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Ferrari California T dreaming

The red-hot 200mph supercar
Wednesday, February 12, 2014


The new 200 mph Ferrari California T
If you're California dreaming and have a spare $254,000 in your back pocket, this red-hot new Ferrari could be just the thing to blow away the rain-drenched winter blues of Britain.

The new 200mph Ferrari California T is set to roar into showrooms in September after its world debut at next month's Geneva Motor Show.

And by then hopefully the current deluge will be sufficiently long gone to allow the new Italian supercar's retractable top to come down for a bit of wind in the hair motoring in the sun.

And you may not even want to listen to the Beach Boys, Eagles, Mamas & Papas or other Californian favorites on the radio or 'infotainment' system. Ferrari reckon you'll really only have ears for the roar of its finely tuned engine and exhaust system.

Powered by a mighty 3.8 liter twin turbo-charged V8 engine developing 560 horse-power – equivalent to nearly six Ford Fiestas - it will accelerate from rest to 62mph in just 3.6 seconds.

Ferrari says the retractable hard-top will transform the car 'from a chic coupe into a sleekly sophisticated spider' open-top sports car in just 14 seconds.

It is available in two launch colors – an intensely deep red  called Rosso California inspired by classic Ferraris of yesteryear, and an elegant Blu California.

A Ferrari spokesman said: 'The Ferrari California T epitomizes elegance, sportiness, versatility and exclusivity: characteristics that have distinguished every California model since the 1950s.'

Engineers at Ferrari's Maranello headquarters have created an entirely new  engine which  the firm says 'delivers absolutely superb levels of performance, blistering pick-up and the most exhilarating soundtrack any turbo has ever yielded.'

With the engine up front it also promises 'ultra-sharp' and 'instantaneous' throttle response to the foot hitting the accelerator.

Technologies honed in Ferrari's F1 cars are carried across to improve performance and efficiency in the new road car.

Twin Turbo V8
Fuel consumption is improved by around a 25 per cent to 27mpg despite an added 70 horse-power and 49 per cent increase in 'pulling power' or torque. Emissions of CO2 are down by 8 per cent to 250 g/km.

Ferrari said: 'One major challenge involved in the design of the California T was to guarantee it a typically intense, exhilarating Ferrari engine sound. This was achieved through meticulous design work and the use of special manufacturing techniques for essential components.'

'The engine produces a powerful, engaging sound during both the intake and exhaust phases, becoming even more potent as engine speed increases. This the first time a result of this kind has ever been achieved with a turbo engine.'

So you may not even want to take advantage of the California T's new infotainment system with an intuitive, high-resolution 6.5in screen featuring both touch-screen and conventional controls.

The car also promises 'true sports car dynamics' thanks to improved steering responses and a new suspension set-up.

The California T also has the latest evolution of the F1-Trac traction control system for maximum acceleration out of corners.

And with such a powerful car you want equally powerful brakes. The high performance carbon-ceramic braking system will bring the car from 62mph to rest in the space of just 34 meters. 

The new Ferrari California's sleek proportions were penned by the Ferrari Styling Centre in collaboration with Italian styling house Pininfarina.

A spokesman said: 'They are very much in keeping with the Ferrari front-engined ethos. The shape of the California T's flanks is inspired by the 250 Testa Rossa's famous pontoon-fender styling. The front wing line stretches back towards the compact, muscular rear, bringing an aerodynamic sleekness and movement to the sides.'

Inside the driver and passenger is swathed in luxurious Frau semi-aniline leather trim. The interior space is flexible so that owners can make the most efficient use of the boot capacity even with the top down, thanks to the opening between the luggage compartment and rear seats.

The Ferrari steering wheel includes integrated controls. Mounted centrally on the dashboard between two airvents is a so-called 'Turbo Performance Engineer' with a touch-sensitive which gives allows the driver to  scroll through screens  for information on the new engine's performance. 

The new car replaces the outgoing C Ferrari California which has sold since October 2008.


Price: circa $254,000
First deliveries: September this year.
First public viewing: Geneva Motor Show, March.
Length: 15ft (4570mm)
Width: 6ft 3 inches  (1910mm)
Height: 4ft 4 inches (1322mm)
Weight: 1.625 tones
Top speed:  200mph
0-62mph: 3.6 seconds
Engine: 3.8 liter twin turbo-charged V8 engine.
Power: 560 horse-power
CO2 emissions: 250g/km
Fuel efficiency: 27 mpg
Time to put down roof: 14 seconds.

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