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NASCAR: Loose Lug Nuts

By David Grayson
Friday, October 10, 2008


One of two big Talladega wrecks
CIA Stock Photo
We all saw that final "big one" at the conclusion of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race at Talladega. We all know that Carl Edward's effort to bump draft into the middle of turn three resulted in a multi car wreck that took out half of the contenders in the Chase For The Championship along with two of his Roush Fenway Racing team mates. You would have thought all hell would have broken loose in the garage area. There were a few semi nasty barbs for Edwards here and there but overall things seem to be on a diplomatic tome.

Surprisingly it took six whole days, at the Lowes Motor Speedway, before this watched pot finally boiled over. The results was a verbal turned physical altercation between drivers Edwards and Kevin Harvick. Here's the basic scenario.

In post race comments "Happy" Harvick was quoted as saying "his fans must be really proud of him today with the way he ran at the back of the pack all day. Then when he decided to go racing he triggered a big wreck."

Edwards, not happy with that shot on national television, left a sarcastic thank you note on Harvick's airplane for him to find.

At the Nationwide Series garage area of the Lowes Motor Speedway Edwards decided this would be a good time to have a chat with Harvick.

The two drivers started yelling at each other, Harvick turned and walked away, Edwards grabbed him by the shoulder and spun him around, Harvick shoved Edwards so hard that he landed on top of Harvick's Chevrolet and made a dent in the hood. Harvick's motor coach driver put Edwards into a head lock until both drivers were separated from each other.

NASCAR called it a "non issue" and said they had no plans to take any action against the drivers.

So: what have we learned for all of this?

Carl Edwards needs lessons on how to bump draft in the middle of a turn. Perhaps an afternoon with the Richard Petty Driving Experience would help.

Carl Edwards likes to sneak into people's airplanes and leave notes for them.

Carl Edwards needs to time his conversations with "Happy" Harvick a little better.

"Happy" Harvick knows how to hold a grudge. He's still not speaking to Juan Pablo Montoya for something that happened so long ago most of us have to think twice to even remember it

Don't mess with Harvick's motor coach driver..

Will the imprint of Carl Edward's butt on the hood of Harvick's car create an aerodynamic advantage?

Apparently NASCAR now thinks that two drivers shoving each other in the garage area is a non issue.

Aren't they the same organization who docked points, issued six figure fines and sent crew chiefs home for six weeks for screwing around with the Car Of Tomorrow?
Don't screw around with the Car Of Tomorrow.


During a recent trip to Las Vegas "the girlfriend" visited the four story M&M's Candy Store. Apparently it takes four stories to house all of that candy and related retail merchandise. She told me the store was offering "scoop your own bag" of M&M's at $11.99 per pound. I asked her if this was some sort of special exotic chocolate that we haven't heard about yet. She replied "nope, it's the same stuff you buy at the super market." Apparently the fourth floor of this building is dedicated to driver Kyle Busch and his M&M's Toyota team. The girlfriend told me they were selling tiny little M&M's racing jackets for small children at $200 a pop. She didn't bother to check the price of an adult jacket.

So: what have we learned from all of this?

Visit Las Vegas, have a great time but buy your candy at your local supermarket. No one in their right mind, with the possible exception of Super Mom Angelina Jolie, would want to pay $200 for a small child's racing jacket.

This may be a true case of what goes on in Vegas stays in Vegas at least until they have some sort of clearance sale. 

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