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70th anniversary of Maserati's first Indianapolis 500 win
  The new Quattroporte Sport GT S debuting at 2009 NAIAS
Debuting at the Detroit Auto Show, the new Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT S sets yet another milestone in terms of sportiness in the high performance luxury sedan segment of the automotive market. Conceived and developed as "a real driving machine in the guise of a luxury sedan," the Quattroporte Sport GT S is the ultimate expression of Maserati's sportiness in the Quattroporte range.
The new SLR Stirling Moss
  Pure excitement and driving pleasure
Mercedes-Benz and McLaren are adding the crowning glory to the model family of their highly successful SLR super sports car with a new, uncompromisingly spectacular car. There is neither a roof nor a windscreen to separate the driver and passengers faces from the bugs, stones and wind; they enjoy unadulterated high-speed excitement with all the attributes of a speedster. The new SLR Stirling Moss is also characterized by the most sophisticated technology and a breathtaking design which reinterprets the SLR legend.
Porsche loses Bob Carlson to cancer
  Loved by one and all
With extremely heavy hearts, Porsche Cars North America and the Public Relations Department share the sad news that Bob Carlson passed away today.  Arguably Porsche’s biggest fan and, to anyone who was fortunate enough to spend time with Bob, a genuine and generous soul, today Porsche has lost a dear family member, one who truly had Porsche and motorsports in his blood. Bob succumbed to his long battle with cancer today.
Porsche unveils first photos of Panamera
Three-quarters of a year prior to market launch, Porsche has released the first official photos the new Panamera. Porsche’s unique four-seater was conceived and designed as a four-door grand touring sports car, combining numerous talents in typical Porsche style: sporting driving dynamics, a spacious interior, and the supreme comfort of a Gran Turismo.
Tomorrow's Cars Closer Than You Think At Ford
  by Ali Arsham
Recently Ford invited us to an event in Northern California to drive a sampling of their cars.  On hand were some of their latest offerings such as the Ford Flex.  Also present were some products from Land Rover, Mazda and Jaguar.  Anyone can go down to their local dealer and drive a Flex.  The highlight of the event was the opportunity to test drive Ford’s future cars.
HCCI may be the engine of choice before long
  Diesel technology on gasoline engines
In the future, you're going to hear much more about HCCI, or homogeneous charge compression ignition. Besides universities and national laboratories, virtually every major automaker is working on this promising technology. Research on HCCI, underway for about three decades, is now producing tangible results.
Mercedes Hybrid coming to USA
  S400 BlueHYBRID
The 2009 S400 BlueHYBRID will be Mercedes-Benz’ first hybrid passenger car and also the first mass-production hybrid with a lithium-ion battery that’s been specially developed for automotive use. The S Class hybrid will go sale in Europe in June 2009 and be available in the U.S. three months later.
Final look of Chevrolet Volt revealed
  Production version of new Plug-In Elctric Car
General Motors launched its next 100 years today by unveiling the much-anticipated production version of the Chevrolet Volt - a vehicle that delivers up to 40 miles of gasoline- and emissions-free electric driving, with the extended-range capability of hundreds of additional miles.  The design of the Chevrolet Volt production car has evolved from the original concept that was unveiled at the 2007 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.
Pontiac Names All New Sport Truck The "G8 ST"
  Thinks consumers will still want trucks
  • Sports car with truck-like cargo and towing capabilities
  • V8 engine with Active Fuel Management linked to six-speed automatic
  • 74-inch cargo bed and 3,500 lb towing capacity
  • Available in late 2009 as a 2010 model
Chevrolet Unveils The 2010 Camaro
  A Fun, Efficient Sports Car For The 21st Century
Chevrolet introduced the production 2010 Camaro today. It is a heritage-inspired sports car for the 21st century, combining great looks and performance; advanced technology and surprising efficiency – including 26-mpg estimated highway fuel economy. Sales begin in the first quarter of 2009.  Built on GM’s new, global rear-wheel-drive architecture, the Camaro is offered in V-6-powered LS and LT models, as well as the V-8-powered SS.
