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Hoo-rah and Wazz-up from NASCAR Nation

by David Grayson
Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Let's start our racing week out with a rarely issued combination HOO-RAH/WAZZ-UP. First off HOO-RAH for the alleged impending rivalry between NASCAR Sprint Cup drivers Carl Edwards and Kyle Busch following last Saturday night's Bristol race. This has already evolved into more fun than any NASCAR fan could expect. It's now become apparent that Edwards' late in the race bump and run was actually pay back for a similar bumper thumping moment from Busch during a Nationwide Series race at Richmond. Both drivers are already mathematically locked into NASCAR's Chase For The Championship so the final two events, before the Chase begins, could provide some highly entertaining moments from them both on and off the track. Even the team executives are getting in on the fun. I honestly can't remember the last time I saw Jack "the cat in the hat" Roush smile that much. J D Gibbs, President of Joe Gibbs Racing, even managed to work a scripture verse into the scenario when he told Edwards "you reap what you sow." All of this may require racing broadcasters and writers to put in some overtime this week but, hey, if there's a rivalry going on then fire up the coffee pot because I'm working late tonight.

However, at the same time, WAZZ-UP with the on track shenanigans that occurred between Edwards and Busch after the race was over? The NASCAR Sprint Cup drivers had just completed 500 very intense laps on a race track normally provides more intensity that any driver needs in one evening. The last thing anyone of them expected to see was an on track altercation while they were on the cool down lap and heading to the garage area. When Busch side swiped Edwards' car he was precariously close to David Reutimann's Toyota and when Edwards issued the pay back move and turned Busch's car Kevin Harvick had to take evasive action. Fortunately there were no innocent victims from this action.

From our now you see him now you don't department WAZZ-UP with Casey Mears' spotter who told his driver he had cleared another race car when in fact he wasn't clear at all. The result was a nasty, multi car, crash that greatly impacted Kasey Kahne's chances of making the Chase For The Championship. It was later explained that there was a portion of the Bristol front stretch where spotters were having difficulty seeing their cars. If that turns out to be true then it needs to be taken care of right away.

WAZZ-UP Junior? Dale Earnhardt Jr discovered that you can't pass three and one half cars at the start of the race before the you officially drive under the green flag. The result was a penalty trip down pit road and NASCAR's most popular driver spent a long evening trying to make up a one lap deficit that left him with a 17th place finish.

HOO-RAH to 160,000 fans at the Bristol Motor Speedway who helped to establish a new Guinness Book Of World Records entry for performing "The Wave." The television broadcasters displayed a tendency to make fun of this but you have to think that it must have required a lot of coordination to set this record and it really looked cool on TV.

HOO-RAH to the children of NASCAR's families, and the Motor Racing Outreach Program, who participated in the pre race festivities. The sight and sound of these young children singing our "National Anthem" was both heart warming and charming.

Finally WAZZ-UP with my girlfriend, Ginnie, who announced that she was tired of seeing Kyle Busch win all of these NASCAR races and, because of it, will no longer purchase M&M's candy. Wait a minute, I love M&M's and now it occurs to me that I will be deprived of my favorite chocolate because Kyle Busch is having a phenomenal year. This is not fair Babe.

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