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NASCAR Pocono comments worth repeating

by Dave Grayson
Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Jimmie Johnson
Over the previous weekend at Pocono there were quite a few comments that deserved to be repeated. The vast majority of them came from Sprint Cup drivers Kurt Busch and Jimmie Johnson following their late in the race dust up that led to a finger pointing "did to-did not" conversation on pit road.

An angry Kurt Busch said "if a five time champion doesn't know how to race, then forgive me. I was racing hard. I didn't know we were supposed to pull over when it came to five (laps) to go. I raced him smart, I raced him clean and he wants to come over here and bitch about it."

Somewhat out of character, an equally angry Johnson responded by saying "he's a big crybaby and wants to take shots at me when he can. He's good for running his mouth. He can keep running it, I'll shut it for him. He's pretty much a smart ass and wants to run his mouth so I had to go over there and say something."

The five time champion did receive a "Twitter" shout out from SPEED Channel analyst Kyle Petty who wrote: "Jimmie Johnson is now part of the bad ass club-took lessons from JPM? (Juan Pablo Montoya)

The next meeting between these two drivers will be on the mammoth road course at Watkins Glen next weekend. Imagine the possibilities.


As usual the barbed tirades from Kurt Busch were not limited to his current feelings regarding Jimmie Johnson. We all know that Busch is very passionate about his racing and, when his car is not running to his satisfaction, he can become very vocal, to the point of becoming mean, about the situation via his in car radio system. Those comments often leads to wonderful sound bites for television and comments that deserve to be repeated.

Some of the better comments, from Sunday's Pocono race, included:

"I am tired at being at the end of these mother !@#$%^& races."

"This is the most pathetic racing I've ever seen. Have we ever thought about making our cars faster?"

Then, while coming down pit road, Busch noticed that the red light on the ESPN in car camera was on and yelled "I'm glad you've got an in car camera in here for me." Then he removed his racing glove and used it to slap the camera so hard it tilted and we were treated to a nice video shot of his legs and feet.

Can you imagine being a member of this driver's team while having to listen to this on your radio all day long? I can't.


For those of you who are investors in the New York Stock Exchange you have every right in the world to be worried about the up and down numbers you've been seeing lately. Over the weekend there was some sage advice, regarding how to protect your money, from, believe it or not, NASCAR Nationwide Series driver Kenny Wallace who, in a "Twitter" message wrote "I have an investment tip that is known as a "Note" or a "Letter" to all: bury your money in the yard, ha ha ha."


The final comments features some philosophy of life advice seen on the "Twitter" accounts belonging to Kevin Harvick and Darrell Waltrip.

Harvick, on his way home from a Sprint Cup race at Pocono that left him frustrated, wrote: "on the plane ready to head home. Not exactly the day we had in mind. Experience is what you get when you don't get what you want."

Meanwhile Waltrip was very impressed with the performance of Brad Keselowski who won at Pocono despite some very painful injuries. Offering some good advice for us all, Waltrip wrote: "Just follow that dream where ever that dream may lead you. Be like Brad was on Sunday and don't let anything get in your way."

Now those are comments that deserve to be repeated.

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