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Latest Automotive News and Commentary

Scenes from the 2014 NY Auto Show
  Convertible Corvette Z06 highlights show
It's the New York Auto Show kickoff day this morning, but a lot of the news broke last night. New York, usually the bastion of mid-size sedans will actually have some sporty dynamism with the 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Convertible and 2016 Mazda Miata. Going up in weight, there's also the S63 AMG Coupe, Lamborghini Huracan, Audi RS7 Exclusive RS7 Dynamic Edition and Aston Martin N430. We present some of the highlights in photos.
We drive the Scion tC
  by Ali Arsham
The Scion tC has been overshadowed lately by the sportier Scion FR-S.  While the FR-S is definitely the sportier Scion, the tC has its own virtues and should not be forgotten.  It has been freshened up for 2014 with some small changes and it was exciting to see how our old friend had grown up. The tC will surprise you in many ways.
We drive the 2014 Cadillac ELR
  by Mark J. Cipolloni
So far I'm averaging over 1,000 MPG.  Yes, you read that right, 1,000 miles per gallon in a car that is arguably the best looking plug-in electric car in the world.  Not arguably.  It is. In fact it may be the best looking mid-size car period. The Cadillac ELR makes the Tesla Model S look like a farm tractor.  Mercedes and BMW owners stare, woman smile and kids point - wow mom look at that, said one.
The New BMW M4 Convertible
The all-new BMW M4 Convertible arrives in US showrooms late this summer to join the M4 Coupe and M3 Sedan. The 2015 BMW M4 Convertible is powered by the same BMW M TwinPower Turbo 3.0-liter inline-six as its siblings. That engine produces 425 horsepower and 406 lb-ft of torque and can be mated to either a 6-speed manual or 7-speed M-DCT transmission. The new BMW M4 Convertible makes its world debut at the 2014 New York International Auto Show.
U.S. Gas Prices Haven’t Changed in 30 Years
  by Stephen Cox
Get your hot rod out of your garage and enjoy it with a clear conscience. No matter what anyone tells you, driving your classic muscle car does not cost any more today than it did in 1969. Perhaps it is ego. Maybe it's propaganda and repetition. But for some bizarre reason, Americans insist on denominating everything in dollars. We routinely wake up and ask, “How many dollars does it take to buy a gallon of gas today?”
Cadillac introduces ATS Crimson Sport Edition
  Special edition highlights the sporting dynamics, striking ATS design
Cadillac enhances the dynamic performance and design of the 2014 ATS sedan with a new, limited-edition Crimson Sport special edition. Produced only during the spring of 2014, the special edition sedan is characterized by its unique Crimson Red Metallic exterior paint and a collection of its sportiest performance attributes, including an available Track Package.
We drive the Toyota Avalon Limited Hybrid
  by Ali Arsham
Toyota sells around 30,000 Camrys each month in the US.  In comparison, the Camry outsells the Avalon ten to one.  That is amazing because the Avalon is better looking, roomier, and has more features than the Camry for not much more money.  Toyota says that the Avalon styling will filter down to its other models so we’ll see when the freshened up Camry arrives in a few months.
A Racing Car for the Road 
  Honda Unveils New Civic Type R
Today sees the worldwide reveal of the Honda Civic Type R Concept model which points to the styling direction for the exterior design of the highly-anticipated production new Type R that will debut in Europe during 2015. Described by the design team as a ‘racing car for the road’ rather than a high performance version of a road car, the new Type R looks set to signal a new era for the marque – with the most extreme Civic Type R yet.
Performance Traction Helps Camaro Z/28 Soar on Track
  Algorithm helps maintain momentum for faster lap times
Engineers call it "flying car" logic. On the 2014 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28, the Performance Traction Management system delivers faster lap times on an undulating race track by helping maintain the car’s full power and momentum even if the tires briefly lose contact with the ground, in certain track conditions. Created for track use only, the "flying car" logic woven into the Z/28's standard PTM system integrates the chassis mode selection, Traction Control and Active Handling Systems.
28 Ways Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 Rules the Road Course
  Increased grip, reduced weight, better brakes
Lightweight, nimble and incredibly powerful, the original Z/28 was designed for road racing. The 2014 Z/28 carries the same spirit, with every detail engineered specifically to create the ultimate track-capable Camaro. To enable the Z/28 to quickly lap the most challenging road courses, engineers and designers focused on strengthening three key areas during development.
McLaren Reveals First Photos Of 650S Coupe
  To be unveiled at the International Geneva Motor Show
McLaren Automotive has released the first images of its new supercar, the 650S Coupe. McLaren will unveil the new model at the International Geneva Motor Show in March. The McLaren 650S joins the range as an additional model alongside the 12C and sold-out McLaren P1, and learns from both models as well as 50 years of competing in the highest levels of motorsport.
Ferrari California T dreaming
  The red-hot 200mph supercar
If you're California dreaming and have a spare $254,000 in your back pocket, this red-hot new Ferrari could be just the thing to blow away the rain-drenched winter blues of Britain. The new 200mph Ferrari California T is set to roar into showrooms in September after its world debut at next month's Geneva Motor Show. And by then hopefully the current deluge will be sufficiently long gone to allow the new Italian supercar's retractable top to come down for a bit of wind in the hair motoring in the sun.
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