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USCC Point Standings
After Lime Rock
Prototype Drivers
Pos Drivers Total
1 Joao Barbosa 220
1 Christian Fittipaldi 220
2 Dane Cameron 216
2 Eric Curran 216
3 Jordan Taylor 211
3 Ricky Taylor 211
4 Marc Goossens 197
5 Oswaldo Negri Jr. 191
6 Jonathan Bomarito 183
6 Tristan Nunez 183
7 Tom Long 179
7 Joel Miller 179
8 Katherine Legge 171
8 Ryan Dalziel 171
9 John Pew 164
10 Sean Rayhall 120
11 Johannes Van Overbeek 95
11 Scott Sharp 95
11 Luis Felipe Derani 95
12 Ryan Hunter-Reay 84
13 Max Angelelli 82
14 Olivier Pla 77
15 Spencer Pigot 72
15 Ed Brown 72
16 Ben Devlin 70
17 Andy Meyrick 67
18 Scott Pruett 62
19 Filipe Albuquerque 61
20 Rubens Barrichello 53

1 #5 Action Express Racing 220
2 #31 Action Express Racing 216
3 #10 Wayne Taylor Racing 211
4 #90 Visitflorida.Com Racing 197
5 #60 Michael Shank Racing 191
6 #55 Mazda Motorsports 183
7 #70 Mazda Motorsports 179
8 #0 Panoz Deltawing Racing 144
9 #2 Tequila Patron Esm 95
10 #50 Highway To Help 46
11 #81 Dragonspeed 29
12 #01 Ford Chip Ganassi 27
13 #02 Ford Chip Ganassi 25
14 #37 Smp Racing 23
15 #24 Porsche Centre Oakville 21

1 Chevrolet 236
2 Honda 227
3 Mazda 212
4 Bmw 56
5 Ford 30
Blundell's Lola beast

For the first time, Blundell speaks in detail
Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Mark Blundell (L)
With just ten days to go until the 78th running of the world's toughest and greatest motor race, we count down to the big day with a series of past and present Le Mans features.

20 years ago Mark Blundell and the Lola built Nissan R90C stunned the sports car world by claiming pole position at Le Mans with an astonishing lap of 3m27.020s, some six seconds faster than the next car.

For the first time, Blundell speaks in detail and exclusively to about his ‘lap of the Gods’ in the 1128bhp beast!

“It was one of those situation where everyone wanted to qualify the car. I ended up doing a flip of the coin with my team mate Julian Bailey and it was based upon whoever won the toss of the coin would qualify the car!

“It was dusk and it was a situation where I hadn’t completed one flying lap with that car and went out on the circuit and didn’t understand what the tires were going to do. I went out on race tires as well which was better than quali’s as they got chewed with all the power we had.

Mark Blundell's Lola Nissan 90C
“I got halfway round the lap and had a little call over the radio from one of the Japanese engineers saying ‘abort the lap because the engine is overboosting badly’. So, I pulled the radio plug out, I thought, ‘screw this, I’m going for it’. I waited all week, the thing can blow up, I don’t really care, I just want to get a lap together and that’s what I did basically. The first time I hit the throttle pedal was the first time I actually got to feel 1128 horsepower, it was a tremendous amount of power. I remember going up to the first chicane and still spinning the rear wheels in fourth gear.

“It was just a great car and linked with that engine it was a rocket and I think we did 237 miles an hour on the Mulsanne straight and that was the first year they put the chicanes in!

“Halfway round the lap I plugged the radio back in after fumbling for the lead and got the message that we got pole by 6 seconds and I think it stands to this day to be the biggest margin ever and I think I’m down as the youngest guy ever to have pole position at Le Mans. It was also the first time a Japanese manufacturer was on the pole for Le Mans. There were a lot of faces smiling in the pits but a couple of Japanese guys were not that happy with me as they were so scared that the engine let go. From my point of view, I was out to make a name for myself and luckily that’s what I did.”

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