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Lola provides more details for it's IndyCar proposal
One of Lolas two concepts
Lola today reveal fresh imagery of their 2012 IndyCars. Due to high interest and requests from the US open wheel racing fraternity, Lola, the worlds most prolific and successful race car constructor has released additional renders of its B12/00 and B12/01 IndyCars.

Head of Special Projects, Peter McCool gives further detail on the proposed Lola IndyCars for 2012.


One of Lolas two concepts
How will the Lola IndyCars improve the race action?

“After safety, improving the show is the next prime focus for our Special Projects team. The majority of the downforce will be generated by a large central underbody, this allows us to reduce the size of the front and rear wings creating downforce, which is less susceptible to variations when following another car closely. Lola are drawing upon their vast experience of open wheel design to ensure the cars look both spectacular and race in a close and exciting fashion.

“The Lola aerodynamics team have utilized their experience in many areas, particularly the underbody design to find a minimum wake solution to promote more overtaking. In essence what happens in the air coming from the back of a race car at speed is, you tend to get two vortex rings falling off the back end of the car. The Lola IndyCar will almost eliminate these forces via the underbody design and rear wing endplates at the back of the car. This, as our CFD study already shows, will minimize the wake and make its effect more manageable. Above all though it promotes better racing all-round, particularly in terms of giving ‘racing power’ back to the driver.”

How will Lola ensure that the dual body styles are performance matched?

“The main reason for choosing one Lola bodywork configuration over the other would be a preference for the visual variety.

“How it will work practically is that Lola will match the configurations in the wind tunnel across the entire ride height range to ensure parity. It is most probable that the team’s engineers will try very hard to get an advantage from one kit or the other, but there will be means, of policing that action. Lola has also designed a series of sized and configured aero blockers for the underbody that can be stipulated at a particular race venue. These will have the purpose of varying the downforce where required, but also ensure that one design does not gain an advantage over the other.”

What are the main focuses of the Lola IndyCar project?

“Lola had a number of meetings and continuous interaction with the IRL beginning early in 2009. The messages from the IRL were very clear and in no particular order, we captured them as follows:

· Safety
· Raceability
· Cost effectiveness
· Built in the USA
· Technology
· Greater improved efficiency
· Modern design
· Green thinking
· Appealing to the fans and media

Is chassis competition possible for IndyCar at the moment?

“Intense competition and battles with other constructors is a fantastic spectacle and a rich environment for our engineers to be in. However it is not conducive to keeping cost down. Which has been one key criteria.

“The R&D alone is cost prohibitive and at present it would be counter productive for the IndyCar series. This is exactly why the dual body style Lola IndyCars will short cut a great deal of the concerns of the series.

“A return to multi chassis grids may well be one option in stronger economic times. If the landscape is right then Lola in terms of the engineering challenge would enjoy this environment.”

How have Lola looked at reducing a ‘take off’ scenario during a spin or contact?

“Lola use a computer to simulate the flow over and under our car using advanced computational fluid dynamic (CFD) techniques with the goal of making the car safer and more stable aerodynamically.

“We have firstly minimized the pitch sensitivity of our cars when following another. To do this we have reduced the effect of the front and rear wings and we create the majority of the downforce from the central ground effect underbody.

“Secondly using our aerodynamic experience from other categories we have reduced the susceptibility of the cars to 'take-off' at high yaw angles. That means that the car is less likely to lift off as it spins at high speed.

“Thirdly we have reduced the size of the aerodynamic up-wash behind the car so that all cars travel in less turbulent air. This will enable the car behind to get closer to the car in front and improve the racing for us all. We are certain that what we can deliver is a step forward.”

What are the main advantages of having a common IndyCar and Indy Lights chassis and were Lola asked to do this?

“IRL didn’t specifically ask for this concept. We believe Indy Lights can be an integral part of the IndyCar package for both teams and drivers alike. To have the same chassis for both series will also ensure driver safety for the feeder series.

“The common chassis idea was creative thinking at Lola and generates a cost effective solution in the current economic climate and secondly in trying to assist the teams in terms of pragmatic racing in two series that run on the same bill. The crossover when you look hard at it helps both series and will encourage new teams to enter both IRL and Indy Lights. Above all it will ensure over subscribed Indy 500 grids come May.”

What the fans say about the Lola IndyCar design proposals?

“Lola takes all fan input very seriously indeed. They make the series what it is. That is why Lola enjoys interacting with the fans.

Lola have regular dialogue with IndyCar fans all over the world. Below are just some of the direct messages sent to Lola via – www.lola-group.com and social networking page – www.twitter.com/LolaRacer

rlaffen 15/2/10 - I am a big fan of the safety features and the commonality between Indy Lights and I-ICS...saves on cost!!!

Ralph Simpson 16/2/10 - I don't think you can beat Lola for their history with the T cars of the 90's. They were fast & always has been my favorite chassis for looks.

Larry Baker 16/2/10 - Lola Cars have come up with what is very possibly the best solution overall for the immediate future of the League and its needs. They, Lola, have the ability to think a concept through and bring it to production with zero defects in the end product.

too much racing 16/2/10 I really like the designs and the idea to use the tub for Lights. Car looks mean and aggressive!

Admiral Dan 16/2/10 - your concept is the best it keeps the heart and soul of the car itself.
csandd 18/2/10 great car, not to different too the old car, but not so outlandish as to be far fetched, great design guys! great evolution!

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