supply Wisconsin 250 IndyCar race at the Milwaukee Mile Sunday. Helio Castroneves was 2nd for Penske Racing and Graham Rahal, who won in Fontana two weeks ago, was third. Juan Montoya and polesitter Josef Newgarden rounded out the top-5.
Newgarden wins first IndyCar pole in Milwaukee
  by Mark J. Cipolloni
American Josef Newgarden has won the pole for the ABC Supply Wisconsin 250 on the historic Milwaukee Mile oval. It was Newgarden's first career IndyCar pole and he got it with a lap of 170.223 mph, just enough to beat veteran Ryan Briscoe.  Those two were the only drivers over 170 mph. American rookie Sage Karam was third quick ahead of Ganassi teammate Tony Kanaan. James Jakes rounded out the top-5.
An interview with: James Hinchcliffe
  Medical update
An interview with: James Hinchcliffe, Schmidt Peterson Motorsports
THE MODERATOR:  We'll get started with today's Verizon IndyCar Series media availability. We are pleased to be joined by Schmidt Peterson Motorsports driver James Hinchcliffe.
Helio Castroneves and Juan Pablo Montoya
  Q and A at the Milwaukee Mile
An interview with: HELIO CASTRONEVES and JUAN PABLO MONTOYA, Team Penske
THE MODERATOR:  Juan, what are your thoughts heading into the final stretch of races?
JUAN PABLO MONTOYA: To be honest with you, nothing at the moment. I think there's too many races to go. You know, the point lead can vanish in one week. You have one bad race, all the work for the year goes out of the window.
Analyzing the Fontana IndyCar race
  Mark Cipolloni & Brian Carroccio
With ten days having passed since the MAVTV 500, the Verizon IndyCar Series' recent visit to Auto Club Speedway remains a subject of conversation in the racing world. Today, AR1 senior columnist Brian Carroccio and President Mark Cipolloni give their take on the rather historic race in the latest edition of AR1’s Burning Questions.
An Interview with IndyCar boss Mark Miles
  Media Conference after exciting MAVTV 500
IndyCar boss Mark Miles answered question Wednesday for about one hour on a whole host of topics around the IndyCar series after putting on the most exciting race in the history of motorsports last Sunday - the MAVTV500 at Fontana that featured over 3,500 on-track passes. It was wild and and exciting, put some of the drivers complained it was too dangerous. Miles talks about the Fontana race as well as next year's IndyCar schedule
IndyCar Fontana postscript
  by Brian Carroccio
Saturday, a young American with charisma, prodigious bloodlines scored a breakthrough win after years of frustration and heavy criticism in an, frenzied, edge-of-your-seat shootout. He was joined on the podium by another young American with prodigious bloodlines for the first time in their careers. Yet everyone is arguing over what the race should have been, with absolutely zero focus on what it actually was. That more than anything seems to be problem in a nutshell. That and the fact INDYCAR can’t seem to win, even when it does.
IndyCar Fontana MAVTV 500 Saturday Press Conference
  Top-3 finishers
An Interview:
1st Graham Rahal - Honda
2nd Tony Kanaan - Chevy
3rd Marco Andretti - Honda
Rahal wins exciting MAVTV IndyCar race
  by Lucille Dust
Graham Rahal won his 2nd career IndyCar race at Auto Club Speedway Saturday in the MAVTV 500 over Tony Kanaan and Marco Andretti in perhaps the best IndyCar race ever run. A record 83 lead changes saw drivers running up to 5-wide touching wheels that had fans on the edge of their seat for all 250 laps.  Juan Montoya and Sage Karam rounded out the top-5.
IndyCar Fontana Friday Press Conference
  Top-3 qualifiers
1st Simon Pagenaud - Chevy
2nd Helio Castroneves - Chevy
3rd Marco Andretti - Honda
Pagenaud leads Penske sweep in Fontana
  by Lucille Dust
Simon Pagenaud led a Team Penske sweep of the front row in earning his second career Indy car pole and first on an oval for the MAVTV 500 with a two-lap average speed of 218.952 mph on the 2-mile Auto Club Speedway oval. Pagenaud, driving the No. 22 Penske Truck Rental Chevrolet, topped teammate Helio Castroneves' who qualified second. Marco Andretti will start 3rd with a speed of 217.797 mph and Ed Carpenter will start on the outside of Row 2 with a speed of 217.666 mph.
IndyCar Toronto postscript
  by Brian Carroccio
We saw one fine motor race Sunday afternoon at Exhibition Place in Toronto. Variable weather conditions, mostly-clean yet still aggressive driving in said conditions, and a popular young American scoring an impressive second career victory are but a few of the topics we'll get to from this weekend's Honda Indy Toronto. But we begin with a less-than-uplifting subject for about half the Verizon IndyCar Series teams.
IndyCar Toronto Sunday Press Conference
  Chevy sweeps top-3
An interview with: 
1st Josef Newgarden
2nd Luca Filippi
3rd Helio Castroneves
Newgarden beats Filippi in exciting Toronto race
  by Mark J. Cipolloni
In perhaps the best IndyCar race ever run on the wet-to-dry streets of Toronto, American Josef Newgarden held off his CFH Racing teammate Luca Filippi from Italy by just over 1 second for his 2nd IndyCar victory. More importantly they beat Penske teammates Helio Castroneves and Will Power who finished 3rd and 4th. Sebastien Bourdais rounded out the top-5.
IndyCar Toronto Saturday Press Conference
  Fast Six drivers
An interview with:
Will Power
Juan Pablo Montoya
Scott Dixon
Sebastien Bourdais
Luca Filippi
Simon Pagenaud
Powers takes IndyCar pole in Toronto
  As Chevys again dominate
Reigning Verizon IndyCar Series champion Will Power earned his second consecutive Verizon P1 Award and fifth of the season by recording the quickest lap of the Firestone Fast Six during qualifications for the Honda Indy Toronto. Power, driving the No. 1 Verizon Team Penske Chevrolet, passed Rick Mears for fifth on the all-time Indy car list with his 41st pole. Teammate Helio Castroneves is the active leader with 43.