2009 Restyled BMW 3 Series Sedan and Sport Wagon
  BMW does not mess too much with a good thing
The 2009 3 Series Sedan and Sport Wagon is poised to maintain its market leadership with updated exterior and interior styling, new technologies, enhanced ergonomics and, as previously announced, the U.S. introduction of BMW Advanced Diesel with BluePerformance in the form of the 335d Sedan.
Corvette ZR1 by the Numbers
  Chevrolet announces performance results and pricing
The official Corvette ZR1 numbers are in and they're good. Very good.  The Corvette ZR1 also has a top speed of 205 mph (330 km/h), making it the fastest Corvette ever produced and ranking it among the global super cars of commensurate performance. None of those other super cars, however, equals the ZR1's performance-per-dollar ratio.
2009 XLR: More Dramatic Design and Technology
  Cadillac's Roadster
Since its inception in 2004, Cadillac's XLR has been a fresh face in the elite club of the world's finest luxury roadsters. Today Cadillac revealed the new 2009 edition of the XLR Roadster, featuring styling and model enhancements providing more dramatic design and technology. Only the finest editions of Cadillac's retractable hardtop roadster will be offered in 2009: The luxurious XLR Platinum and the high-performance XLR-V
Are Nuclear plants the way forward?
  Will electricity power our cars of the future?
With gasoline costs headed toward $5 per gallon and $10 per gallon quite imaginable in a few years, do GM and others have the right idea?  Will plug-in electric cars be our way out of this world's endless thirst for pollution generating fossil fuels?  Is it inconceivable that electricity from clean nuclear power plants could replace oil and gas as our primary source of fuel? Every serious effort at carbon accounting reaches the same conclusion: Nukes win.
New Ferrari California revealed
  First Photos
The first official photographs have been published of the Ferrari California, the latest addition to the new generation of Ferraris launched in 2004 with the 612 Scaglietti and added to more recently with the 430 Scuderia. The Ferrari California joins the Prancing Horse's 8-cylinder family.
Buick unveils Invicta in China
  Powered by direct injection turbocharged engine
The sleek Buick Invicta show car revealed here in conjunction with Auto China 2008 is Buick’s strongest statement yet of its deliberately international plans. The four-door midsize sedan with a coupe-like roofline presents bold direction for Buick’s new generation of vehicles in the world’s two biggest automotive markets – the United States and China.
Lexus LS600hL - The Car that has Everything
  by Ali Arsham
If you like luxury cars, Lexus has to be pretty high on your list.  In the US, Lexus, BMW and Mercedes Benz are the kings of luxury cars.  Their largest sedans are the perfect executive mobiles and are regularly vehicles of choice for heads of state all over the world.  Lexus calls the LS600hL the Ultimate Lexus and they are not kidding.
Saab 9-X BioHybrid Voted "Best Concept"
  by AutoWeek
The editors of AutoWeek, one of North America's most respected and longest standing automotive enthusiast magazines, have voted the Saab 9-X BioHybrid "Best Concept" upon its world debut at the auto show in Geneva this week. With this award, the Saab 9-X BioHybrid premium compact joins the very successful Saab Aero X coupe concept which received AutoWeek's "Best in Show" honors upon its debut in Geneva, two years ago.
Chevrolet's Special '427 Limited Edition Z06'
  Salutes Classic 427 Corvettes
Chevrolet announced the 2008 Corvette 427 Limited Edition Z06, a limited-production model that pays homage to the big-block Stingray models of the mid-1960s. The 427 designation refers to the cubic-inch displacement for the highest-performance engines offered between 1966 and ’69 – and is also the cubic-inch equivalent of the Z06’s 7.0L LS7 small-block V-8.
