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Top Fuel
Position Driver Points
01 Shawn Langdon 124
02 Antron Brown 92
03 Spencer Massey 78
04 Larry Dixon Jr 73
05 Richie Crampton 59
06 Doug Kalitta 56
07 Steve Torrence 54
08 Leah Pritchett 52
09 Tony Schumacher 36
10 Brittany Force 33
11 Troy Buff 32
11 Dave Connolly 32
13 Steven Chrisman 31
13 Terry Mc Millen 31
13 Clay Millican 31
13 J.R. Todd 31
17 Steve Faria 10

Funny Car
Position Driver Points

01 Matt Hagan 107
02 Ron Capps 94
03 Del Worsham 74
04 Robert Hight 73
05 Courtney Force 61
06 Tommy Johnson Jr 60
07 John Hale 51
08 Bob Bode Jr 46
09 John Force 40
10 Cruz Pedregon 38
11 Tony Pedregon 34
12 Alexis De Joria 33
13 Tim Wilkerson 32
14 Gary Densham 31
15 Chad Head 30
16 Jeff Arend 16
17 Terry Haddock 10
18 Jack Beckman 5

Pro Stock
Position Driver Points

01 Jason Line 123
02 Drew Skillman 97
03 Erica Enders-Stevens 81
04 Rodger Brogdon 80
05 Chris McGaha 55
06 Larry Morgan 54
07 Shane Gray 52
07 Allen Johnson 52
09 Greg Anderson 34
09 Vincent Nobile 34
11 Jimmy Alund 32
11 Jonathan Gray 32
13 V Gaines 31
13 Joey Grose 31
13 Matthew Hartford 31
13 Deric Kramer 31
17 Jeffrey Isbell 10
NHRA Drivers Make Four-Wide History at zMax Dragway

by Pete McCole
Monday, September 21, 2009


Funny Cars go 4-wide
Rhonda McCole/
Eight National Hot Rod Association Full Throttle drivers lined up to make history on Sunday night as the NHRA staged the first four-lane, four-wide race in the modern era of drag racing during the second annual Carolina’s Nationals at zMax Dragway.

Four NHRA Funny Car and four NHRA Top Fuel drivers took top the track for a pair of four-wide exhibition races, the first of their kind staged at an NHRA event.

All told, both of the two races produced nearly 28,000 horsepower for the capacity crowd.

Each of the eight drivers were previously eliminated in earlier rounds in order to participate in the exhibition - staged just prior to the final rounds on Sunday – with lane choice going to the driver with the lowest elapsed time from their first round performance.

As the two right lanes had not previously been used by either Top Fuel or Funny Cars, the two left lanes were the lane of choice.

Top Fuel Cars go 4-wide
Rhonda McCole/
Spencer Massey won the Top Fuel exhibition in a double holeshot with an elapsed time of 3.889 and a speed of 310.70mh, beating out Antron Brown, Brandon Bernstein and Morgan Lucas.

“This four wide deal, it’s unbelievable,” said Massey. “To have an opportunity to be a part of something like this and a part of history, it’s just something I’m proud to be a part of.”

In the Funny Car division, Mike Neff posted a 4.136 at 307.58 mph to beat out team owner and 14-time champion John Force, Del Worsham and Tim Wilkerson.

“That was exciting, for me I really could tell on the burnout when I saw the other cars on both sides – that something you’re not used to seeing,” said Neff. “It was a really neat thing to be a part of.”

The Funny Car drivers were the first to take to the track, performing a four-wide burnout that gave the driver their first taste of what four-wide racing would really be like.

The 8 drivers that took part in the exhibition
Rhonda McCole/
“I was getting ready to be run over by three freight trains,” said Force. “I’ve been doing this a long time, and I’m still dizzy. I have not have this much excitement since high school football when we charged the cheerleaders showers.

“It’s a rush – you’re out there and you’re saying ‘This is illegal! You can’t do this! This is irrational! You’re all suicidal! Wings flying and [stuff].’ It was unbelievable.”

Among the questions the drivers were asked was whether they’d like to see four-wide qualifying or a four-wide all-star event perhaps when the series returns to zMax Dragway next March.
“If we did an all-star race with four-wide it would be pretty cool, I think. The logistics of it would be kind of tough, but I think it can be done,” said Bernstein. “We proved it here that it’s pretty bitchin, so to try and do it again I think it would be a lot easier.”

“It could be there is a special invitational like we had in Rockingham, a race within a race or something like that,” said Force. “I know it was exciting for the fans because I came back and I watched the dragsters, and I know my adrenaline was pumping watching them stage because you don’t know what it will look like.”

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