IndyCar Toronto Friday Press Conference
  Honda Indy Toronto Post-Practice Press Conference
Luca Filippi
Josef Newgarden
Toronto IndyCar press conference w/ Johnstone & Rahal
  Today’s Honda Indy Toronto welcome press conference
An Interview With:
GRAHAM RAHAL, driver, No. 15 Rousseau Metal Honda
CHARLIE JOHNSTONE, president and general manager, Honda Indy Toronto
IndyCar Firestone 600 postscript
  by Brian Carroccio
We’ve seen this movie before. Call it The Dixon Supremacy, The Dixon Ultimatum, The Dixon Double-Re-loaded Matrix or whatever. But for seemingly the umpteenth thousandth time, Scott Dixon eviscerated the Verizon IndyCar Series field with his trademark surgical precision in winning Saturday’s Firestone 600.
Motorsports Marketing must change to remain relevant
  by Brian C. Mackey
In recent years, the commercial "edge" for Motorsports Marketing, that has long been a trademark of the sport's effectiveness, has seemed to dull and become what others might phrase as "dated." The clues are abundant.  Motor racing attendance is down. Television ratings are in general decline. Change, perhaps even radical change, has become a pivotal element in the reconfigured look at the strengths and benefits of motorsport marketing.
IndyCar Firestone 600 post-race press conference
  From Texas
An interview with:
Scott Dixon
Mike Hull
Tony Kanaan
Helio Castroneves
Dixon wins Firestone 600
  by Brian Carroccio
Scott Dixon drove the #9 Chip Ganassi Racing Energizer Chevrolet to victory lane in this evening's Firestone 600 at Texas Motor Speedway. It was Dixon's 2nd Verizon IndyCar Series victory of 2015, 2nd at Texas, and 37th of his career. Dixon's teammate Tony Kanaan was second 7.8 seconds behind Dixon with Helio Castroneves and Juan Pablo Montoya making it a Chevrolet sweep of the top-4. Andretti Autosport's Marco Andretti was the lead Honda in fifth.
Firestone 600 Post-Qualifying Press Conference
  IndyCar from Ft. Worth, Texas
1st Will Power
2nd Simon Pagenaud
3rd Carlos Munoz
Power wins Texas pole
  by Brian Carroccio
With a two-lap average of 218.441 mph, Team Penske's Will Power edged out teammate Simon Pagenaud to win pole position for tomorrow's Firestone 600 at Texas Motor Speedway. It was the Australian's fortieth career pole position and fourth of 2015.  Four-time TMS winner Helio Castroneves made it a Penske sweep of the top-3, with only Colombian Carlos Munoz edging out countryman Juan Pablo Montoya for fourth preventing a Penske sweep of the top-4 spots.
How we got "Here"
  by Tim Wohlford
Three weeks ago, INDYCAR president of competition and operations Derrick Walker and Hulman & Co. CEO Mark Miles ordered a rules changes hours before qualifying for the 99th Indianapolis 500. Banning the qualification aero kits, the mandate required teams to qualify in race trim with limited horsepower. While debate broke out as to whether Miles and Walker made the right decision, let the record show: given recent history of flying Indy Cars, it was the only decision.
IndyCar Detroit postscript
  by Brian Carroccio
As there is much to discuss regarding this past weekend’s Chevrolet Dual in Detroit Presented by Quicken Loans, let’s get started with the subject that dominated the events on the Belle Isle. After a lovely Friday, rain moved in for Saturday’s race. Of course, we here at AutoRacing1 have made note over the past few seasons that wet weather and INDYCAR are something of an awkward pair.
IndyCar Detroit Sunday Press Conference
  Race 2
An interview with:
1st Sebastien Bourdais - Chevy
2nd Takuma Sato - Honda
3rd Graham Rahal - Honda
Bourdais outduels Sato and Rahal in Detroit
  In wet-drying conditions beats 8 Hondas
KV Racing's Sebastien Bourdais drove his Chevy to victory in the 2nd half of the Detroit IndyCar race doubleheader outrunning a contingent of 8 Hondas on a day that started out wet but ended dry on Belle Isle. The race was red-flagged with 6 laps to go when Penske teammates Will Power and Helio Castroneves got together. When the race went green Bourdais pulled away from Takuma Sato to win by 1.7644 sec. and in the process set the fastest lap of the race.
Detroit GP: Saturday Press Conference
An interview with:
Carlos Munoz
Marco Andretti
Simon Pagenaud
Munoz wins rain shortened Detroit Race 1
Carlos Munoz took his first Verizon IndyCar Series victory while on pit lane at the Raceway at Belle Isle Park. Severe weather prompted a red flag with 47 of 70 scheduled laps of the Chevrolet Dual in Detroit presented by Quicken Loans on the 2.35-mile, 14-turn street course completed, and the race was called after a 20-minute wait.
Scenes from Detroit - Friday
Will Powers record-setting pole run at Belle Isle on Friday may be one of the most important of his career. Overnight forecasts are calling for thunderstorms in the Detroit area Saturday afternoon and could make life treacherous for drivers in Race 1 of the "Chevy Dual in Detroit," the seventh race of the Verizon IndyCar Series. Particularly those down the grid, where incidents are prone to happen when the field takes the green.
