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2000 Winner: Bobby Labonte


       1 Jeff Gordon 4108
       2 Ricky Rudd 3886
       3 Tony Stewart 3658
       4 Sterling Marlin 2972
       5 Dale Jarrett 2999
       6 Rusty Wallace 2803
       7 D. Earnhardt Jr 2846
       8 Kevin Harvick * 2743
       9 Bobby Labonte 2805
      10 J. Benson  2788
      11 Jeff Burton 2573
      12 Mark Martin 2687 
      13 Jimmy Spencer 2563
      14 Bill Elliott 2544 
      15 Matt Kenseth 2613
      16 Bobby Hamilton 2272 
      17 Steve Park 2698 
      18 Jerry Nadeau 2194
      19 Elliott Sadler 2353
      20 Ward Burton 2278
      21 Ken Schrader 2272
      22 J. Mayfield 2239
      23 Ricky Craven 2112
      24 Dave Blaney 2092   
      25 Terry Labonte 2045  
      26 Kurt Busch 
      27 R. Pressley 2053
      28 Michael Waltrip 2086
      29 John Andretti 1941
      30 Brett Bodine 1919
      31 C. Atwood * 1831
      32 Todd Bodine 1874
      33 Joe Nemechek 1664
      34 S. Compton 1790
      35 Mike Skinner 1710
      36 Ron Hornaday * 1659
      37 Jason Leffler * 1614
      38 Mike Wallace 1422
      39 Kevin Lepage 1183
      40 Buckshot 1195
      41 Hut Stricklin 1214
      42 Kyle Petty 1047
      43 Andy Houston * 928
      44 Kenny Wallace 755
      45 Robby Gordon 898
      46 Rick Mast 797
      47 Ryan Newman 333
      48 Jeff Green 255
      49 Boris Said 269
      50 Scott Pruett 259
      51 Bobby Hamilton 174
      52 Dale Earnhardt 132
      53 Jeff Purvis 132
      54 Dave Marcis 104
      55 Ron Fellows 96
      56 Brian Simo 89
      57 Schroeder 88
      58 Wally Dallenbach 85
      59 Ted Musgrave 76
      60 Rich Bickle 67
      61 Shawna Robinson 61
      62 Anthony Lazzaro 61

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Latest News and Commentary

Can A Team Get A Larger Restrictor Plate?
by Adam Sewell
 October 3, 2001

In July of the 2001 Winston Cup Season, NASCAR received an enormous amount of accusations that they had fixed the Pepsi 400 
at Daytona. Dale Earnhardt, Jr. dominated the race and won at the track that claimed the life of his father almost five months earlier.  Several members of the media, fans, and other racing series around the world accused NASCAR of giving Earnhardt, Jr. an advantage 
in hopes that a win by him would help heal the wound caused by the loss of Dale Earnhardt, Sr.  

The most common claim was that Earnhardt's car was given a larger restrictor plate, thus allowing his car to have more power than his competitors.  In fact, it is impossible for a larger restrictor plate to be placed on any of the cars. Earnhardt, Jr's domination of that race was reminiscent of the way that Sterling Marlin used to dominate at Daytona and Talladega in the mid 90's. Another matter that was overlooked was the fact that a RAD car has won every race at those two tracks since the introduction of the infamous aero-package.  
RAD is an aerodynamic association in which Richard Childress Racing, Andy Petree Racing, and Dale Earnhardt, Inc. share aerodynamic information in hopes of making their cars better.  

In 3 weeks, the Winston Cup series returns to the site of Dale Earnhardt Sr's last win, Talladega Super speedway.  To put all of these claims about restrictor plates to rest, I present the following facts. First of all, all restrictor plates are installed in broad day light, not inside the Inspection Bay, but in the open where even a fan in the
grandstands can see the plates being installed.  Second, the plates are kept in a lock box, and that box is only opened when a plate is being removed or placed back in the lock box. Third, and possibly most important, each restrictor plate assigned to the cars is chosen by luck of the draw.  It is not predetermined which plate will go on which car.  

Next, a NASCAR official takes the plate to a template and has it measured while a representative from that team watches.  If the
holes in the plate are too small or too wide, the plate is trashed
immediately and another one is randomly picked.  Then comes the actual installation of the restrictor plate. The car is pushed from the Inspection Bay to a spot in the garage area.  A NASCAR official places a gasket on the intake manifold and then places the restrictor plate on top of the gasket.  The official steps aside and watches
the team install the carburetor and cold-air box.  Before the car is allowed to move, the team must start the engine and have the official check for vacuum leaks with a probe to ensure that there are no air leaks.  More air would allow the teams to make more power.  If the 
car passes that test, it is cleared to go practice, qualify, or race,  whatever the case may be.

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Kurt Busch's Car in Dover
Photo Credit - Doug B. 

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