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October 9, 2001

Winston No Bull 5

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Charlotteans have grown accustomed to pedestrian traffic and hordes of office 
professionals negotiating the crowded streets of the Queen City's uptown district. It's the kind of hustle 
and bustle that any major United States city has to deal with, especially during the afternoon hours. 

What Charlotte - or any other metropolis, for that matter - isn't accustomed to is witnessing a NASCAR 
Winston Cup Series racecar zip down a major city street during lunch. But that's exactly what uptown 
Charlotte's inhabitants saw today as five NASCAR Winston Cup Series teams took part in the Winston No
Bull 5 Pit Crew Challenge.

Five of the NASCAR Winston Cup Series' top teams battled for pit-road supremacy and the right to represent 
five lucky fans. It's all a part of the Winston No Bull 5 "They Win, You Win" fan sweepstakes at the fifth and 
final Winston No Bull 5 event of the season, the EA Sports 500 at Talladega Superspeedway next weekend. 

The drivers are eligible as top-five finishers from the fourth Winston No Bull 5event of the season, the Chevrolet 
Monte Carlo 400 at Richmond in September. Ricky Rudd, Kevin Harvick, Dale Earnhardt, Jr., Dale Jarrett and 
Rusty Wallace were each paired today, via the pit crew competition, with five fans selected at random through 
a nationwide drawing. Together, each pairing will pursue a total of $2 million 
($1 million driver bonus, $1 million fan bonus) as part of the Oct. 21 Winston No Bull 5 event at Talladega, Ala. 

With a large lunchtime crowd looking on, the pit crew competition took place at in front of the Bank of America 
building on Tryon Street in uptown Charlotte. The drivers' finishing order determined the fan with which they would 
be paired. 

Prior to the pit crew challenge, the fans' names had been randomly placed on a scoreboard with their names 
hidden. After the competition, the finishing order was placed next to the concealed names. The fan's names 
were revealed showing how the fans and drivers would be paired. 

Wallace's Miller Lite team completed the four-tire change in the quickest time to win the Winston No Bull 5 pit 
stop challenge. Wallace will be paired with Daniel Lewis of San Jose, Calif. The rest of the drivers, in order of 
finish, and their Winston No Bull 5 fan pairings are as follows: Earnhardt Jr. and Carrie Richter of Conneaut, Ohio; 
Jarrett and Karen Gould of Scotland, Md.; Rudd and Debra Krob of Dallas; and Harvick and Jeff Campbell of Pevely, Mo.
Through the Winston No Bull 5 program, drivers become eligible to win the $1 million Winston No Bull 5 bonus by 
finishing in the top-five at the previous Winston No Bull 5 event. The five races comprising the Winston No Bull 5 in 
2001 are, in chronological order: the Las Vegas 400 (March 4); the Coca-Cola 600 (May 27) at Charlotte; the Pepsi 
400 (July 7) at Daytona Beach, Fla.; the Chevrolet Monte Carlo 400 (Sept. 8) at Richmond, Va., and the EA Sports 
500 (Oct. 21) at Talladega, Ala. Eligible drivers at the 2001 EA Sports 500 - this year's final Winston No Bull 5 event - 
were determined by the top-five finishers at the fourth Winston No Bull 5 event of the season, the Chevrolet Monte 
Carlo 400 at Richmond. 

If all five qualified drivers fail to capture the $1 million Winston No Bull 5 bonus at a particular Winston No Bull 5 event, 
the bonus will not roll over to the next event. Each Winston No Bull 5 event is worth $1 million to the qualified drivers.
If a qualified driver wins a Winston No Bull 5 event, one fan will also win million-dollar bonus check as part of Winston's 
"They Win, You Win" sweepstakes. Five fans are eligible at each Winston No Bull 5 event. They are selected at random through a nationwide sweepstakes program, and then each is paired, at random, with one of the eligible Winston No Bull 5 drivers. If an eligible driver wins the Winston No Bull 5 bonus, then the fan paired with that driver will also win a $1 million check from Winston.