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Welcome to Mario Andretti's world
Mario Andretti won the Daytona 500 five years before AJ Foyt did it
In the perpetual debate over whether motor racing is more car than driver, the driver's role in the Indianapolis 500 is at an all-time low.

This from someone who ought to know -- name of Mario Andretti, the only driver ever to win the Indy 500, the Daytona 500 and the Formula One world championship.

Here, driver input into every lap is now perhaps "20 percent," Andretti said Wednesday. "That's not right. It should be 50-50. Or as close to that as possible."

From Indy cars to NASCAR, some de-escalation of engineering could easily put the driver back into the game, Andretti reckons.

The problem here is that "cars today have too much downforce and not enough horsepower," he said.

And, "Even in NASCAR, if they would just cut the spoiler down to here [he held a thumb and finger a few inches apart], those guys would have to back off in the corners.

"And then, you're driving! You're driving!

NASCAR is working to make its cars more competitive aerodynamically. In Indy cars, they've already gone too far down that road, Andretti says.

"Here, they just go vrrrrrrrrmmm [he mimicked going flat-out], and that's it. The car has either got it or not."

Oh, well. If you have to put up with cars like that, for now, at least Andretti's grandson's car is good enough, going into Sunday's 96th Indy 500, that the family dares to hope for a respite ... once again ... from its decades of atrocious luck here.

"I've never seen him so happy about the car, here, going into the race," Andretti said of grandson Marco Andretti, 25. "So I hope that means something."

Such a hopeful thought is also frightening, because so many times, Mario, and then his son Michael, Marco's father, felt this good about their cars going into this race. So many times, all it meant was heartbreak.


One minute you think he's just Nonno Mario now, just Grandpa Mario, wishing the best for a grandson, just for the family's sake. Then the next minute you realize he is still Mario Andretti, that the sprawling passion is still there in the man who loves motor racing -- all of it, everywhere -- more than anyone else I know.

Wednesday, we had just come off the set of a "NASCAR Now" appearance we did here together on ESPN, a tribute to Mario's greatest rival over the years, A.J. Foyt.

Dutifully, politely, he had spoken of Foyt, of what a flawless driver the raging-bull Texan was on the tracks, and how all those tantrums, thrown hammers, storms of profanity, all amounted to "his way of expressing himself," Mario had said on camera.

During commercial breaks, we had our own whispered, chuckling conversation.

Mario Andretti was 1978 World Champion, something Foyt was not capable of doing being more an oval specialist
"Interesting they said [Foyt] ran 128 NASCAR races and won seven of them," Mario said under his breath. "Interesting, because I ran 128 Formula One races. I won 12, and the world championship."

The best and longest-running rivalry in all of racing still rages deep inside each man. This time last year I spent an afternoon with Foyt, who still let seething about Andretti show.

Now, Mario and I were off camera and weren't bound by one theme for one television show.

In the old debate about who was better, Andretti or Foyt -- Foyt never ran F1 but did win the 24 Hours of Le Mans in addition to the Daytona 500 and four Indy 500s -- I have my own inner conflict.

That is, which driver in all the world I'd rather sit down with for a comprehensive conversation about racing.

Foyt has always lived in what I call "The World According to A.J."

So the edge has to go to Mario, because at age 72 he follows it all so closely and cares so deeply about it all.

And his personal passion is a bit more active. Foyt's grandson, A.J. Foyt IV, called Anthony by the family, was star-crossed here and departed without making much of a ripple. Marco Andretti came within the blink of an eye of winning the 500 as a rookie in 2006.

Yet Marco now is carrying his own burden of the Andretti heartbreak at Indy into the third generation.

Foyt has his four Indy wins, but Mario led more laps here in his career than Foyt did. Michael Andretti  led more laps here than any non-winner, and this week was inducted into the Hall of Fame here.

Indy 1969, the Andrettis only win at Indy
The Andrettis have but one Indy 500 win, Mario's in 1969, to show for all that dominance, all that color they added to this place, all that adrenalin they pumped into these, the most massive grandstands on the face of the earth, for all these decades.

Now, with Marco running so well this month -- he qualified fourth, and more importantly, has been very consistent in traffic during practice -- "You think about everything," his Nonno Mario said. "'I hope I don't jinx it. I hope I don't do this, I hope I don't do that.' You think of everything, but I don't want to spoil anything.