IndyCar Detroit: Friday Press Conference
An interview with:
Will Power
Juan Pablo Montoya
Helio Castroneves
Sebastien Bourdais
Takuma Sato
Simon Pagenaud
Will Power wins pole for Race 1 in Detroit
  Chevys again dominate
Will Power set the qualifying lap track record on the way to earning the Verizon P1 Award for the pole position for Race 1 of the Chevrolet Dual in Detroit presented by Quicker Loans. Power, who also set the track record in the season opener at St. Petersburg with the new Chevrolet road/street aerodynamic bodywork package, recorded a lap of 1 minute, 16.0941 seconds on the 2.35-mile, 14-turn street circuit in the 10-minute Firestone Fast Six session.
Indy 500 postscript
  by Brian Carroccio
I doubt this was by design. However, if there was ever a better example of foreshadowing what lay immediately ahead than IMS chairman Mari Hulman George rather awkwardly rebuffing her daughter Nancy's assist to help complete another of her customary prolonged commands to start engines, I certainly don't remember it.
The Indy 500 is too good to not do it again
  by Mark J. Cipolloni
IndyCar put on another great show last Sunday at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Like last year, and the year before that, and the year before that, IndyCar had almost 300,000 fans screaming on the top of their lungs as the top drivers in the world put on a race to remember. For practically the entire distance, at least three cars dueled for the lead. They looked like earthbound fighter jets engaging in spectacular dogfights. They made NASCAR look bad. For most of the year IndyCar gets beaten up in the media for low attendance, low car counts, low TV ratings, ride-buying and the like, and a lot of it is deserved. But every Sunday on Memorial Day weekend that’s all forgotten as IndyCar puts on the best racing on the planet.  Period.
Q&A with the winner of the 2015 Indy 500
  Juan Montoya
Juan Pablo Montoya, No 2 Verizon Team Penske Chevrolet, Winner Of 99th Running Of The Indianapolis 500 met with media Monday and discussed his second victory in the Greatest Spectacle in Racing.  
THE MODERATOR:  We'll go ahead and get started with our availability with the winner of the 99th Indianapolis 500, Juan Pablo Montoya.  A little less than 24 hours since you took the checkered flag there.  Has it sunk in yet that you've won the Indy 500 for a second time? 
Indy 500 post-race notes and quotes
Jeff Gordon has set the pace plenty of times in his incredible NASCAR career, but the former Pittsboro, Ind., resident couldn't wait to lead the Indianapolis 500 field to the green flag as driver of the Chevrolet Corvette Z06 pace car. "What a thrill it is to be here on race day," Gordon said shortly before climbing into the car. "I certainly had plenty of opportunities to make laps around this track before, but never have I had the experience like I'm having here today, to be honored as being the pace car driver, to get the chance to drive that amazing Corvette Z06."
Indy 500 Sunday Press Conference
  Winning team
An interview with:
Roger Penske
Tim Cindric
Juan Pablo Montoya
Montoya outduels Power to win Indy 500
  by Tim Wohlford
In another exciting Indy 500 finish, Penske drivers Juan Montoya and Will Power swapped the lead back and forth several times over the final laps before Montoya got in front for good with two laps to go and held off Power to win the 99th running the biggest race in the world by just 1/10th of a second. American Charlie Kimball came home third with Scott Dixon and Graham Rahal rounding out the top-5.
Kanaan to make 300th start tomorrow
  by Brian Carroccio
Tomorrow's 99th running of the Indianapolis 500 will add another chapter to the rich history of The Greatest Spectacle in Racing. It will also the 300th career start for driver of the #10 NTT Data Chip Ganassi Racing Chevrolet Tony Kanaan. After edging out Helio Castro-Neves (as he was then known) for the 1997 Indy Lights championship, the Brazilian moved up to then-CART FedEx Championship Series in 1998 with Tasman Racing. Making his debut in the Marlboro Grand Prix Presented by Toyota...
AR1 Head to Head: Indianapolis 500
  Brian Carroccio & Keith Ori
For the second consecutive year, racing insider Keith Ori guest stars with AR1 senior motorsport columnist Brian Carroccio for a round of AR1 Head to Head: Indianapolis 500. And in the interests of full disclosure, last year's showdown went to Ori, who told all of you that Ryan Hunter-Reay would etch his likeness to the Borg-Warner Trophy. Who will win this year? Who are the potential sleepers? What teams and manufacturers have the edge? Brian and Keith are here to tackle those questions and more. Enjoy.
Miles, Foyt and Melangton talk about 100th Indy 500
An interview with:
Scenes from Indy Sunday
  by Rob Chinn
After a Saturday washout Sunday saw 33 cars make qualifying attempts for the 99th running of the Indy 500, but Sunday was not without drama as yet another Chevy got airborne, this time Ed Carpenter. Scott Dixon won the pole and will lineup inside Simon Pagenaud and Will Power. Our Rob Chinn was there to capture all the action.
Indy 500 qualifying Sunday Press Conference
  Dixon, Pagenaud and Power
Chevy power returned to the top of the scoring pylon at Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the fourth consecutive year as Chevrolet V-6 powered driver Scott Dixon in his No. 9 Target Chip Ganassi Racing machine earned the Verizon P1 award for the 99th running of the Indianapolis 500.  Dixon became only the 11th driver in Verizon IndyCar Series history to have two poles to his credit for the ‘Greatest Spectacle in Racing’.
Scott Dixon wins pole for 99th Indy 500
  by Tim Wohlford
Scott Dixon laid down an early lap that was impossible to beat in deteriorating weather conditions to with the 2015 Indy 500 Pole Award. Will Power will start in the middle of the first row, and Simon Pagenaud in the outside of the first row. In the fast nine there are three Penske cars, two Ganassi cars, and two Andretti entries.