Subaru Legacy 3.0 R - a bargain among sports sedans
  by Ali Arsham
Subaru has come a long way.  That’s what I keep saying to myself as I take a look around at the latest Subaru Legacy 3.0 R Limited sedan. It used to be that Subaru made very utilitarian vehicles that felt more like a military vehicle.  Today Subarus are more like BMWs and are full of luxury and performance features.  Subaru has come a long way.
Lexus RX400h - Luxury and Economy
  by Ali Arsham
Toyota’s hybrid system that comes in the Prius has become very popular.  You know about that already because you see so many of them on your way to work everyday.  So what happens when a manufacturer comes out with something that becomes popular?  Toyota is taking the hybrid system and applying it to more of their models.  One of the latest is the Lexus RX400h.
2009 CTS-V: Cadillac’s Ultimate Expression
As the new CTS sport sedan earns accolades and new owners, Cadillac takes the next leap forward by premiering the 2009 CTS-V, the brand’s ultimate expression of performance and luxury.  Launching in the fourth quarter of 2008, the all-new CTS-V intends to combine the serious performance of an elite sports car with the poise and elegance of a prestigious luxury sedan.
Ford F250 Lariat 4x4
  by Ali Arsham
If you are in need of a heavy duty truck, chances are you already know about Ford’d F250.  But what you may not know is how improved the 2008 model is compared to the previous F250.  Driving the F250 will amaze you at the levels Ford has gone to improve this beast in almost every aspect.
Scenes from North American Int'l Auto Show - Day 2
  by Mark Scheuern





Scenes from North American International Auto Show
  by Mark Scheuern





Ferrari unveils first-ever Biofuels model
Ferrari has brought two models - the 430 Scuderia and the 599 GTB Fiorano - to the 2008 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Also on the stand this year, however, is a biofuel-powered technological demonstration prototype which uses the F430 Spider as a base.
Lexus LF-A Roadster Supercar Concept Revealed
The engineers and designers at Lexus continue to use their groundbreaking LF-A premium sports car concept as a medium for expressing their ideas about what a high-performance sporting vehicle not only can be, but should be. In this latest expression of the LF-A, they have removed the car's top to create a high-performance roadster.
Audi unveils R8 V12 TDI Concept
Audi is presenting a revolution in the top class at the North American International Auto Show 2008 – the first 12-cylinder diesel engine in a high-performance road going sports car. The V12 TDI with a displacement of six liters powers a concept car based on the Audi R8. This unit generates a huge 500 hp and 1,000 Newton-meters (737.56 lb-ft) of torque.
Hyundai Unveils Genesis Premium Sports Sedan
Hyundai aims to shatter premium automobile paradigms with the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) introduction of its new flagship, the all-new Genesis sports sedan. With capabilities and features comparable to the world's leading premium sports sedans, Genesis will arrive at Hyundai dealerships this summer.
Ford unveils the Verve Concept
Ford Motor Company revealed the Verve, a concept vehicle that makes clear the vision for the new small cars Ford soon will introduce in North America. The small car concept showcases the style, technology, premium materials and substantial content that will set it apart when Ford’s new small cars go on sale in North America in 2010.
First look: New Audi TTS sports car
  To debut at the North American International Auto Show
Audi is taking the wraps off a new sports car at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit on Sunday, January 13, 2008 with the Audi TTS, the top of the TT model line. It will be coming to dealer showrooms in the early summer (late November 2008 in the U.S.).
Mazda Furai Concept and 2009 RX-8 to Debut
  at 2008 North American International Auto Show
Mazda Motor Corporation will showcase the world premieres of the Mazda Furai concept vehicle and the heavily revised 2009 Mazda RX-8 sports car at the 2008 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS), to be held in Detroit from Sunday, January 13 through Sunday, January 27, 2008. On the heels of its show-stopping debut at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show in October, the Mazda Taiki concept vehicle also will make its North American debut, the first time it has been shown outside Japan.
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