"You know how fickle the game is."

Right out of the gate, as a rookie in '06, Marco tasted the Andretti heartbreak in full measure. As the grandstands thundered approval, he led in the waning laps, right down to the checkered flag, when Sam Hornish Jr. flashed past him.

To me, that snuffed what would have been a glorious revival of this grand old race itself, a win by the most magical motorsports surname in the world. That 500 got no huge mention in the newspapers or on television in Europe, South America, Asia, Australia ... but "Andretti wins Indy" would have.

Now, with Danica Patrick gone to NASCAR, I figure Marco is the singular remaining driver who could jump start the Indy 500 in the world's headlines with a win.

Mario smiled and shrugged.

"I'll buy that," he said.

So the direction of the world's oldest, best-known race might now rest on Marco's shoulders.

"I don't even look at it that way," Mario said. "I'd just like him to win. Period. I'd celebrate until the cows come home if he wins it. That's what we're here for ... all my life. ... That's what you look for. That's what you strive for. And to have a family member. ... Whenever he does well, I mean, I feel so good -- as good as when things happen to me. And then I'm at some airport and hear, 'Hey, your grandson ...' It's good. A good feeling. It's all in the family.

"We all benefit, or, you know, suffer."


All that suffering, all these years ... and yet the overall good of "the game," as Mario calls it, still matters foremost to him.

Take my observation about this year's Indy cars.

"How many times has it been said here that 'real race cars don't have fenders'?" I said. "Well, now ..."

He gave out a wry chuckle, acknowledging exactly what I meant.

The 2012 cars, by regulation, are partially fendered, on the rear, for safety's sake -- to keep the cars from interlocking wheels and launching each other. That came in the wake of the death of Dan Wheldon at Las Vegas last October.

Andretti, and other living Indy legends such as four-time winner Rick Mears, are "on the same page," Mario said. "We feel the cars today have too much downforce and not enough horsepower.

"They can't get away from each other. On the superspeedways, they're like the plate races in NASCAR -- just full speed all the time. But running inches apart in stock cars and running inches apart with open-wheel cars are two different things."

That is, the open-wheel cars are far more dangerous because they don't -- or didn't -- have fenders.

"So they tried to design a car that will prevent interlocking wheels -- because, I mean, you could wind up in the grandstands," he said. "So it's a safety thing. For now."

But not for long, he hopes. Andretti is the deepest sort of traditionalist and is uncomfortable with breaking more than 100 years of open-wheel tradition.

To return to that, "I personally wish the cars had less downforce," he said. "Actually, I'm lobbying for that. It would be easy to redesign some of the aero package ..."

And then be safe enough to go with completely exposed wheels again?

"Yes, you could then," he said. "I think you could go back to tradition. Formula One, they're not doing anything [to guard the wheels]. It's open-wheel. Open-wheel is open-wheel. If not, you go to sports cars."

Indeed, that's what the new Indy cars look like to me -- prototype sports cars in the rear and open-wheel cars in the front.

"The cars are way too stuck -- you know, in the corners," Andretti said. "You can't get away from each other. OK, so we've got to make the cars a little more forgiving if those guys touch ..."

I've thought since the CART-IRL split of 1996 that the IRL (now INDYCAR) side was trying too hard to emulate the side-by-side racing of NASCAR.

"I don't think it was designed to go in this direction," Andretti said. "I think a lot of it is a result of the split. Because on the IndyCar side, the IRL side, they had so many inexperienced drivers that they made sure the cars were stable ...

"But now you've got the full fledge of all the talents [of the current-generation drivers]. I mean, these guys are flat [running wide open, in NASCAR parlance]. They go out of the pit, they're flat.

"Nobody lifts.

"So that, in my opinion, has to be the next change."

To put some driving skill back into it?


The concern is that the super-stable cars, with too little power, are "taking a lot of that need for finesse and skill away from these guys," he said.

Interesting they said [A.J. Foyt] ran 128 NASCAR races and won seven of them. Interesting, because I ran 128 Formula One races. I won 12, and the world championship.

