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NASCAR drivers listed as dirtiest athletes of all time

by Dave Grayson
Thursday, December 23, 2010


Carl Edwards named 48th dirtiest athlete of all time
Anyone who religiously followed the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series during the 2010 season has already figured out that the two drivers who made a list like this has to be Kyle Busch and Carl Edwards. You're absolutely right.

The 50 Dirtiest Athletes Of All Time was recently released by the "Complex Media Network" following what appears to be a massive amount of research. The New York City based media conglomerate publishes "Complex Magazine" and also maintains the popular website "Complex Dot Com." According to the company website they describe themselves as being the "premiere on line destination for the most influential 20 something male consumers. This discerning audience is driven by style, sports, music, games, gear and girls."

Roush Fenway Racing's Carl Edwards was listed number 48 on the list of 50. The "Complex Media Dot Com" write up on Edwards read as follows: "we all get road rage at times but, when it happens in NASCAR, careers and lives are put in danger. Such was the case at the 2010 Kobalt Tools 500, (at the Atlanta Motor Speedway), when Edwards repeatedly tried to take revenge on Brad Keselowski for a crash causing block laps before. Edwards eventually succeeded, sending Keselowski's car airborne at 190 MPH. Don't let the endorsement cake and wry smile fool you. Edwards knows all about riding dirty."

Kyle Bush named 38th dirtiest athlete of all time
Joe Gibbs Racing's Kyle Busch was listed at number 38 on the list and, yes, I suppose that makes him the dirtiest driver in NASCAR. Even the harshest critics of Busch, and they're are quite a few of you, would blanch at the write up the often controversial driver received from this survey.

It read as follows: "from causing wrecks to flipping off officials and even breaking s**t after victories, (that would be the famous Gibson Guitar incident), Busch makes cars going around in a circle 400 times slightly more entertaining. The thing that makes Busch one of the most loved and loathed drivers is the fact that he knows he's an a**h**e, but simply doesn't five a f**k."

Again, a little on the harsh side but you have to admit there's a strong element of truth there.

For those of you who are curious, the number one dirtiest athlete on this list is National Hockey League player Marty McSorely who, in 2001, delivered a blow on fellow competitor Donald Brashear that was so brutal he actually received an assault conviction from the legal system and a record setting one year suspension from the NHL. McSorely never returned to active player status following this incident. Brashear returned following recuperation from a grade three concussion.

Dial up and check out the "Dirtiest Athletes Of All Time." I think you'll find it interesting sports fans.

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