Scenes from Indy Day 1 Qualifying
  by Rob Chinn
Heavy rain has forced Saturday's Indianapolis 500 Qualifications to be cancelled, which means the entire 33-car starting lineup will have one day to post a qualification attempt on Sunday. Only two cars were able to post qualification attempts on Sunday before rain started to fall. Defending Indianapolis 500 winner Ryan Hunter-Reay posted a four-lap average of 229.845 miles per hour in a Honda and Carlos Huertas rain a four-lap average of 228.235 mph. Rob Chinn was there to capture these scenes from Saturday.
Carpenter, Castroneves to chase history
  in qualifying for 99th Indianapolis 500
The pole at the Indianapolis 500 is one of the most coveted starting positions in motorsports. For Ed Carpenter and Helio Castroneves, history will also be on the line this weekend at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in two days of qualifying for the 99th Running of the 500 Mile Race. Eleven drivers have won back-to-back pole positions but none has won three in a row. Carpenter, in his No. 20 Fuzzy's Vodka CFH Racing entry, has an opportunity for that after winning the pole in each of the past two years.
Q&A with RLL team at Indy 500
  Rahal, Raha, Servia and lanigan
Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing
Bobby Rahal
Mike Lanigan
Graham Rahal
Oriol Servia
First All-Women Racing Team Set at Indy in '16
  Katherine Legge Named as the Driver for Historic Brickyard Run
Grace Autosport, the first all-female IndyCar Series racing team, announced their plans today to compete in 100th the running of the Indianapolis 500 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. From team owner to race engineers to aerodynamicists to the driver to marketing and public relations directors, the women of Grace Autosport will be on the grid for the "Greatest Spectacle in Racing" on May 29, 2016
Grand Prix of Indianapolis postscript
  by Brian Carroccio
The 2nd Angie’s List Grand Prix of Indianapolis was by no means a classic. A clumsy start, which was nearly missed by the series’ television partner, culminated in a first lap accident that shuffled the field, and relegated a few would-be-contenders to the back of the field. From there, pole sitter Will Power took firm control of the proceedings only to be briefly threatened by a charging Graham Rahal in the closing laps, before ultimately cruising to his 25th career Indy car victory.
GP of Indy Post-Race Press Conference
An interview with:

1st Will Power (Chevy)
2nd Graham Rahal (Honda)
3rd Juan Pablo Montoya (Chevy)
Scenes from GP of Indy
  by Rob Chinn
Rob Chinn is on-site this weekend for and filed these  race action photos from the 2nd annual Grand Prix of Indianapolis won by Penske Chevrolet driver Will Power. The real story of the race was the performance of American Graham Rahal who is driving better this year than he ever has and manhandled his sib-par Honda to a 2nd place finish ahead of the likes of Montoya, Bourdais and Pagenaud.
Power dominates Grand Prix of Indianapolis
  by Tim Wohlford
Leading 65 of 82 laps, Will Power put on a clinic Saturday on the road course at Indianapolis to win the Grand Prix of Indianapolis over Graham Rahal and Juan Montoya by 1.5 sec. before an estimated 50,000 fans. Sebastien Bourdais and Charlie Kimball rounded out the top-5.
GP of Indianapolis: Friday Press Conference
Will Power
Scott Dixon
Juan Pablo Montoya
Simon Pagenaud
Tony Kanaan
Will Power wins pole for GP of Indianapolis
  by Tim Wohlford
It's a NEWWWW TRAAACKKKK RECORDDDD! Will Power set a new track record in Session 2, then broke it in Session 3 to take the Pole for the 2015 Grand Prix of Indianapolis. The record is now 1:09:4886 for the road course. It was a sweep of the Fast Six for the Penske and Ganassi teams, with Scott Dixon qualifying second. Helio Castroneves, and Juan Pablo Montoya will start in the second row, and Simon Pagenaud and Tony Kanaan in the third row.
More scenes from GP of Indy
  by Rob Chinn
Rob Chinn is on-site this weekend for and filed these additional photos from Friday action as teams prepare for Saturday's Grand Prix of Indianapolis.
Scenes from GP of Indy - Thursday
  IndyCar and Road-to-Indy Series
Scott Dixon led a contingent of six Chevy drivers in the 2nd practice session for the 2nd annual GP of Indianapolis to be run this Saturday. Sebastien Bourdais and Helio Castroneves rounded out the top-5. Check out the wild flip in the Pro Mazda Series race.
IndyCar picks NASCAR star over Andretti & Unser
  by Brian Carroccio
Look, I really don't care who drives the pace car at an automobile race. Granted, I get the whole to-do about having a celebrity like Donald Trump or Morgan Freeman being part of your event. But at the end of the day I doubt anyone ever bought a ticket to see Trump, Freeman, or the Easter Bunny - granted, that would be something - drive the pace car. That said, I find the selection of Jeff Gordon to drive the pace car for this year's Indianapolis 500 puzzling on numerous levels. Not that I have any problem with Gordon, who is of course retiring from NASCAR Sprint Cup Series racing at the end of this season, and boasts a resume worthy of our celebration. Still, wouldn't the Brickyard weekend be more appropriate for said adulation?
2015 Indianapolis 500 Press Conference
  Helio Castroneves, Justin Wilson and Bryan Clauson
Helio Castroneves, Justin Wilson and Bryan Clauson met with the media lunchtime today at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway as teams test the new speedway aero package for the first time. Wilson: It's great to be back and great to be part of Andretti Autosport and looking forward to the month. It's been a long off-season, a lot of time thinking about getting back in the car and what it takes and how it's all going to work. Just pleased to get it started, and so far it seems good. We just got to take it one step at a time. There's a lot of work to be done, new body kits, everyone is trying to work them out and get a feel for them and go from there.
