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Jamie Alguersuari says he'll be back
Jaime, it’s been over two months since the phone call from Red Bull saying they will not count on you for 2012. How do you feel?

“On December 13th, when Red Bull Racing told me that I was no longer part of the family I said that I was not going to judge them, neither I was feeling like a victim and that this was not a drama.  But let me say just one thing: they hurt me, and moreover, it was unnecessary.”

How do you feel looking back?

“In 2012 I will not be in Toro Rosso but I want to let everybody know that personally I feel very proud of my work and specially with my progression in F1. Red Bull has never demanded so much from anyone! They made me debut in the middle of the Season when I was 19 with not one single kilometer of testing completed.  I ought to face Sebastian Buemi, a great driver, two years older than me, with more mileage and more GP experience.

Buemi and I shared almost three full seasons (2009-2011) of the history of the Toro Rosso’s made in Faenza.  The ones before were constructed in Milton Keynes by Adrian Newey!  Having said that, with the car I had, I scored three records for the Team:  best Quality (6th  in Spa), best result (7th in Monza and 7th in Korea) and the maximum scoring points for the Team: 31 points. I’ve been 11 times in the top 10 from 46 Grand Prix. This is my heritage and the results I can be compared to so far at 21.”

You talked about unnecessary damage, can you be more precise on that point?

"I was verbally confirmed during the Brazilian GP. Hence, being confirmed by Red Bull and STR, I rejected a very good offer. Back on December 11th, Toro Rosso sent me to a PR event in Madrid, in the Cepsa headquarters to participate in the awarding medal ceremony to the employees with the longest seniority in the company and the Christmas dinner, with a very well prepared script from Faenza where I was supposed to talk about Toro Rosso, Cepsa and myself in 2012. Two days later, I received a phone call saying that they were not counting on me. They were two phone calls no longer than two minutes each.

Neither I nor anyone else will ever understand why having largely fulfilled all expectations that the team asked for, having improved my position from 2010 and having beaten my teammate, I was ceased on December 14th when there was no reaction time to have a good option to run in 2012.

It’s not me who should judge what Red Bull has done.

Somehow I represent a generation of young drivers age 21.

Those who are running today the World Series by Renault, GP2 and other international categories.
I know I am a model for them.

They have seen me debut with  zero experience in F1 with 19 years, and in just 2 years they have seen me arrive 11 times among the top 10 of the F1 World Championship.

They have seen me beat Rosberg with a Toro Rosso, and they have seen me grasp a 6th position in a qualifying at Spa.

What could all these drivers think about the F1 and Red Bull? What could they think about their future?

Honestly, I believe it’s the journalists and the people connected to the F1 world who should ask questions about this matter."

I see, in fact Red Bull let you very little time to find a seat in F1...

“Zero time. After the Brazilian GP, on December 4th I won the Desafio das Estrelas in Florianopolis (Brazil). I received two phone calls from Toro Rosso and Red Bull congratulating me and we talked about organizing 2012. It was impossible to imagine what they would decide in just 10 days. I want to state as many times as necessary that I don’t bear any grudge against them because I am what I am because of them. But being realistic, looking for a seat in mid December was Mission Impossible."

Do you still consider F1?

“I only think about the F1. I’m 21 and I have disputed 46 Grand Prix and demonstrated that I’m capable to beat a Mercedes in the last lap, as I did in the Korean GP, and to qualify 11 times in the top 10. I’m not a rookie. So let’s say yes to Formula One, but not at any cost.”

Why you didn’t consider HRT?

“When I found out about Red Bull’s decision in December I contacted Luis Perez-Sala, my friend and mentor since I raced in Formula Renault 1600 Italia. We both had the same feeling.  HRT does not have a car for me today and I cannot liquidate my heritage at my age fighting to improve a car, which of course will be far behind on the grid. HRT is not an option for me now. I cannot bear to be penultimate in the grid every race. Luis did totally agree with me since the very beginning. Having said that I believe that De la Rosa has wide enough capacity to develop and improve these cars as well as the team. Maybe this opens new opportunities for the future. I’m convinced that the team that manages HRT will be capable to have a competitive car in the future. "

What about Williams?

“To be honest I never thought about Williams. Today, they only need drivers that pay.”

What is your future?

“I’m a professional driver, with experience and well proof results. I will never pay for a seat. In January I have had some conversations which might be decisive in my future with one of the top F1 Teams. I must say that I had a very warm welcome, and they pay a lot of respect for me and we have opened a path. Obviously I can not reveal the nature of our intentions. All I will say is that I will be fully dedicated to F1 in 2012. My duty is being ready to deliver if the opportunity comes up. And that’s what I’m doing now.

In late March I will turn 22, I'm training every day in the High Performance Centre of Catalonia and I can assure that I am physically and mentally better than ever. Honestly, in these 2 months, I had time to reflect and based on the information I have, I decided to be free and available without any contractual relationship with anyone, in order to be given an opportunity to allow me to reenter the F1 and show all my talent and potential. Now everyone knows that at my age and I contested 46 GPs and I am useful option available. I will choose when the time comes."

December has been one of the worst months of your life. How are you doing now?

“Finally, when I face everything and after the surprising decision from Red Bull, I’m a happy man at least and for the first time in my sporting career, I’m the owner of my destiny. The sudden and unexpected death of Raniero Gianotti, my personal trainer, my brother, my friend, helped to understand and assume the real life values. Raniero will always be in my heart."

Your music career goes well though. This year you will have more time, I guess Squire will be benefiting from all this!…

"My alter ego Squire and the music, and the F1 driver Jaime Alguersuari get along very well. They always got along really well. The relationship between Alguersuari F1 and Squire will not change; I scheduled my days in a very methodical and orderly way. My physical progression will be even better and stronger than last year, it is more than likely that I will contest some test of the highest level in the premier class of the world karting KZ1 such as the European or the World Championship. At the same time I have started to learn German daily.

Fortunately, I have a professional recording studio at my house where I produced and still continue to produce new electronic music themes. I will continue to appear as I did last year in night clubs where my music is liked. Barely a few weeks ago I felt a tremendous satisfaction in Bilbao’s Txitxarro club where 3,000 people and I became one. But in any case, Squire will continue doing what he did and Alguersuari F1 driver is ready to return as soon as a chance comes up in F1. So there is no conflict between music and F1."

Did you feel the support of the fans?

“Yes, I want to thank everyone for all their support. Many people expressed their solidarity to me after the bad news came. The good point of all these unusual situations in a sportsman life is that they allow you to realize who really cares about you when you’re having a difficult moment, and they increase the emotional power of the shining moments when they arrive, when these arrive! I want everyone to know. They haven’t killed me, I’m 21. I’ll be back.”

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