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Scenes from 24 Hours of Dubai - Part 2

by Gary Parravani
Monday, January 16, 2012


Mercedes-Benz customer teams scored a clean sweep of the podium with the spectacular SLS AMG GT3 sports cars claiming first, second and third place overall and also the first three positions in the A6 category. But there were many more stories in this event, such as the first 24-hour race for the brand-new Nissan GT-R GT3 or the participation in the race as the grand prize for the winners of the “GT Academy – Road to Dubai” project, a joint effort by Nissan and PlayStation that allowed the best gamers to take part in a real international race. The participation of a Dutch all-female team with five lady racers in a Renault Clio also caught a lot of attention, as did the ever-increasing number of teams and drivers from the Gulf region taking part in this event. Media presence was taken to a significantly higher level thanks to the presence of Motors TV and Radio Le Mans with their knowledgeable reporters and live-coverage throughout the week.

IMG_7181.jpg IMG_7176.jpg IMG_7158.jpg IMG_7151.jpg IMG_7150.jpg
IMG_7145.jpg IMG_7138.jpg IMG_7122.jpg IMG_7121.jpg IMG_7113.jpg
IMG_7102.jpg IMG_7095.jpg IMG_7089.jpg IMG_7087.jpg IMG_7081.jpg
IMG_7070.jpg IMG_7069.jpg IMG_7066.jpg IMG_7048.jpg IMG_7039.jpg
IMG_7034.jpg IMG_7033.jpg IMG_7020.jpg IMG_7014.jpg IMG_7003.jpg
IMG_6991.jpg IMG_6988.jpg IMG_6975.jpg IMG_6973.jpg IMG_6972.jpg
IMG_6934.jpg IMG_6925.jpg IMG_6919.jpg IMG_6918.jpg IMG_6910.jpg
IMG_6878.jpg IMG_6841.jpg IMG_6837.jpg IMG_6830.jpg IMG_6826.jpg
IMG_6825.jpg IMG_6814.jpg IMG_6802.jpg IMG_6773.jpg IMG_6769.jpg
IMG_6731.jpg IMG_6625.jpg IMG_6599.jpg IMG_6598.jpg IMG_6596.jpg
IMG_6591.jpg IMG_6588.jpg IMG_6581.jpg IMG_6535.jpg IMG_6503.jpg
IMG_6498.jpg IMG_6490.jpg IMG_6487.jpg IMG_6477.jpg IMG_6468.jpg
IMG_6460.jpg IMG_6417.jpg IMG_6390.jpg IMG_6386.jpg IMG_6384.jpg
IMG_6361.jpg IMG_6353.jpg IMG_6350.jpg IMG_6346.jpg IMG_6338.jpg
IMG_6336.jpg IMG_6333.jpg IMG_6330.jpg IMG_6326.jpg IMG_6324.jpg
IMG_6322.jpg IMG_6314.jpg IMG_6303.jpg IMG_6294.jpg IMG_6292.jpg
IMG_6286.jpg IMG_6275.jpg IMG_6268.jpg IMG_6262.jpg IMG_6232.jpg
IMG_6216.jpg IMG_6212.jpg IMG_6197.jpg IMG_6194.jpg IMG_6193.jpg
IMG_6188.jpg IMG_6173.jpg IMG_6166.jpg IMG_6164.jpg IMG_6161.jpg
IMG_6159.jpg IMG_6153.jpg IMG_6150.jpg IMG_6144.jpg IMG_6140.jpg
IMG_6130.jpg IMG_6128.jpg IMG_6124.jpg IMG_6120.jpg IMG_6117.jpg
IMG_6103.jpg IMG_6096.jpg IMG_6091.jpg IMG_6074.jpg IMG_6066.jpg
IMG_6060.jpg IMG_6050.jpg IMG_6045.jpg IMG_6042.jpg IMG_6034.jpg
IMG_6019.jpg IMG_6011.jpg IMG_6010.jpg IMG_6008.jpg IMG_6003.jpg
IMG_5997.jpg IMG_5992.jpg IMG_5990.jpg IMG_5989.jpg IMG_5978.jpg
IMG_5972.jpg IMG_5965.jpg IMG_5961.jpg IMG_5954.jpg IMG_5950.jpg
IMG_5947.jpg IMG_5937.jpg IMG_5932.jpg IMG_5925.jpg IMG_5912.jpg
IMG_5911.jpg IMG_5909.jpg IMG_5888.jpg IMG_5871.jpg IMG_5863.jpg
IMG_5857.jpg IMG_5845.jpg IMG_5831.jpg IMG_5830.jpg IMG_5815.jpg
IMG_5810.jpg IMG_5807.jpg IMG_5802.jpg IMG_5789.jpg IMG_5780.jpg
IMG_5768.jpg IMG_5746.jpg IMG_5739.jpg IMG_5729.jpg IMG_5724.jpg
IMG_5718.jpg IMG_5715.jpg IMG_5712.jpg IMG_5705.jpg IMG_5684.jpg
IMG_5662.jpg IMG_5655.jpg IMG_5651.jpg IMG_5639.jpg IMG_5635.jpg
IMG_5633.jpg IMG_5581.jpg IMG_5557.jpg IMG_5545.jpg IMG_5539.jpg
IMG_5532.jpg IMG_5530.jpg IMG_5514.jpg IMG_5504.jpg IMG_5497.jpg
IMG_5488.jpg IMG_5425.jpg IMG_5415.jpg IMG_5401.jpg IMG_5394.jpg
IMG_5393.jpg IMG_5336.jpg IMG_5335.jpg IMG_5331.jpg IMG_5330.jpg
IMG_5323.jpg IMG_0322.jpg IMG_0312.jpg IMG_0263.jpg IMG_0207.jpg
IMG_0203.jpg IMG_0195.jpg IMG_0194.jpg IMG_0182.jpg IMG_0168.jpg
IMG_0167.jpg IMG_0158.jpg IMG_0153.jpg IMG_0152.jpg IMG_0144.jpg
IMG_0137.jpg IMG_0132.jpg IMG_0128.jpg IMG_0125.jpg IMG_0122.jpg
IMG_0121.jpg IMG_0114.jpg IMG_0109.jpg IMG_0103.jpg IMG_0101.jpg
IMG_0100.jpg IMG_0096.jpg IMG_0086.jpg IMG_0074.jpg IMG_0049.jpg

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