Ed Carpenter Press Conference Transcript
  Chevy Indycar At Grand Prix Of Indianapolis
Ed Carpenter, Co-Owner Of Cfh Racing With Sarah Fisher And Wink Hartman, And Co-Driver Of The No. 20 Fuzzy’s Premium Vodka Chevrolet, was the guest on the Verizon IndyCar Series weekly teleconference following the first career Series’ victory for CFH driver Josef Newgarden at Barber Motorsports Park. Ed is the driver who has won the pole position for the Indianapolis 500 the last two years and will be one of the drivers participating in the Verizon IndyCar Series promoter test at Indianapolis Motor Speedway on May 3rd.
GP of Alabama IndyCar postscript
  by Brian Carroccio
I wouldn't go so far as to say it was a foregone conclusion. But if you asked me prior to the start of the 2015 Verizon IndyCar Series season, and even after the first three races I'd have told you Josef Newgarden scoring his IndyCar win in 2015 was a pretty safe bet. Still, don't confuse the perceived inevitability the CFH Racing driver would find victory lane with the fact Newgarden won Sunday's Honda Indy Grand Prix of Alabama. Because when one goes beyond the mushy, feel good headlines of a popular young all-American, dimple-faced kid from Tennessee scoring a much-awaited first win, one soon realizes there was absolutely nothing inevitable about the sublime drive turned in by the 24-year-old Sunday.
How Newgarden won the Honda GP of Alabama
  Race recap
A beautiful spring afternoon in the hills outside of Birmingham became the perfect backdrop for the celebration of Josef Newgarden's first Verizon IndyCar Series win. The 24-year-old from Hendersonville, Tenn. drove his Chevrolet to the front of the field in Sunday's Honda Indy Grand Prix of Alabama to claim first victory of his career.
IndyCar Barber Sunday Press Conference
An interview with:
1st Josef Newgarden - Chevy
2nd Graham Rahal - Honda
3rd Scott Dixon - Chevy
Newgarden gets first IndyCar win in Alabama
  by Mark J. Cipolloni
Anyone who says IndyCar can't put on a heck of a show wasn't watching Sunday. 24-year old American Josef Newgarden won his first IndyCar Sunday at Barber Motorsports Park in the Grand Prix of Alabama IndyCar race, and he did it in style.  With his fuel running out Newgarden held off a charging Graham Rahal as Americans finished 1-2 ahead of Scott Dixon from New Zealand.
Pigot wins again at Barber
  by Brian Carroccio
For a second consecutive day, Juncos Racing's Spencer Pigot started from pole and led every lap of the Legacy Indy Lights 100 at Barber Motorsports Park. The win moved  Pigot to the top of the championship standings in Indy Lights Presented by Cooper Tires series championship, as Carlin's Ed Jones had contact in the early going which relegated him to an 11th place finish.
IndyCar Barber: Saturday Press Conference
  Grand Prix of Alabama
Helio Castroneves
Will Power
Simon Pagenaud
Tony Kanaan
Josef Newgarden
Scott Dixon
IndyCar Barber: Castroneves leads Penske 1-2-3
  by Brian Carroccio
Helio Castroneves led a Team Penske sweep of the top-3 in Verizon IndyCar Series qualifying today at Barber Motorsports Park, capturing pole position for tomorrow's Honda Grand Prix of Alabama. The pole is the 43rd of Castroneves' career, and his second in a row after winning pole last week at Long Beach. Will Power was second 0.198 seconds behind the Brazilian with Simon Pagenaud third.
Indy Lights: Pigot scores dominant win at Barber
  by Brian Carroccio
Juncos Racing's Spencer Pigot scored a dominant win in Race 1 of the Legacy Indy Lights 100 today at Barber Motorsports Park. Starting from pole, the Orlando native quickly established a gap over second-place Jack Harvey, went on to lead every lap, and ultimately scored his first Indy Lights Presented by Cooper Tires series victory by a 6.7 second margin over Harvey.
IndyCar: Early Season Report
  by Lucille Dust
Coming into the 2015 Verizon IndyCar Series season everyone was anxious to see how the new Chevrolet and Honda aero kits would do perform. Fans, media and even drivers were unsure of what exactly we would see in the opening Firestone Grand Prix of St. Petersburg. Heck, when I asked James Hinchcliffe how his car would react when passing another car, the friendly Canadian "I will find out when I make the first pass." 
The Fundamental Problem with IndyCar and F1 today
  by Mark J. Cipolloni
I'm sorry, I may be old school; however I have been around long enough to recognize what works in motorsports and what does not.  When it comes to the world's foremost open wheel racing series - IndyCar and Formula One - both have witnessed steady measurable declines in recent seasons. And it's time for a major shake-up. In particular F1 and IndyCar need a major revamp of the technical regulations in time for the 2017 season.
An Interview With Ryan Hunter-Reay
Ryan Hunter-Reay of Andretti Autosport was the 2014 Indianapolis 500 winner, and is one of only three drivers to win at Barber Motorsports Park, site of this weekend's Honda Indy Grand Prix of Alabama.  Ryan looks to become the first driver to win three consecutive races at Barber, and he would be the first driver to do that feat since Will Power won three straight races at Sao Paulo from 2010 through 2012.
IndyCar Long Beach postscript
  by Brian Carroccio
By now you probably know what happened in Sunday’s 41st running of the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach. However, to briefly repeat, pole sitter Helio Castroneves jumped to the lead after a rather ragged start (more on that later) with third-place starter Dixon getting ahead of second-place starter Juan Pablo Montoya into turn one. Scott Dixon scored his 36th career win at the relatively young age of 34. Dixon surpassed the win total of Bobby Unser with his 36th career Indy car race to move into fifth place on the all-time list. Now, I ran out of superlatives to describe the accomplishments of Dixon long ago. However, I’ll briefly something I’ve elaborated on in further detail in the past.
