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1 Antron Brown 2320
2 Tony Schumacher 2243
3 Larry Dixon 2161
4 Brittany Force 2157
5 J.R. Todd 2149
6 Doug Kalitta 2139
7 Richie Crampton 2133
8 Dave Connolly 2127
8 Steve Torrence 2127
10 Shawn Langdon 2126
11 Spencer Massey 888
12 Clay Millican 876
13 Leah Pritchett 622
14 Terry Mc Millen 615
15 Morgan Lucas 275

Funny Car
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1 Del Worsham 2327
2 Matt Hagan 2237
3 Tommy Johnson 2211
4 Jack Beckman 2208
5 John Force 2178
6 Ron Capps 2177
7 Alexis De Joria 2123
8 Cruz Pedregon 2116
9 Tim Wilkerson 2107
10 Robert Hight 2099
11 Courtney Force 946
12 John Hale 751
13 Chad Head 749
14 Tony Pedregon 640
15 Jeffrey Diehl 294

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1 Erica Enders 2331
2 Greg Anderson 2218
3 Allen Johnson 2195
4 Drew Skillman 2171
5 Larry Morgan 2167
6 Chris McGaha 2162
7 Vincent Nobile 2155
8 Jason Line 2125
9 Shane Gray 2117
10 Jonathan Gray 2066
11 V Gaines 744
12 Rodger Brogdon 632
13 Bo Butner 603
14 Deric Kramer 379
15 John Gaydosh 264

Pro Stock Motorcycle
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1 Andrew Hines 2259
2 Hector Arana Jr 2225
3 Eddie Krawiec 2208
4 Gerald Savoie 2205
5 Matt Smith 2167
6 Karen Stoffer 2146
7 Hector Arana 2135
8 Chip Ellis 2131
9 James Underdahl 2094
10 Scott Pollacheck 2041
11 Steve Johnson 520
12 LE Tonglet 508
13 Angelle Sampey 501
14 Chaz Kennedy 448
15 Angie Smith 427
A triumphant return for Auto Club Dragway

by Dave Grayson
Friday, January 31, 2014


Drag strip is shown at top outside the oval
After a lengthy and expensive court battle followed by the installation of an extremely expensive sound deterrent system, the Auto Club Dragway will be returning to racing this month much to the delight of race teams and fans from all over the southern California region. The quarter mile drag strip is located in the massive parking lot of the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana.

The dispute was originally presented by a neighborhood coalition, who resided in homes adjacent to the race track, approximately four years ago. In 2010, San Bernardino County officials approved an amendment to their sound level ordinance that allowed drag racing to continue.

However, the citizens coalition retained a law firm and challenged that amendment and took the racing complex to court. The result was a Superior Court ruling that said the findings from the environmental impact report used by county officials to approve the 2010 amendment was insufficient.

The Auto Club Dragway was forced to suspend its operation in February of 2012. At the time it was one of the few drag strips located in southern California. The closing of the strip forced many racing teams to endure long and expensive tows to the Lakeside-San Diego area or journey north to Bakersfield.

The shut down of the Auto Club Dragway also created some local economic concerns as well. Many of the scheduled events there featured regional racing series that brought out to town race teams to Fontana for an entire weekend. That translated into tourism revenue being spent at local motels and restaurants as well as other area retail establishments.

However, there was one extremely major concern that worried Fontana residents and the local law enforcement agencies who served the area. With the local drag strip in a non operational status, there were concerns that there might be a significant rise in street racing. This concern was genuine. We've all seen and read too many news stories detailing the often tragic results of drag racing on city streets.

From its initial inception, the Auto Club Dragway created a street legal racing program that gave local hot rodders a safe and sane venue for their drag racing. This program was eliminated with the closure of the track which, in turn, heightened the concern over racing on the city streets. 

If there ever was a time to reach a state of compromise over a legal dispute, the time was now for the Auto Club Dragway. That meeting of the minds came in July of 2012 and the good news was announced by drag strip officials via a press release that said:

“The Auto Club Speedway has reached a settlement with a local group of concerned citizens in the San Bernardino County area known as CCoMPRESS, represented by Chatten-Brown & Carstens related to the operation of the Auto Club Dragway. As a result, the Auto Club Speedway may resume operations at the Auto Club Dragway if it first complies with a series of requirements intended to mitigate the environmental impacts to the surrounding community, including construction of a sound wall.”

While this settlement was regarded as a huge step forward towards the spirit of compromise, racing officials soon realized that the terms of that agreement were going to be both difficult and expensive. First, there was a need for sound engineering studies. Much of the data for these studies was collected at the famed drag strip at Las Vegas which schedules a wide variety of racing classes each year. That data was next incorporated into the design plan for the mandatory sound wall.

The construction of that sound wall was the next big challenge-actually make that a huge challenge. This mammoth concrete structure measured 24 feet high and 1,800 feet long. The construction cost of this wall was reported to be in the area of $1.25 million.

After the sound wall was constructed came the good news that drag racing was returning to the Auto Club with a full 2014 schedule that begins in February. Officials will still have to carefully monitor sound levels, to avoid the resurrection of the original dispute, and extremely noisy racing classes such as the blown alcohol division will not be placed on the schedule, at least not in for foreseeable future.

Was the cost of legal defense and the construction costs worth the effort? Ask any official from the Auto Club Speedway and they will give you a resounding "yes."

A tip of the racing hat goes to a group of dedicated people who made this happen, First, there's Thomas McKernan, Board Chairman of the Auto Club Of Southern California. In addition to making a large contribution to the cost of constructing the sound wall, McKernan also provided legal assistance from his firm to insure there would be no further surprises to inhibit the return of drag racing.

A tip of the racing hat also goes to SEMA, Lucas Oil, K&N Filter and the National Hot Rod Association. Also on the thank you list are the names of Ray Wilkings, speedway Vice President Of Operations, along with speedway President Gillian Zucker who were reported to have worked tirelessly to resolve all issues and return drag racing to their facility.

Appropriately, the street legal drag racing program will launch the re-opening of the Auto Club Dragway on February 22nd.

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