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Preview – 2010 24 Hours of Spa

by Nathan Heywood
Tuesday, July 27, 2010


The grueling
Action in last year's wet race
24 Hours of Spa? What’s to say?   

Classic? One of the first ever circuit races breaking the point-to-point mould.

Iconic? As a venue certainly.

Always terrific? Well.....we shall see.

I’m certainly up for it as Spa has been in my Top Five must see racetracks since I was a schoolboy and this year, finally, I get to go to cover it for For the record; the others include in an ever changing order, Le Mans, Laguna Seca, Nürburgring (old), Silverstone, and Bathurst.

Is it just me or can any racetrack be improved with a big hill thrown into the middle of it? I digress, but L’eau Rouge would still be red and watery without the hill after it, just not half as impressive or plain flat-out scary.

SRO, having recently released the provisional list of entries for the 2010 24 hours of Spa weekend, detail for us the potential combatants for the title and, potentially, there are 44 cars that will do battle with the demanding circuit as well as with each other. Provided, of course, that there is no repeat of the large number of late withdrawals seen in previous years.

Given such a large field, one might assume that it would be difficult to pick oneself a favorite and just possibly a winner. There are, quite naturally, some likely lads looking to make a name for themselves, some old stagers back for a shot at the limelight, and some Gentlemen Drivers out to enjoy themselves.

Whom to choose then?

Well, the smart money goes on an Audi, and the romantic says a Belgian home win. If this theory holds true then last year’s GT1 winner Anthony Kumpen (Belgian) returning to race in the Phoenix Racing Audi R8 LMS (last year’s G2 winner*) should be locked-on.

That said, there are some cool heads flying the Star - Spangled Banner for United Autosports’ in their Audi R8 LMS, step forward Zak Brown, Richard Dean, and Eddie Cheever? Yes, THE owner/driver 82nd Indy 500 winning Edward McKay Cheever, Jr.  no less, whom as well as Mark Blundell and Stefan Johansson must surely have stretched the amateur driver regulations of GT3 by a fair distance. We wish the only American team entered ‘all the best of British luck’ for the race.

Which leads me on nicely to my picks for the weekend; any number are in with a shout and, short of sticking a pin, narrowing the field is highly subjective and opinions vary as you would expect. But … there are British entries amongst the provisional entries and one in each class. Easy peasy then; I’ll take Team Jota’s Aston Martin Vantage N24 in GTN, RJN Motorsport’s Nissan 370Z in the GT4 class, the RPM entered Ford GT in GT3 and last, but by no means least, Trackspeed’s Porsche 997 GT3-RSR, owned and driven by David Ashburn, entered into the GT2 class.

Trackspeed are a somewhat surprising entry in that they normally race GT3 in the FIA GT3 European Championship formula and a GT2 car maybe something of a one-off for them. Not only because of SRO shortening the GT2 2010 ‘season’ to a single race, but also because it is allowed to run the Avon rubber from the supplier to their GT3 sister Porsches when all of the others are on Michelins, apart from the BMW M3s bringing their Dunlop’s to the party that is.

With a week to go until the engines turn over in earnest it’s all still up for grabs and any number of them could drop out before setting rubber on the track for free practice and GT3 pre-qualification sessions.

Qualifying proper kicks-off Thursday 27th July and sees the GT2 cars up first and going at it F1-style with a three-stage knockout qualifier, the last two of which are at night. Game on.

*The 2009 G2 class was for non-homologated cars such that have since been verified and now form part of the 2010 GT3 classification.

Scenes from 2009 24 Hours of Spa
by Gary Parravani

IMG_7171.jpg IMG_7353.jpg IMG_7753.jpg IMG_7854.jpg IMG_7904.jpg IMG_7961.jpg
IMG_8000.jpg IMG_8049.jpg IMG_8090.jpg IMG_8209.jpg IMG_8284.jpg IMG_8346.jpg
IMG_8376.jpg IMG_8400.jpg IMG_8457.jpg IMG_8539.jpg IMG_8576.jpg IMG_8640.jpg
IMG_8708.jpg IMG_8753.jpg IMG_8860.jpg IMG_8899.jpg IMG_8914.jpg IMG_8948.jpg
IMG_8966.jpg IMG_8994.jpg IMG_8996.jpg IMG_9589.jpg IMG_9576.jpg IMG_9574.jpg
IMG_9563.jpg IMG_9559.jpg IMG_9556.jpg IMG_9502.jpg IMG_9489.jpg IMG_9487.jpg
IMG_9465.jpg IMG_9440.jpg IMG_9428.jpg IMG_9424.jpg IMG_9416.jpg IMG_9409.jpg
IMG_9393.jpg IMG_9372.jpg IMG_9361.jpg IMG_9331.jpg IMG_9324.jpg IMG_9314.jpg
IMG_9290.jpg IMG_9289.jpg IMG_9285.jpg IMG_9283.jpg IMG_9267.jpg IMG_9266.jpg
IMG_9248.jpg IMG_9237.jpg IMG_9235.jpg IMG_9153.jpg IMG_9135.jpg IMG_9122.jpg
IMG_9111.jpg IMG_9101.jpg IMG_9093.jpg IMG_9083.jpg IMG_9076.jpg IMG_9075.jpg
IMG_9063.jpg IMG_9062.jpg IMG_9060.jpg IMG_9034.jpg IMG_9029.jpg IMG_9025.jpg
IMG_9019.jpg IMG_9013.jpg IMG_9009.jpg IMG_9007.jpg IMG_9003.jpg IMG_8995.jpg
IMG_8993.jpg IMG_8977.jpg IMG_8971.jpg IMG_8960.jpg IMG_8959.jpg IMG_8945.jpg
IMG_8940.jpg IMG_8930.jpg IMG_8911.jpg IMG_8904.jpg IMG_8897.jpg IMG_8888.jpg
IMG_8879.jpg IMG_8839.jpg IMG_8827.jpg IMG_8751.jpg IMG_8715.jpg IMG_8711.jpg
IMG_8678.jpg IMG_8641.jpg IMG_8639.jpg IMG_8626.jpg IMG_8572.jpg IMG_8554.jpg
IMG_8524.jpg IMG_8512.jpg IMG_8491.jpg IMG_8448.jpg IMG_8441.jpg IMG_8391.jpg
IMG_8389.jpg IMG_8379.jpg IMG_8372.jpg IMG_8367.jpg IMG_8334.jpg IMG_8292.jpg
IMG_8290.jpg IMG_8266.jpg IMG_8262.jpg IMG_8183.jpg IMG_8178.jpg IMG_8091.jpg
IMG_8079.jpg IMG_8069.jpg IMG_8041.jpg IMG_8026.jpg IMG_8011.jpg IMG_7990.jpg
IMG_7967.jpg IMG_7930.jpg IMG_7921.jpg IMG_7918.jpg IMG_7883.jpg IMG_7866.jpg
IMG_7816.jpg IMG_7777.jpg IMG_7773.jpg IMG_7715.jpg IMG_7604.jpg IMG_7313.jpg
IMG_7196.jpg IMG_7189.jpg

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