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Hunter-Reay thinks IndyCar should park Duno UPDATE #2 A reader writes, Dear Autoracing1, Thank you for publishing the video of Milk Duno talking about taking Ryan Hunter-Reay out of contention in yesterdays IndyCar qualifying.  After watching the video it is clear that Milka is as clueless off the track as she is on it.  Beginning, middle and end of the video was Milka pointing out the fact that RHR caused the yellow the resulted in Ryan having to put in three laps better than every other drivers single best lap due to the penalty he received for bringing out the yellow, which was losing his two fastest qualifying laps.

Hunter-Reay paid his penalty (forfeiting times that would have been good for 3rd and 4th place in the order) and there was time remaining for a single lap which RHR was on and it was faster than his previous two easily ensuring he would move on to the next qualifying competition amongst the final twelve.  Problem was that he came upon Milka Duno on that final lap, more than NINE seconds off the pace, but more critically totally unaware of a car fully along side of her and turned in on Hunter-Reay mid-corner forcing him to lock up the brakes to avoid a massive accident.

Milka Duno unintentionally affected the results of an official session by her incompetence, again!  When a driver repeatedly affects the results of a race or qualifying session something needs to be done to address the situation.  RHR had served his penalty, was easily on a lap to put him in the top three, and other than for the conduct of a licensed driver the results of that session were altered.  More importantly, as Ryan pointed out, instead of starting the race in first three or four rows where it is possible to win the race and your fighting with more experienced drivers he is now mired back in 16th place to start the race. A devastating penalty for being on the track at the same time as Milka Duno.

In the video Milka repeatedly states the problem was RHR, instead of apologizing and simply saying she was not aware he was there! This proves Milka doesn't understand the concept of racing, much less sportsmanship.  It appears Dale Coyne, her coaches, or advisors are either rationalizing and feeding her this nonsense or doing nothing to educate her, and if so then shame on them as well. 

I hope your readers also appreciate that no matter if it is a front line driver like Ryan, or a driver regularly fighting for a 15th place finish it is wrong to have a single driver repeatedly affecting the outcome of the race not by challenging for a position but through sheer incompetence.  They parked Marty Roth despite his huge checks and he was several levels better than Milka.  The time has come.  Stephen Klien, Rochester, NY 

07/04/10 The video below is Milka talking about yesterday's incident with Ryan Hunter-Ray.  To deflect focus on the fact that she is too slow, she states repeatedly that Ryan Hunter-Reay created the yellow for everyone during that session.

Team owner Dale Coyne, who spent much of his CART driving career watching his mirrors for faster cars, said Duno is doing her best and is frustrated, too.  "She's trying to be courteous to people and in all honesty, she's probably trying too hard," Coyne said. "You pick a place to let (a faster car) go by and it slows you down, and that can be a bigger problem."

07/03/10 Ryan Hunter-Reay had heated words for Milka 'The Moving Chicane' Duno after she ruined his fast lap that would have advanced him to the next round of IndyCar qualifying today at Watkins Glen.  Hunter-Reay, who spun earlier in qualifying was pushing hard late in the session to qualify in the top-6 of his group, but he came upon Duno just a few corners from the end of his lap.  When she did not move over and get out of his way even though she was over 8 seconds per lap off the pace, Hunter-Reay was forced to take a different line through the corner which destroyed his lap time.

Above, Ryan Hunter-Reay has heated words with Milka Duno after qualifying

AutoRacing1.com spoke to Hunter-Reay afterward:

Question: Tell us what happened out there with Milka?
She's a %$#@. She doesn't know what she is doing. It's amazing that you have someone in professional racing like that in a car. She doesn't even know who is behind her. She is so engulfed, she is so immersed in trying to keep the car on the track, she has no idea when a car comes up along the side of her. It's scary enough driving next to her on a road course let alone an oval,  but we were plenty fast to pass on the top 6 here.  I made a mistake and caused the yellow, as the rules show I got docked my two laps. Up until that last corner I was going faster again I would have made it in by a good chunk, I couldn't believe it, I was a half track behind her starting the lap by the end of the last two corners I caught her I couldn't believe the closing rate. I mean she'/s faster than one or two Indy Lights cars. I don't get it, I mean I not blaming anything on anyone else, when you do it day in & out, you bite your lip.  And then it finally ends up just ruining one of your qualifying sessions.  Every point in the series is so valuable and qualifying on a road course is key.

Question: What did you say to her?
I said if you are going to go that slow you have to drive your mirrors-you have to.

Question: And did she act like war r u talking about?
: No she said , "I let you go". I said "no I said you had no idea you were next to me.  She said that's not important. There was no contact, I dive bombed her early enough there was no contact, otherwise she would have steered right into the side of me.

Q: But why let her out for Indy qualifying? We've been asking this for years now.
Let her practice for two sessions and then park her

Q:  Will you be talking to the officials about her!
R: oh yeah, I will be going up there.

Q:  This is an issue that's been brought up by many drivers. That was an issue brought up in mid Ohio
She just does not know how to drive a race car.

Q:  As far as tomorrow, can you win from where you are starting?
R: Yes, you got to think you can. It's not the formula for success but you can do it.

Q: Is the car good enough to win from 16th?
  The car good enough to be a solid top five car.  However, I start at 16th so I don't know . I'll go out and charge hard like I always do and see how it goes.

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