Scott Dixon beats Castroneves in Long Beach
  by Brian Carroccio
Scott Dixon moved to the lead after a slow first pit stop by pole sitter Helio Castroneves. From there, the driver of the #9 Target Chip Ganassi Racing Chevrolet cruised to victory in the 41st Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach. Castroneves was second, with Team Penske teammate Juan Pablo Montoya third. Simon Pagenaud made it three Penskes in the top-4, while Tony Kanaan completed a Penske-Ganassi sweep of the top-5.
Jones holds off Pigot to win Indy Lights LB race.
  Brit now 3-for-3
Carlin's Ed Jones held off Juncos Racing's Spencer Pigot by 6-tenths of a second to score victory in the Grand Prix of Long Beach Presented by Allied Building Products. It was the third win in as many Indy Lights Presented by Cooper Tires races for the driver of the #11 Toys for Boys Miami/United Rivers Carlin entry. Felix Serralles of Belardi Auto Racing was third. with R.C. Enerson and Max Chilton rounding out the top-five.
Q&A with Schmidt, Hinchcliffe and Jakes
  from Long Beach
An interview with:
Sam Schmidt
James Jakes
James Hinchcliffe
Castroneves runs record qualifying lap in Long Beach
  by Brian Carroccio
Helio Castroneves led a Team Penske sweep of the front row for the 41st running of the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach, posting a new track record of 1:06.629 in Verizon Pole Qualifying. It was the 43rd career pole for the Brazilian, who was a mere 0.0293 seconds faster than teammate Juan Pablo Montoya who will start 2nd. Target Chip Ganassi Racing's  Scott Dixon was 3rd giving Chevy a 1-2-3 start.
IndyCar New Orleans Postscript
  by Brian Carroccio
Suffice to say, the Verizon IndyCar Series made a less than glorious debut in The Big Easy this weekend.  Sure, the inaugural Indy Grand Prix of Louisiana was hampered by less-than-optimal weather, and some of the teething problems you might expect with a first-time event.  But at the end of the day the display we saw from INDYCAR at NOLA Motorsports Park was about as embarrassing and unprofessional as it gets for a series that fancies itself a top-level racing category.
Hinchcliffe's gamble pays off in win at NOLA
  by Brian Carroccio
With shrewd pit strategy James Hinchcliffe took advantage of numerous caution periods to win today's Indy Grand Prix of Louisiana. It was the Canadian's fourth career victory and first since Iowa 2013. Helio Castroneves was second, with Hinchcliffe's Schmidt Peterson teammate James Jakes third. Simona de Silvestro and Juan Pablo Montoya rounded out the top-five.
33 is just a number
  by Jon Noggle
[Editor's Note: All information from ]
Since the split of IndyCar racing in 1996 by Tony George there has been almost zero bumping for the Indy 500. 33 was just a number we were told by the Hulman George family in case less than 33 drivers can be drummed up. Today everyone makes the race. There are hundreds that have entered the Indianapolis 500 but for whatever reason were not able to qualify in a given year.
Miscellaneous ramblings on an Easter Weekend
  by Brian Carroccio
The world's first all-electric racing series debuting on the historic streets of Long Beach, highlighted an otherwise empty slate of major circuit racing during this past Easter weekend. Today, we'll look at the Long Beach ePrix, and a host of other subjects making news in the world of motorsports starting with the world of Formula One.
What IndyCar can learn from "Mad Men"
  by Brian C. Mackey
Mad Men is my favorite television show. Its final season kicks off this weekend and I'm eager to learn the outcome of my all-time favorite TV character, Don Draper. As one who has been in the marketing trenches for many years, I, and many others like me who share similar career paths, cannot help but wish we sported some small dose of Don's legendary fictional advertising brilliance. I'm envious of his skill sets, at least in the professional sense of boardroom theatrics.
IndyCar: St. Petersburg Postscript
  by Brian Carroccio
Saturday, the very formidable four-car Team Penske armada swept the top-4 positions in qualifying for the Firestone Grand Prix of St. Petersburg. Defending series champion Will Power taking pole, with Simon Pagenaud second, Helio Castroneves third and Juan Pablo Montoya fourth. Then, in Sunday’s race Montoya would emerge ahead of Power during the final round of pit stops to hold on for the victory, with Power second, Castroneves fourth and Pagenaud fifth. Chip Ganassi Racing’s Tony Kanaan broke up a Penske race sweep finishing third.
IndyCar announces next generation car
  New car to debut in 2017
Strapped with sagging TV ratings and a shrinking fan base all precipitated by the launch of one of the most hideous looking racing cars in the history of mankind; and realizing that the recent aero kits added to the existing Dallara, amounted to nothing more than putting 'lipstick on a pig,' and with the lipstick (sorry aero pieces) flying off into the grandstand injuring fans, IndyCar was faced with being put out of business by the insurance companies.  Something drastic had to be done, and done fast.
GP of St. Petersburg Sunday Press Conference
An interview with:
1st Juan Pablo Montoya
2nd Will Power
3rd Tony Kanaan
Montoya holds off Power to win in St. Pete
  by Brian Carroccio
Juan Montoya beat Penske teammate Will Power out of the pits on the last stop and held him off to win the 12th Firestone Grand Prix of St. Petersburg. Chevy powered drivers finished 1-2-3-4-5-6 for a complete romp over the Honda teams. Tony Kanaan was third followed by Helio Castroneves and Simon Pagenaud.
GP of St Petersburg: Saturday Press Conference
  Fast 6 drivers
An interview with:
Helio Castroneves
Takuma Sato
Juan Pablo Montoya
Simon Pagenaud
Sebastien Bourdais
Will Power
Power wins GP of St. Petersburg pole
  by Mark J. Cipolloni
The Team Penske Chevy juggernaut continued unabated in St. Petersburg Saturday by qualifying 1-2-3-4 on Saturday for Sunday's Firestone Grand Prix of St. Petersburg. Team Penske was the Chevy aero package test team and it certainly is showing at the first race of 2015.  It was Power's 37th pole and 5th at St. Petersburg.  New Penske driver Simon Pagenaud will start 2nd and Helio Castroneves and Juan Montoya 3rd and 4th.
