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"I had many journalists that I'm friends with say, 'Don't do this, it's going to be a bad deal. You're going to be set up to look bad. They're only using you to sell tickets.'  I went home back to Las Vegas and trained like crazy in the hundred-degree heat for four days. I wasn't in the best shape of my life. I learned that guys that were my crew guys and engineers from last year were making bets that I wouldn't crack the top 20, you know, because they felt it was me that was the problem at Forsythe. So that definitely gave me some extra motivation, to prove that, 'Hey, I can still do this. I can run up front with these guys that are a lot younger than me.' It sure feels like a win. It's great and I'm really excited. To work our way forward and run with that lead group, the Penske, the Ganassi, and the Andretti Green cars, and show that this team, who put together a car in just two weeks, with a driver that hadn't driven since April, can run and finish like we did is outstanding. If we hadn't had to save so much fuel we could have had a shot at the podium. We just barely missed it. I had to let those guys go by because I was saving fuel. People said I had to come out and prove that I can still drive and we went from 15th on the grid to fourth. It was hard race and I'm just really proud of the job these guys did for me in the pits, the way the sponsors treated us first class in Canada, and the great Canadian fans. I have to thank Derrick Walker, Tony George, Subway and Northlands for giving me this opportunity. It was just a great job by the whole Vision-Walker team." Paul Tracy, IndyCar driver, Vision-Walker team, finished 4th at the Rexall Edmonton Indy race

"That wasn't a race [Allstate 400 at the Brickyard]. It's ridiculous. That's a lack of preparation from NASCAR to Goodyear to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to put on a show like they did for the fans. It's disrespectful to the fans, and I wish that it didn't have to be that way. That's not the way NASCAR racing is supposed to be." Ryan Newman, NASCAR driver, Penske Racing

"We did what was right. NASCAR did everything right. But when that's happening at the test, you can't say, 'Well, it will get better.' That can't happen anytime. I don't care if it's one car on the racetrack testing, that can't never happen. You can't sit there and go, 'Well, you get everybody here to do it, it will go away.' That ain't good enough. That's still dangerous even if it's one cat out here testing." Dale Earnhardt Jr., NASCAR driver, Hendrick Motorsports, commenting on the Goodyear tire fiasco during the Allstate 400 at the Brickyard

"I really don't give a damn if they race 10 laps at a time. It's frustrating, but it's the same for everyone. I'm sure we won't have that race again. I'm sure that will not happen again. That's the only thing I can say. I guarantee there will be some sort of better testing that comes from this." Carl Edwards, NASCAR driver, Roush Fenway Racing, commenting on the Goodyear tire fiasco during the Allstate 400 at the Brickyard

"It is just frustrating. They said the track was getting better in Happy Hour, but we didn't see that. It never really did take rubber, so I got really mad in the middle because they were letting us run until the tires were blowing up. I was like, 'You can't put us in that situation.' You have to throw the tire before we blow a tire because if someone gets hurt we could have prevented that. Thankfully, they let us run about 12 laps, and then they'd throw the caution. Just about every time the caution would come out, the lap before I would be like, 'I am done.' There it is. That's an odd way to race." Jamie McMurray, NASCAR driver, Roush Fenway Racing, commenting on the Goodyear tire fiasco during the Allstate 400 at the Brickyard

"Obviously, the tread wear didn't improve as we thought it would over the course of the afternoon. We don't have the answer as to why that didn't happen, so we've got to go back and look at that and try to figure out how to make it better." Greg Stucker, director of race-tire sales for Goodyear

“In our opinion, there is no technical justification to penalize the Toyota engine utilized in the Nationwide Series. The success of the Toyota Camry this year in the Nationwide Series is the result of hard work and achievement by all of our race teams ... working in conjunction with [Toyota Racing Development].”  White said the manufacturer will work with its teams to make sure they remain competitive despite the setback. He warned that NASCAR’s decision “could be more far-reaching than simply mandating Toyota adjust its Nationwide engine. The real impact will be felt by the Toyota teams as they adjust to the change, work to remain competitive for the remainder of this season and attempt to line up their sponsorships for next year." White said he was “extremely disappointed” in NASCAR’s decision to alter the spacer applied to Toyota’s Nationwide Series engine, which will result in lost horsepower. Lee White, Toyota Racing Development President