-- Mario Andretti

"Here, they just go vrrrrrrrrmmm], and that's it. The car has either got it or not. So what's the input of the driver?

"What did he have, 20 percent? That's not right. It should be 50-50. Or as close to that as possible."

This year, given what they had to work with, Michael Andretti's team "did everything they possibly could," Mario said. "They unloaded fast, and they've kept it up."

Sunday, Andretti Autosport drivers will occupy three of the top four starting positions.

And in the eyes of Nonno Mario, they just might have had the most productive practice sessions of any team here.

"With five cars on the team, when they were running on a race setup, they would coordinate to go out together," Mario said. "As in NASCAR, being alone on the track doesn't teach you anything."

Even here, "You had to be in the draft, and this way you were guaranteed you had at least five cars, and then you could mix it up with others.

"That was huge for them, I think.

"Marco -- obviously we talk -- really loved that. He's got good race craft, that kid. He really knows how to race. And he was really getting a good read on the air from the other cars -- what was happening, where ...

"He's so happy about the car -- which, you know, hopefully ..."

He wouldn't finish the sentence. Too many decades of too much disappointment for that.

"I think everybody's predicting a pretty slippery situation," he said, referring to the forecast for sweltering temperatures Sunday. "But they're ready for it, as far as track conditions."

As for the group preparation, "I think it was golden. I hope it plays out."

But for now, with Marco knowing only the Andretti sting at Indy and not the Andretti triumph, does Nonno Mario bleed for his grandson? Ache for him?

He chuckled.

"Of course.

"Of course, you do." Ed Hinton ESPN.com


Video: The magic of Monaco


Video: Force India packs for Monaco


Video: Pastor Maldonado tours Monaco


Vettel: Monaco no place for 'sissies'
Sebastian Vettel
Double Formula One world champion Sebastian Vettel has described the Monaco Grand Prix as "no place for sissies" ahead of the marquee race in the principality this weekend.

The Red Bull driver knows what it takes to succeed at the legendary circuit having taken the checkered flag in last year's grand prix and he said no error goes unpunished around Monte Carlo's narrow streets.

"Any mistake is coming back with a vengeance and still you have to beat the car around the corners without mercy," the 24-year-old told the sport's official website.

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Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix Announces Ferry Service
Fans that want to enjoy the beauty of the Detroit River will be able to take the scenic route to the fastest weekend of the summer with the new ferry service to Belle Isle announced today by the Chevrolet Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix.

As the Grand Prix returns for the first time in four years, June 1-3, event attendees will be able to enjoy a service that has never been offered before in the history of the race in Detroit. The Grand Prix is proud to provide a ferry shuttle service that will run from the Detroit Port Authority, located along Atwater on the Riverwalk, to the Harbormaster Station at Belle Isle Park during race weekend.

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IndyCar announcer Bob Jenkins NOT stepping down yet UPDATE Bob Jenkins said he is NOT stepping down at the end of the month, but will continue his play by play duties with the NBC Sports Network through the end of the 2012 season.  He expressed appreciation for everyone’s kind words, thoughts, and prayers for him and Pam.

05/22/12 IndyCar TV anchor Bob Jenkins announced last evening at the Old Timers banquet, that he would be leaving broadcasting at the end of May. His wife has been diagnosed with brain cancer and Bob needs to be with her.


Yacaman wins Freedom 100 pole
Gustavo Yacaman
Gustavo Yacaman has one victory, 16 top-five and 26 top-10 finishes in four Firestone Indy Lights seasons.

On May 24, the 21-year-old from Colombia filled in another column with his first pole. And it comes in the biggest race of the season.

Yacaman, driving the No. 2 TMR-Tuvacol-Xtreme Coil Drilling car, posted a two-lap aggregate time of 1 minute, 35.9913 seconds (average speed of 187.517 mph) to claim the top spot for the Freedom 100 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Miller Lite Carb Day (May 25).

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Lotus nix Raikkonen rally return
Lotus team principal Eric Boullier has dismissed any notion of Kimi Raikkonen making a one-off return to rallying.

Raikkonen quit Formula One at the end of 2009 and spent two years fulfilling an ambition by competing in the World Rally Championship, albeit with limited success.

That resulted in the 2007 world champion returning to F1 this season, signing up with Lotus in tandem with Romain Grosjean.

