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Carl Edwards the actor

by Dave Grayson
Monday, December 27, 2010


We've always known that NASCAR Sprint Cup driver Carl Edwards can hold his own in the many humorous tinged television commercials he's appeared in on behalf of his team sponsors. His numerous appearances with the AFLAC duck certainly proves that point.

But Edwards' next television appearance could actually elevate to the ranks of being considered as a serious actor. It was just recently announced that the popular driver has joined the cast of an upcoming mini series on the Home Box Office Network, (HBO).

"To Appomattox" is an eight episode mini series based on the civil war era. It details the final battle from this page of American history and the events that leads to the surrender terms that concludes the war. Edwards will be taking on the role of General John B. Gordon, the Confederate officer selected by General Robert E. Lee to officially surrender the Army of Northern Virginia.

In terms of fellow cast members, Edwards will be in some impressive company. Actor Michael C. Hall, the star of the "Showtime" series "Dexter", leads the cast of the production along with William Peterson, from the CBS television drama "CSI".

There's also some very impressive names from the world of country music connected to the cast of "To Appomattox" All three members of the country group Rascal Flatts are in the cast as is Kix Brooks, of Brooks and Dunn fame, along with Dwight Yoakum. This famed group of country musicians will also be making a contribution to the mini series' musical soundtrack as well.

The series' producers has also left some strong indications that other personalities from the world of NASCAR may also be asked to join the cast. In a prepared statement from the production's official website, "," the producers said "the connection between the civil war and drivers who race in NASCAR is simple: those values of the civil war- the patriotism, the spirit of American competition, the regional and national pride that poured both from and for its heroes- is best exemplified in the American values and American spirit embraced today by the NASCAR affiliated drivers and their fans. This production is honored to have developed a connection between this ultimate American sport with the ultimate American story and is proud to announce an association between select NASCAR affiliated drivers and roles that best exemplify this tradition of patriotism and competition in our production."

"To Appomattox" is currently reported in still be in the pre-production phase. No official air date has been announced by HBO as of yet but production for the eight episodes is expected to begin sometime in the spring of 2011.

For Carl Edwards the scheduling for this acting stint is going to be interesting when you consider his full time schedule in both the NASCAR Sprint Cup and Nationwide racing series. But one has to believe that he's well accustomed to tight schedules and how to make the best of them. He's also well known for loving new adventurers and playing the role of a general in the Confederate Army is definitely going to provide a sense of adventure.

Don't be too surprised if Edwards performance levels in this project qualifies him to add the word thespian to his resume. He's going to working on a project that will be aired by a television network well known for quality presentations. Over the years HBO has created an impressive list of full season series, mini series and quality films that has garnered them high critical acclaim and every industry award you could name. To quote their own corporate logo: "it's not television, it's HBO."

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