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Kahne had No Reason to Apologize UPDATE
Kasey Kahne
A reader writes, Dear AR1.com, Since Kasey Kahne seems to have a problem with a woman's bare breast I suspect we'll never see Hooters sponsor his race car.  Mike Neubauer

12/30/11 This story is in regards to the 'Breast-gate' article we broke yesterday on our Home page.

Once again in our politically correct world a sports star has to apologize after an exchange on Twitter. Yes Kasey Kahne shouldn’t have lashed out with a twitter response to an ignorant comment from an anonymous twitterer, but having his sponsors apologize for his opinion on breast feeding in public was absurd! Have we gone so far off the politically correct ledge that any comment from anyone on any subject that has its own rooting section needs to be instantly apologized for? Kasey Kahne had no reason to apologize for having an opinion.

Getting You Abreast of the Situation

In case you have been in a NASCAR holiday coma I will recap the breast story. Kasey Kahne was in a grocery store and witnessed a woman openly breast feeding her baby. Kahne tweeted, “Just walking though supermarket. See a mom breast feeding little kid. Took second look because obviously I was seeing things. I wasn’t!” This caused a bit of an uproar on Twitter with one person calling him a “Douche Bag.” Kahne returned fire calling the lady on Twitter a “Dumb Bitch.” This story got picked up by ESPN and all of the major news organizations and quickly Kasey Kahne issued an apology.

“In all honestly, I was surprised by what I saw in a grocery store,” Kahne said in his apology. “I shared that reaction with my fans on Twitter. It obviously wasn’t the correct approach, and, after reading your feedback, I now have a better understanding of why my posts upset some of you.

“My comments were not directed at the mother’s right to breastfeed. They were just a reaction to the location of that choice, and the fashion in which it was executed on that occasion. I respect the mother’s right to feed her child whenever and wherever she pleases.”

No Need to Apologize

Maybe Kasey Kahne needed to apologize for lashing out after being called a derogatory name. It would have been wiser for him to just walk away but how many in the media that criticized his response have been guilty of nasty responses to messages themselves? Kasey Kahne apologized to the lady on Twitter and that was certainly enough. Isn’t it ok to make a comment about something in this day and age without it turning into a huge media circus? I would also be irritated by a woman not being discrete when she is trying to breast feed her kid in public! I would also be irritated to see that same woman changing a diaper right out in open in a restaurant or grocery store. (And I have seen that before too!)

Some in the NASCAR media need to apologize to Kasey Kahne for how they characterized his interaction on Twitter too. ESPN’s article said he called the lady on Twitter a “Dumb Bitch” after she disagreed with his comments. No where in there article does it show what she said to him! If someone walks up to you and calls you a derogatory name don’t you respond in kind before you think it through? Twitter works the same way with things being blurted out without thinking it through sometimes. Fox Sports was even worse saying that Kasey Kahne’s “Dumb Bitch” comment came as a result of the lady saying to him, “I hope someday you have a kid and someone tells your wife that feeding your child looks nasty.” No where in that article does it mention that she called him a “Douche Bag” and even makes it appear that Kasey Kahne fired the first nasty comment. (Order of comments confirmed via the lady that got into the argument with Kasey Kahne)

Boycott Breasts

The absurdity of this whole event got my head spinning today. Kasey Kahne was wrong for calling anyone a “Dumb Bitch” but once you put the whole thing in the correct context it suddenly doesn’t look quite as mean spirited. Kasey Kahne also was quick to apologize to the lady he lashed back at on Twitter and she also apologized to him. In this day and age when anyone says something the least bit askew from the Politically Correct Playbook there are instant calls to boycott their sponsors! The hell with it I am going to get on the bandwagon myself and I am going to boycott breasts until they apologize to Kasey Kahne. Kasey Kahne had no reason to apologize for thinking that those breast feeding in public should have some consideration of others. RaceTalkRadio.com

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