Raikkonen, however, recently remarked he would love to take part in his home rally in Finland one more time.

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Lotus: All the Monaco upgrades seem to be working well
(Lotus Press Release) Kimi Raikkonen and Romain Grosjean took to the track for the first practice sessions on the streets of Monaco in mixed conditions today. A dry and warm morning session was followed by a mixed dry and wet afternoon session. Both drivers used new helmet designs today – images can be downloaded below.

Alan Permane, Trackside Operations Director – Technical program notes

  • In FP1 we conducted evaluations of our Monaco setup and gained initial data of Pirelli’s soft compound.
  • Kimi completed just his initial installation lap in FP1 as he found the Monaco steering setup not to be to his liking.
  • FP2 saw lower fuel running than usual, focusing on qualifying specification performance of the soft and super soft compound tires when the track was sufficiently dry. We also ran with the intermediate tires on both cars.

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AREVA Adds Support to de Silvestro
Lotus HVM Racing welcomes nuclear energy giant AREVA as a sponsor of the #78 Nuclear Clean Air Energy IndyCar.  AREVA - ranked first in the global nuclear energy industry - supported last year's inaugural Baltimore Grand Prix and is pleased to extend their participation with the program as it continues to successfully communicate 'Nuclear Clean Air Energy'. 

AREVA joins Entergy as supporters on the #78 Nuclear Clean Air Energy IndyCar race team driven by Swiss driver Simona De Silvestro for the Indy500 as well as the remainder of the 2012 season.

"AREVA, the global leader in clean energy production, is once again pleased to partner with the Nuclear Clean Air Energy team.  By joining with Simona and the team, we have another channel to deliver the message of nuclear energy as a safe, clean and reliable form of electricity production," stated Mike Rencheck, chief operating officer, AREVA, Inc.

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track news

Circuit of The Americas leadership seeks to put an end to Hellmund issues
The Circuit of The Americas today filed with the District Court of Travis County, Texas, an amended plea in abatement and motion to compel arbitration, and voluntarily agreed to have the temporary sealing order vacated in the current legal dispute with former Circuit principal Tavo Hellmund and his various entities.

Information contained in the pleading will release to the public information that had been temporarily sealed by the Court until the presiding judge had the opportunity to rule on whether the dispute would be resolved through binding arbitration.  As explained in the pleadings, and clearly stated in the Accelerator Holdings LLC partnership agreement signed by Circuit investors and Hellmund in December 2010, “any controversy, claim or dispute between or among the Company and any Member or among Members arising out of or relating to this Company Agreement or any other matters pertaining to the Company, shall be settled by binding arbitration.”  Accelerator Holdings has a minority interest in Circuit of The Americas.

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NASCAR All-Star TV Ratings Down
The 2012 NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race suffered a double-digit drop in viewership on SPEED. The NASCAR Sprint Cup All-Star Race from Charlotte drew 3.751 million viewers on SPEED Channel Saturday night, down 11% from last year (4.228M), and down 1% from 2010 (3.802M). This marks the least-viewed All-Star Race of at least the past five seasons.


Cecotto storms to Monaco GP2 pole
Cecotto wins pole
Johnny Cecotto crushed his rivals' dreams of glory with a stunning last lap in the first ever split GP2 qualifying session this afternoon in Monaco to take the top spot in Group B, along with pole position, ahead of Group A leader Max Chilton and Marcus Ericsson.

The Venezuelan's best lap of 1:21.195 was set as he crossed the line to close out the second session, pipping his Swedish rival's formerly quickest lap by just 0.054 after a restart for a single lap following a red flag period for a spin by Rodolfo Gonzalez.

The first session saw local rivals Stefano Coletti and Stéphane Richelmi swapping fastest lap times with Giedo van der Garde, but as the session ran down the Dutchman kept going faster, looking certain to claim at least a front row start as his rivals struggled to keep up until the checkered flag dropped, when Chilton put together an astonishing lap of 1:21.320 to steal provisional pole by a tenth from van der Garde and Jolyon Palmer.

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IndyCar releases 2013 aero kit regulations
Red pieces are open to change by the manufacturers within a 'box' - See Full Regulations below
INDYCAR re-introduced engine manufacturer competition for the 2012 IZOD IndyCar Series season, and chassis competition will debut in 2013.

