Gordon's Streak Continues
by Adam Sewell
June 28, 2002

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Gordon had his worst day of the year at Sonoma,  finishing in 37th position.
Photo: Mike Veglia/MSV Photo

The last time Jeff Gordon made a trip to victory lane was in Kansas City in September of 2001. The coalition force led by the Americans and British had not even begun striking on Afghanistan. There has been a great deal of hype this year about Gordon's absence from victory lane. 

This past weekend at Chicagoland, Gordon finished second to the 29 Chevy of Kevin Harvick. With the victory drought, many people have excluded Gordon from the Championship fight, though a quick look at the season standings shows that Gordon is within 100 points of the lead with the season just past the halfway point. 

Jeff commented on the streak, "I think we just need to get a little bit of racing luck. We've really performed well, the team's done an excellent job and the cars are fast. We've led laps, we just can't seem to put all those pieces together and get us to the finish and have a shot at winning. If we can start to get the car to the end in the top five, I think we'll have a shot at winning that thing. We just can't seem to do that. We have a cut tire or a broken rear gear. We just have a lot of little things that are happening to us and at the same time we're not having great luck."

As the Winston Cup series rolls into Loudon this weekend, Gordon would have to be a prerace favorite. He has 3 victories at the 1-mile oval and Loudon has always been one of Gordon's better tracks. It was also the sight of the Gordon vs. Gordon incident to close out the season last year. Robby Gordon nudged Jeff Gordon out of the way to pick up his first career win. Heading back to New Hampshire the pressure is on to do well.

"It's a big issue because I want to win", commented Gordon. "Were in the thick of this championship and a win would do a lot for us. We probably donšt make as big a deal out of it as you guys (media) do, just because for us we are up there in the points, we are running well and leading laps and doing all that we can do. So, the wins, if we keep doing that, should come, hopefully". 

Though Gordon has been bitten by bad luck recently at Daytona and Sears Point, he remains right in the thick of things. Even though his team has been one of the most dominant in the last decade, they must remember that they can't win them all, it's the law of averages, and that consistency wins the points battle, not race wins. 

"We're using the same car here that we used last fall and I hope we have the same performance but with a better result," said Gordon. "They've made some changes to the track and I'm eager to see how those changes affect the racing and the groove."

Gordon will attempt to win his second straight pole at the New Hampshire track this Friday, a day in which his primary sponsor, DuPont, celebrates 200 years of scientific achievements that have improved the lives of people around the world.

"Winning the pole would be nice, but I'd rather give DuPont a belated present from Victory Lane on Sunday," said Gordon. "The support they've given us over the years is amazing. Our successful partnership has produced 58 wins and four championships."

"And we're not done yet."

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