Q and A with Andretti and Wilson
  After announcement Wilson added to Andretti lineup at Indy
An interview with:
IndyCar 2015 Head-to-Head picks
  by Mark Cipolloni and Brian Carroccio
Last season, columnist Brian Carroccio and AutoRacing1 President Mark Cipolloni squared off in an epic clash AR1 IndyCar Head-to-Head previewing the 2014 Verizon IndyCar Series. Predicting which drivers would win their theoretical head-to-head matchups, the age and experience of Cipolloni (7-5) prevailed over the good looks of Carroccio (6-6).  Today, these two Titans of IndyCar prognostication go at it again, in AR1 IndyCar Head-to Head 2015.
IndyCar: Is Faster Better?
  by Stephen Cox
Indycars will be faster this year. Recent testing at Barber Motorsports Park demonstrated that the new "aero body kits" generate far more downforce, which resulted nearly every car in the field beating last year's pole time. Eventually, IndyCar is going to run out of Band-Aids. But the immediate future is not difficult to predict. In 2015, fans will hear exuberant praise about new track records and amazing new speeds while the product on the pavement does not improve, and may actually offer less passing than ever before. Team finishes 2nd in St. Pete Kart race
  By: Wayde Alfarone
On Thursday Team AR1 took the number two spot on the podium at the Firestone Grand Prix of St. Petersburg, Fifth Annual Driver & Media Karting Competition - where professional drivers are teamed up with media staff for all-out bragging rights as a lead up to the IndyCar season opener in St. Petersburg, FL. If you have been following the adventures of Team AR1 over the years, you know that we have been victorious every year since our first race in 2011.
IndyCar 2015: Burning Questions
  Brian Carroccio & Lucille Dust

Just over two weeks remain before the start of the 2015 Verizon IndyCar Series season. Between now and the opener in St. Petersburg the IndyCar teams will be busy testing the new Chevrolet and Honda aero kits. For today, AR1 reporter Lucille Dust and columnist Brian Carroccio will get you ready for the season by tackling a series of "Burning Questions". What team/driver changes will have the biggest impact? Who has the best looking aero kit? What drivers might surprise? Lucille are but a few of the questions Lucille and Brian will answer. Enjoy!

Kurt Busch, Brian Vickers and Indycar
  by Stephen Cox
Brian Vickers is back. Again. After being forced out of NASCAR racing for the third time with a major medical issue, Vickers has returned to Michael Waltrip Racing after a successful heart surgery. I remember Brian well from his days in the Hooters ProCup Stock Car Series, where I was SPEED's pit reporter for nine years. We all knew he would make it to Cup. Not only was he talented, but even more importantly, he was well funded. I hope his latest comeback is successful. He was personable, spoke well on camera and left behind many friends in the ProCup series.
Honda Unveils 2015 IndyCar Aero Kit Design
  Totally different than Chevy's design
The much-anticipated unveiling of the Honda aero kit took place Monday evening at a reception attended by principals from Honda Performance Development, American Honda and INDYCAR. Defending Indianapolis 500 winner Ryan Hunter-Reay, who drove for a bulk of the on-track development, joined Honda executives in showcasing the base road/street course and short oval aero kit.
Ramblings: NASCAR cheaters, SAFER, Greatest Ever
  by Brian Carroccio
Was it just me, or did anyone else find it ironic that the loudest complaints about the rules came from those unable to follow them? I speak, of course, about the rather bizarre qualifying session this past Friday for the Sunday's Folds of Honor QuikTrip 500 NASCAR Sprint Cup race, in which 13 of 47 would-be qualifiers were unable to get through inspection in time to make a first round qualifying attempt. Thus, those 13 drivers were eliminated from qualifying. Amongst those who failed to make it through inspection were star drivers Jeff Gordon, Matt Kenseth, Jimmie Johnson and Tony Stewart. And why were these drivers and others unable to get through inspection?
A Tribute to Mario Andretti at the ripe age of 75
  by Mark J. Cipolloni
Mario Andretti turns 75 on Saturday - born in Montona, Italy, on February 28, 1940. I can't believe time has gone by so fast. As a young kid he won the first race my late father ever took me to see (Trenton 1966) and he became my childhood hero from that day forward. He went on to take his 2nd consecutive IndyCar title that year and stopped AJ Foyt's IndyCar dominance in its tracks. Then in 1967 he won NASCAR's Daytona 500, a race Foyt had tried to win for years. In those days you were either an AJ Foyt fan or a Mario Andretti fan, and if you weren't you were eventually going to be. It was a magical time.
A New Chapter for Team Penske
  INDYCAR Media Day
"Last year was exciting, really cool.  Hear so many people saying about what a great race.  Yes, the end was terrible, but the race was really cool.  To be in that challenge, fighting for the win, have that opportunity, it was just awesome. Hopefully we don't need to be 6/100ths behind.  But I think with the aero kit, it's going to differentiate a lot for the fans trying to see.  I think it's going to be fast.  It's going to be cool.  I can't wait to start 2015, to be honest."

--Helio Castroneves

The Next Generation
  INDYCAR Media Day
"It's more than Luca, too.  It's Ed on the ovals, which I'm excited about.  But Luca, the greatest attribute he'll bring to the group is his raw speed and talent.  He is one of the most talented drivers I have ever seen. When you're teammates with someone, that is the greatest opportunity to see what that driver is truly like.  You can examine from the outside, everyone can.  You can observe what you think someone is good at, what they're not good at.  When you're someone's teammate, you see what their strengths and weaknesses are.  He is very skilled.  He's a very fast driver." --Josef Newgarden
The Stars of Andretti Autosport
  INDYCAR Media Day
It's a tremendous accomplishment for the team and for myself personally to be an Indy 500 winner. We feel like we're hopefully getting started now. We've got a lot of work to do. We've been busy in the whole off-season preparing for this race. It's going to be a big hill to climb with the new car, with the aero kit and everything else. It's going to be new problems. We're going to effectively come at it from a different angle. The drivers are going to have to be open-minded about it.