“We’ve got a lot to learn. But that’s our goal. Somebody has kicked a sleeping dog. If you look at it, our Cup guys are doing pretty good on Sunday. That’s our big brother. And any time in life you pick on little brother, big brother gets mad. Big brother is mad right now. And that’s usually good for us. We’ve just got to be smart and use that anger in a positive way. If we can do that, we can win more races. This rule change did a couple things. It implied that we were running well because we have an advantage, and that is an insult to all the guys at Joe Gibbs Racing who have worked so hard for so long. I feel it puts us at a disadvantage, so I’m extremely disappointed. But I’m more motivated than ever. We’re not going to make excuses. You’re not going to see any campaigns from the Toyota camp. We’re going to put our heads down and get back to work and make the best out of what we have.” Dave Rogers, Joe Gibbs Racing crew chief, commenting on NASCAR's rule change restricting Toyota’s horsepower in the Nationwide Series.

"With Raikkonen refusing to confirm or deny that he is considering retirement - maybe even at the end of this year - the expectation is that Alonso would replace him should he do so, and that the Spaniard will be at Ferrari regardless in 2010. After he shoved a photographer on the grid at Silverstone a fortnight ago, and watching him behind the wheel here at Hockenheim, there is a part of Kimi that is unhappy and frustrated at the moment. I would still be more than surprised if he retired this year, but if he wants to sign off as world champion, he needs more speed and balance in his car." Martin Brundle, Formula 1 columnist and ex-F1 driver

"I think the [safety car] rules are a joke. It looks very amateurish when the guy who nearly wins the race starts 17th and only overtakes one car, Kazuki Nakajima's Williams, because he spun.  For me, that is not what formula one is all about." Mark Webber, Formula 1 driver, Red Bull Racing

"This judgment has nailed the Nazi lie upon which the News of the World sought to justify their disgraceful intrusion into my private life. By law we are all entitled to have our privacy respected. The News of the World invaded my privacy, dreamt-up the most offensive headline possible, and decided that I should not be contacted before publication to prevent me asking the Court for the injunction I would have been entitled to. They and their lawyers have then conducted this case so as to cause maximum embarrassment in the hope that I would be discouraged from continuing. I needed a strong judgment to make it absolutely clear that what the News of the World did was wrong. Obtaining that in the full glare of the media has been extremely difficult but I am delighted that we have achieved what we set out to do. I hope my case will help deter newspapers in the UK from pursuing this type of invasive and salacious journalism. I have learnt first hand how devastating an invasion of privacy can be and how readily papers like the News of the World will destroy lives in the knowledge that few of their victims will dare sue them. I want to encourage a change in that practice. Max Mosley, FIA President 

"No money is worth the sort of trouble and anguish it's caused everybody. I have been stupid, naive and I wish I'd never done it. I know for a fact, that it was spoken about, that Max [Mosley] actually found it quite a turn-on to speak to them in German. He liked the German language. It was prison uniforms because we were doing a German prison scene. But it wasn't Nazi. I constantly told them that I didn't want to put my name to that. I would never have said it was Nazi. I would never have said he was a liar. There was lots in that second article that didn't come from me. I signed the article but I was put under massive pressure as I was told I would be put on the front cover and basically they would do a story on me anyway." Woman E, one of the prostitutes who took part in the sexual escapade with Max Mosley.

"Max [Mosley] should now step down and be cut out of it totally. His stewardship of the FIA simply cannot be undertaken in its fullest form because of what has occurred." Sir Jackie Stewart, former F1 driver, 3 Times World Champion

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