Lap around Mid-Ohio with Max Papis.  Listen

Past the pit straight S/F line

Entering turn 1 under the bridge

Apex of turn 1

Looking toward turn 2

Uphill blind entrance to turn 2 (Keyhole)

Turn 2 concrete patch

Out of turn 2 entering back straight

Kink in back straight (Turn 3)

Looking toward turn 4 at 180 mph

Hard braking for turn 4

Around turn 4

Entrance to turn 5

Exit of turn 5, road drops away

Looking toward turn 6

Looking back from turn 6, uphill to turn 5

Looking toward turn 7

Entrance to turn 8

Entrance to turn 9

Exit of turn 9, road falls away

Looking toward turn 10

Slight uphill into turn 11

Turn 11

Entrance to turn 12 (Carousel)

Apex to turn 12

Entrance to turn 13

Out of 13 looking past S/F line

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