The Stars of Chip Ganassi Racing
  INDYCAR Media Day
We obviously work very hard as a team. At Chip Ganassi Racing, it's open book, and we try to push the envelope to advance all the cars. Some days you have to understand maybe it's not your day. But when it comes down to the wire, you're going to fight your teammates as hard as anybody else. The last thing we get told is to make sure you don't crash each other out of the race by Chip. That's something we focus on. In the past we've done a pretty good job of that and hopefully that continues.
INDYCAR: Chevrolet Press Conference
  INDYCAR Media Day
It's an honor to have everybody here today. I must say that the Speedway looks much different than what we're traditionally used to seeing during the month of May. One word I continuously heard this morning in some of our conversations was how special this facility is. We all know that it's hosted so many special moments of automotive history. We are honored to have a number of our key partners with us, distinguished guests from Team Penske, Chip Ganassi Racing, CFH Racing, and KV Racing Technology.
Mark Miles and Derrick Walker Meet the Media
  INDYCAR Media Day
We begin a new season of competition.  Mark Miles is CEO of Hulman & Company.  Derrick Walker who has seen this sport from so many different vantage points.  Always exciting to begin a new year.  We thought we'd throw it right open to questions that you have for these two gentlemen.  Talk about the new rules that are going to be in effect.  Are there any?  Who is going to rule on them? 
Graham Rahal and James Hinchcliffe meet the media
"Obviously as a team you want the right people in the right places to help push the team forward. As Graham can attest, being a single-car operation, it's that much more difficult because everything falls on one car, all the development, especially in a year that's going to be a big development year. We have the drivers sorted, a guy with experience, that's fast.  We worked together well at the test we did last week.  We like similar things in the car.  That's huge."

--James Hinchcliffe

It was always going to be a long off-season for IndyCar
  by Brian Carroccio
This was always going to be a long offseason for the Verizon IndyCar Series. With Hulman & Co. CEO Mark Miles' controversial and, in my opinion, ill-advised decision to end the season Labor Day weekend and not resume until early-March, this 2014-2015 offseason was always going to be a challenging one for the series and its diehard fan base, sure to result in a certain degree of frustration and apathy.
AutoRacing1 speaks with Daniel Abt
  by Lucille Dust
AutoRacing1 had the pleasure of meeting Audi Sport ABT Formula E driver Daniel Abt this past August during the MAVTV 500 IndyCar weekend at Auto Club Speedway. The 22-year-old German came to Southern California with his friend Conor Daly, and spoke to many IndyCar teams about possibly joining the series in 2015. Recently, AR1's Lucille Dust caught up with the GP2/Formula E driver to find out how he got started in racing, what his impressions were of IndyCar, his prospects for joining the series and a host of other subjects. Enjoy. 
IndyCar does the unimaginable....again
  by Brian Carroccio
Around 12:50 p.m. ET Wednesday, in the midst of one of those proverbial run around like a chicken-with-your--head-cut-off type of days, I received a message from a friend, someone very clued in to the latest happenings in the world of racing.

Brian's Friend: "IndyCar announcement at 3 (p.m.) today. Any idea what it's about?"
Me: "No clue. Been super-busy, will let you know if I hear anything."
Brian's Friend: "(Brian) Barnhart returning as Race Director."
Me: "No way. Even they (INDYCAR/IMS) know better than that.

AR1 Talks with Tony Kanaan
  by Brian Carroccio
Earlier today, 2013 Indianapolis 500 winner and 2004 Verizon IndyCar Series champion Tony Kanaan took a few minutes to speak with AutoRacing1's Brian Carroccio. Normally, the pilot of the #10 NTT Data Chip Ganassi Racing Chevrolet, Kanaan will once moonlight this weekend the Rolex 24 at Daytona. Along with Scott Dixon, Kyle Larson, and Jamie McMurray, Kanaan will co-drive the #02 Chip Ganassi Racing with Felix Sabates Target Ford EcoBoost Riley DP.
Motorsports highlights in the slow offseason
  by Brian Carroccio
It's not entirely a wasteland. There was that 50-minute Formula E race from Buenos Aires, Argentina last Saturday. If you so happen to be in or around Tulsa, Oklahoma this weekend or get MAVTV (I'm not entirely sure which is more likely), you can watch the world's most prominent indoor midget race, with the 29th annual Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Midget Nationals. And of course, next weekend there will be what has become the unofficial start of the racing season in recent years, The Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona.
If you want to market racing to the 18-24 crowd
  Then read this has published many articles over the years on how to market auto racing to fans and most recently Brian Mackey has raised our game to a new level with some excellent articles on the marketing of motorsports. We have also criticized NASCAR and IndyCar for its aging fan population and the fact that they appear to have lost the youth of this country who do not have the same love for motorsports as us Baby Boomers. This article will help you better understand how teenagers use social media with the hope that the marketing people in USA motorsports find ways to connect with the next generation of potential motorsports fans
College Football - 1 Motor Racing - 0
  by Brian C. Mackey
It happened last week. Alabama vs. Ohio State in the Allstate Sugar Bowl. In my mind, this game will go down as one of the epics, one of the transformational games of the past several years. And I'm not talking about the Ohio State upset. Many may not have noticed, and those that did, may not have understood the significance of what transpired during the game. But if we're looking for creative ways to benefit from a commercial sponsorship, look no further.
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