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Scenes and Story from FIA-GT race at Silverstone

by Gary Parravani
Wednesday, May 6, 2009


The first round of the 2009 FIA GT Championship, at Silverstone, provided an exciting race, punctuated by a safety-car period which both mixed and closed up the field.  But Wendlinger and Sharp, in the K plus K Motorsports Saleen S7 proved to be a redoubtable force, and led for much of the race, despite spirited opposition from the Vitaphone Racing Team Maserati of Bertolini and Bartels. 

The nr 14 Saleen S7R crossed the line 5.4 seconds ahead of the nr 1 Maserati, with the nr 19 Corvette C6R of Luc Alphand Aventures third, making three different manufacturers on the podium. 

Wendlinger and Sharp therefore retain the Royal Automobile Club Tourist Trophy - the first drivers to do so since Walkinshaw and Nicholson in 1982. It is also the first time that Saleen will be inscribed on the historic trophy. 

In GT2, victory went to the Prospeed Competition Porsche 997 GT3 RSR of Westbrook and Collard, after the leading AF Corse Ferrari went off in the final stages.  Pecom Racing took a fine second place for Perez-Companc and Russo in the nr 95 Ferrari 430 GT2, with CRS Racing taking third with Rob Bell and Andrew Kirkaldy.

IMG_8530.jpg IMG_8521.jpg IMG_8517.jpg IMG_8507.jpg IMG_8503.jpg IMG_8499.jpg
IMG_8485.jpg IMG_8480.jpg IMG_8472.jpg IMG_8468.jpg IMG_8458.jpg IMG_8453.jpg
IMG_8380.jpg IMG_8373.jpg IMG_8360.jpg IMG_8350.jpg IMG_8337.jpg IMG_8319.jpg
IMG_8312.jpg IMG_8298.jpg IMG_8296.jpg IMG_8276.jpg IMG_8244.jpg IMG_8212.jpg
IMG_8197.jpg IMG_8191.jpg IMG_8187.jpg IMG_8178.jpg IMG_8176.jpg IMG_8166.jpg
IMG_8137.jpg IMG_8122.jpg IMG_8118.jpg IMG_8081.jpg IMG_8072.jpg IMG_8059.jpg
IMG_8046.jpg IMG_7983.jpg IMG_7974.jpg IMG_7927.jpg IMG_7923.jpg IMG_7898.jpg
IMG_7874.jpg IMG_7866.jpg IMG_7841.jpg IMG_7831.jpg IMG_7825.jpg IMG_7796.jpg
IMG_7793.jpg IMG_7789.jpg IMG_7454.jpg IMG_7376.jpg IMG_7353.jpg IMG_6824.jpg
IMG_6807.jpg IMG_6802.jpg IMG_6748.jpg IMG_6715.jpg IMG_6706.jpg IMG_6577.jpg
IMG_6530.jpg IMG_6517.jpg IMG_6502.jpg IMG_6457.jpg IMG_6426.jpg IMG_6409.jpg
IMG_6399.jpg IMG_6183.jpg IMG_6059.jpg IMG_6014.jpg IMG_6010.jpg IMG_6000.jpg
IMG_5947.jpg IMG_5942.jpg IMG_5930.jpg IMG_5911.jpg IMG_5891.jpg IMG_5875.jpg
IMG_5862.jpg IMG_5856.jpg IMG_5848.jpg IMG_5833.jpg

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