INDYCAR, the sanctioning body for the IZOD IndyCar Series, has set a May 25 deadline for prospective aerodynamic kit suppliers to commit to the program for 2013 and 2014. INDYCAR released final regulations to interested companies May 14.

The aero kit concept was announced along with the introduction of the 2012 Dallara chassis in July 2010 to allow visible bodywork diversity. Cars will be differentiated by their shape, with the car name incorporating the supplier for brand identity.

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Team bosses don't want Q3 tires
F1 team bosses have poured cold water on the idea of introducing a set of extra tires for those drivers who reach Q3 in order to improve the Saturday show.

With a host of drivers opting out of qualifying's final segment this season to maintain fresh rubber for the race, the idea has been put forward that an extra set of tires should be given to those drivers who reach Q3 to encourage full participation.  However, judging by the reaction of those team bosses who attended the Thursday press conference, it's an idea that will not be endorsed by the pitlane decision-makers.

Sauber CEO Monisha Kaltenborn said while the teams had chewed the fat on such an idea they had ultimately come to the conclusion that a tweak to the rules wasn't required.

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FIA's Todt throws a spanner in F1 plans
Jean Todt
(GMM)  As powerful businessmen slice up the F1 pie, the sport's governing body also wants a piece.

Amid all the talk about the planned multi-billion Singapore floatation, a crucial detail has been missing: the sanctioning body, the Paris based FIA, is yet to sign the new Concorde Agreement.

Sky News reported on Thursday that president Jean Todt has appointed an investment bank to advise on the implications of the current goings-on.

"This is a pretty naked effort by the FIA to get its hands on part of the economic value that F1's management and owners have created," an insider said.

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Pecking order unclear after Thursday at Monaco
(GMM)  Norbert Haug summed it up best on Thursday when asked to weigh up the balance of power so far in Monaco.

"We know that we know nothing," laughed Mercedes' competition director, according to SID news agency.

Some rain on the usually clear and blue Cote d'Azur clouded the picture even further, but there appears plenty of competitive cars.

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F1 greats blaming problems on tires - Berger
(GMM)  The 2012 'tire lottery' is a buzzword in the F1 paddock at present, but Gerhard Berger on Thursday slammed those who are complaining the loudest.

"It's nonsense that the tires are deciding everything," said the former grand prix winner and Toro Rosso co-owner.

Some are moaning that the heavily degrading and unpredictable product supplied this year by Pirelli is devaluing the achievement of winning at the pinnacle of motor racing.

"I think Michael Schumacher and Red Bull are finding an easy excuse for their problems," Austrian Berger told Auto Motor und Sport.

He thinks a better explanation for the balance of power at present is the new exhaust rules, with aerodynamics no longer as important as in the past.

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Chevrolet and Ilmor engineers honored with Louis Schwitzer award
Mark Kent and Matt Wiles Honored with Prestigious Engineering Award for Development of Chevrolet IndyCar V-6

Louis Schwitzer Award Jointly Presented to Technical Partner Ilmor Engineering’s Steve Miller and Steve O’Connor.  Mark Kent, Director of Chevrolet Racing, along with GM Development/Combustion Systems Engineer Matt Wiles, have been awarded the prestigious BorgWarner Louis Schwitzer Award in recognition of their development of the all-new Chevrolet IndyCar V-6 engine.

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Dallara modifies flawed IndyCar chassis UPDATE Correction: The slots were not added to the underfloor, but to a support beam that extends from the monocoque at the front of the underfloor.

The slots were added to allow the beam to crush on a side impact. It was decided thru FEA that the beam was too stiff, and once the floor crushed to the point of reaching the end of the beam, it acted as a fulcrum to lift the car up.

By cutting the slots in the beam, it is hoped that the beam will deform enough to prevent this from happening.

05/23/12 Carbon dust permeated a section of the Dallara Auomobili facility in Speedway, Ind., as personnel cut three slots in underwing supports of the new IZOD IndyCar Series cars to lessen lateral and maintain vertical stiffness.

