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GBR On Top at Brands Hatch

A1GP Season Finale
Friday, May 2, 2008


Robbie Kerr
Brands Hatch, Great Britain - Just by coincidence of course, home nation A1 Team Great Britain topped the time sheets in the second of today's two free practice sessions at Brands Hatch, as the final round of the 2007/08 A1GP World Cup of Motorsport got underway at the legendary Kent circuit in Great Britain in changeable weather conditions.

Despite spending some of the hour long session confined to the garage while the team worked on the car, GBR's Robbie Kerr stamped his authority on the first day of A1GP track action on home soil, setting a fastest lap of 1m14.891s around the challenging 4.22 km / 2.62 miles Grand Prix circuit.

China's Congfu Cheng, who knows the Brands Hatch circuit well, set the second fastest time of the day while Jonathan Summerton, who scored USA's maiden A1GP race win last time out in Shanghai, set the third fastest lap time.

Current title leader Switzerland's Neel Jani enjoyed a trouble-free session, finishing the afternoon in a comfortable fourth position, followed by Ireland's Adam Carroll and India's Narain Karthikeyan in fifth and sixth place respectively.

Robbie Kerr
Championship rival A1 Team New Zealand got the weekend off to a strong start this morning, with new boy Chris van der Drift - who has only taken part in one rookie session prior to this weekend - topping the time sheets. Lead driver Jonny Reid took over this afternoon and set the eighth fastest time overall behind the Netherlands' Jeroen Bleekemolen in seventh.

Portugal's Filipe Albuquerque, who clocked the second fastest time this morning, finished the day ninth overall, closely followed by France's Franck Montagny, who has never driven the Brands Hatch circuit before, in 10th.

Great Britain's Robbie Kerr reflected on the first day of action on home soil and looked ahead to qualifying tomorrow:

'We went out early on this afternoon and the car was reasonable but we had a couple of little issues and rather than waste time and laps trying to solve it gradually we decided to take the tires off and go through everything properly. We took our time and made a few changes then we got the car back together and went out at the end of the session and went quicker. The car has definitely got a good balance but there are still things we can improve on. We're fairly confident but we're not going to predict anything. We've just got to go out there and keep working at it. Qualifying is key in A1GP - if you're not there at the top on that first flying lap, you're not going to be there at the end.'

Official Practice Session 1 - Rookie drivers and developing nations only

2 PORTUGAL Filipe ALBUQUERQUE 01:16.1 0.001
4 SWITZERLAND Alexandre IMPERATORI 01:16.4 0.326
5 SOUTH AFRICA Wesleigh ORR 01:16.4 0.337
6 IRELAND Niall QUINN 01:16.5 0.409
7 BRAZIL Xandi NEGRAO 01:16.6 0.502
8 AUSTRALIA Nathan ANTUNES 01:16.8 0.657
9 CANADA Daniel MORAD 01:16.8 0.714
10 GREAT BRITAIN James WINSLOW 01:16.9 0.837
11 FRANCE Nicolas PROST 01:17.1 0.989
12 NETHERLANDS Arie LUYENDYK 01:17.5 1.401
13 ITALY Francesco PROVENZANO 01:17.6 1.517
14 MEXICO David MARTINEZ 01:18.0 1.926
15 LEBANON Khalil BESCHIR 01:18.4 2.279
16 INDONESIA Satrio HERMANTO 01:18.4 2.316
17 MALAYSIA Aaron LIM 01:18.8 2.674
18 INDIA Parthiva SURESHWAREN 01:18.9 2.813

Official Practice session 2

1 Robbie KERR GREAT BRITAIN 14 01:14.891 -
2 Congfu CHENG CHINA 29 01:15.130 0.239
3 Jonathan SUMMERTON USA 20 01:15.243 0.352
4 Neel JANI SWITZERLAND 24 01:15.302 0.411
5 Adam CARROLL IRELAND 23 01:15.308 0.417
6 Narain KARTHIKEYAN INDIA 22 01:15.339 0.448
7 Jeroen BLEEKEMOLEN NETHERLANDS 23 01:15.340 0.449
8 Jonny REID NEW ZEALAND 23 01:15.356 0.465
9 Filipe ALBUQUERQUE PORTUGAL 18 01:15.359 0.468
10 Franck MONTAGNY FRANCE 24 01:15.459 0.568
11 Filip SALAQUARDA CZECH REPUBLIC 12 01:15.477 0.586
12 Adrian ZAUGG SOUTH AFRICA 25 01:15.655 0.764
13 Fairuz FAUZY MALAYSIA 30 01:15.732 0.841
14 Edoardo PISCOPO ITALY 29 01:15.799 0.908
15 Xandi NEGRAO BRAZIL 17 01:15.917 1.026
16 Michael AMMERM√úLLER GERMANY 31 01:16.040 1.149
17 James HINCHCLIFFE CANADA 16 01:16.257 1.366
18 John MARTIN AUSTRALIA 11 01:16.552 1.661
19 Adam KHAN PAKISTAN 32 01:16.862 1.971
20 Satrio HERMANTO INDONESIA 3 01:17.090 2.199
21 David MARTINEZ MEXICO 22 01:17.601 2.71
22 Khalil BESCHIR LEBANON 4 01:17.949 3.058

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