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Racing Fans Put NASCAR Bets on Fast Track
Las Vegas, NV - NASCAR has become one of the hottest sports bets in America, and Pregame.com, the internet’s premiere bet-centric information site, is giving casual bettors the fuel they need to get on the fast track to understanding NASCAR racing odds and the multiple bet variations available.

Pregame’s SundaySpeed™ email newsletter offers NASCAR information and weekly picks from a panel of experts, including RJ Bell, Pregame’s Founder and Three-Time World Champion Sports Handicapper.  The collective IQ of these experts, who just won an incredible 18 straight games, produces winners for casual weekend bettors. Pregame’s website also features the best places for weekend race fans to wager and hosts online fan forums. These are set up for fans to have fun discussing their favorite sports, drivers, teams and racing buzz.

SundaySpeed includes information on track and driver histories, the latest race odds, and a free pick from the Pregame.com panel.

“Our market is sports fans who enjoy betting action and bettors who enjoy sports action, markets which are emerging along with the acceptance of gambling as recreation and fun,” said RJ Bell. “Pregame.com offers the confidence of playing with trusted professional help.”

“Just as the fan base for NASCAR is growing, the number of ways to bet on the races is growing as well,” said Pregame’s Media Specialist Ryan Cougar. “Having picks that provide players with information worth betting has always been our goal, no matter what the sport.”

Virtually every sportsbook has seen their fastest growing betting segment is on NASCAR.  The two main ways of gambling on NASCAR are “Betting to Win” a race and “Matchup Betting” which pits a driver against another driver or a group of drivers.
NASCAR Betting Methods Explained:
·         This is the easiest way to bet NASCAR is to bet on the car manufacturer like Ford, Chevy, Dodge and now Toyota.
·         “Betting to Win” a race winner, like the Daytona 500, is the most common way to wager on NASCAR. NASCAR has multiple races over the course of a year so, “Betting to Win” obviously offers numerous wagering opportunities. It is very important to note that not all the drivers in a race may be listed, so another NASCAR betting option is on the “field” which includes all other drivers not listed.
·         The NASCAR odds on a “field” bet depend on how many drivers are listed and how likely it is for the top drivers to win. In other words, if the same five or six drivers seem to battle it out for the top spots each race, the odds on the “field” will be much higher since there is less likelihood that one of the longshots in the “field” will win.

Here’s an example:
Favorites or top drivers = 5/1 to 10/1
30 or so other well-known drivers listed individually = 10/1 to 200/1
Field (collection of 20 or more not listed) = 80/1
·         Futures are another way fans “Bet to Win” that can offer appealing NASCAR odds because bets are placed far in advance of when an event takes place. For example, betting on the 2007 Daytona 500 now might get you much better value on Jeff Gordon, who may be ?/? at this moment but dip to 6/1 closer to the event if he is on a roll.
·         In addition, NASCAR drivers are awarded Nextel Cup points according to the place they finish in each race, and those points are accumulated over the course of the season  Some Las Vegas sportsbooks will allow bets on final Nextel Cup standings.
“Matchup Betting” offers an alternative to simply betting on a NASCAR race’s winner.
·         Artificial head-to-head matchups are created by oddsmakers and involve drivers who are all competing against each other to win the race, with the bet specifically focused upon how one driver finishes compared to another driver in the matchup. Group matchups are another “matchup betting” option particularly popular in golf and NASCAR, where race fans select how one driver will finish amongst a group of other drivers. Both head-to-head and group matchup NASCAR odds are based on the money line.
·         Since NASCAR has pre-qualifying, not everybody will start the race, so most group matchups will typically require all individuals in the group to start in order to be eligible for action. Different sportsbooks will often feature different matchups, and this is very important to note because even casual gamblers should shop around to different online sportsbooks. Always try to find the NASCAR matchup that’s most worth betting on. There are several advantages to betting at elite online sportsbooks but the very best will give you the most wagering opportunities, so it’s a good idea to consider betting online and find out what everybody has to offer.
·         Also, keep in mind that popular drivers tend to be over-rated and over-priced when oddsmakers create these artificial matchups due to their status of being more well-known with the public, so the underdogs are usually a good play because they offer more value. When a race fans likes a particular driver going into a NASCAR race, the best move is to compare matchups across multiple sportsbooks and put a larger wager on the biggest mismatch in your estimation, while only placing a small wager on a favorite driver hope they  take the checkered flag. By betting a favorite driver to win the race and a matchup, gamblers will have doubled the fun with double the chances to win!

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