While it might seem contrary to safety objectives, testing by Dallara earlier this week found that the stiffness of the underwing supports could be a contributing factor to the car slightly lifting off the racetrack in three instances over the Indianapolis 500 qualifying weekend when it impacted the SAFER Barrier with the car's centerline parallel to the wall.

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Monaco GP: Button tops wet practice 2
Jenson Button
Jenson Button was quickest in Thursday rain-hit afternoon practice for the Monaco Grand Prix, as all the leading positions were set in 15 minutes of early dry running before showers started.

Button's McLaren was on top with a lap in 1m15.746s, 0.392 seconds clear of second-placed Romain Grosjean's Lotus.

The Ferraris of Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso were next up, with Barcelona winner Pastor Maldonado completing the top five for Williams.

Championship leader Sebastian Vettel's Red Bull was back in 10th.

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Schedule Unveiled for Milwaukee IndyFest
The on-track schedule is now complete for the Milwaukee IndyFest, Friday, June 15 and Saturday, June 16 at the historic Milwaukee Mile. The IZOD IndyCar Series will headline the action with a 225-lap race Saturday afternoon. They will be joined by the Firestone Indy Lights cars, who will race Friday evening in a 100-lap battle.

Here is the full schedule:

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Sam Bird tops FR 3.5 practice, Rossi third UPDATE Added practice results below.

05/24/12 As is often the case, the Formula Renault 3.5 Series free practice session in the streets of Monaco was a lively affair. ISR’s Sam Bird used his prior track knowledge to full advantage to put on an impressive display. The British driver recorded the fastest time of the morning, topping the timesheets ahead of Marco Sorensen (Lotus), who was completing his very first laps on a street circuit. Despite a collision at the very end of the session, Alexander Rossi (Arden Caterham) rounded off the top three.

In keeping with tradition, the Formula Renault 3.5 Series drivers kicked off the weekend ahead of the 70th Monaco Grand Prix. At the green light the majority of the drivers took to the unique and demanding track, some already familiar with the circuit and others discovering it for the first time. The session did not start well for Richie Stanaway, however, who immediately went into the barrier on the exit from Piscine.

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Audi replaces rear-view mirror with camera
When the Audi factory drivers tackle the Le Mans 24 Hours (June 16/17, 2012) a very special technology will enhance their vision. Used for the first time in a closed LMP sports prototype, the digital rear-view mirror provides a clear view of the rear and thus substantially improves active safety.

"The work of our drivers in the cockpit is truly heavy labor," says Head of Audi Motorsport Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich in praise of his line-up of 13 sports car drivers. Aside from the physical and mental strain in endurance racing, life for the quick racers compared with their DTM colleagues is made more difficult by the special aspect of totally different vision. The extremely low, central seating position is just one reason for this. Another one is the fact that - unlike the Audi A5 DTM - none of the closed LMP sports cars have a rear window.

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Monaco GP: Alonso tops practice 1
Massa along the waterfront
Fernando Alonso topped the first practice for the Monaco Grand Prix in his Ferrari. Alonso set the pace in a shortened first practice session after a spectacular engine blow-out for Heikki Kovalainen in the tunnel ended the session early.

With nine minutes to go, the session as red flagged as Heikki Kovalainen's Caterham engine blew in the tunnel. And with so much smoke - there was a lot! - the session had to be stopped no one could see anything.

Alonso ended the opening 90-minute session more than 0.3s faster than the Lotus of Romain Grosjean.

Sauber driver Sergio Perez was an impressive third fastest for Sauber ahead of McLaren's Lewis Hamilton.

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Latest F1 news in brief - Thursday
  • Sergio Perez
    Perez rules out Ferrari switch in 2012
  • F1 warns shareholders about Ecclestone
  • Williams to thank rivals after garage fire
  • Senna 'must respond' to Maldonado's form - Williams
  • Schumacher's future a hot topic in Monaco
  • Kovalainen admits disappointment with Caterham progress
  • F1 ready to spin Monaco roulette wheel
  • Vergne wearing Indy 500 rookie Alesi's helmet
  • Force India no winner in 2012 roulette
  • Backer says no doubts about 2012 Austin GP
  • Student protests threaten 2012 Canada GP
  • Raikkonen asks Lotus for rally Finland permission
  • Ecclestone hits out at French GP organizers

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