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Readers react to Allmendinger article
A number of readers have written in regarding Stephen Cox's latest article on A.J. Allmendinger and his failed drug test.

Dear AR1.com, Great article by Stephen Cox about A. J. Allmendinger.  If everything Stephen says is true and if A. J. didn't truly abuse drugs, then it's only a matter of time before NASCAR's biggest stars will all be suspended.  Or it wouldn't surprise me if someone in NASCAR had another agenda for A. J.  Paula Joseph

Dear Ar1.com, Your article is 100% right! I agree with the comments wholeheartedly. Unfortunately there are few in authority that do.......they are purely pushing "look good" political agenda. I have raced professionally myself and am completely against drug and alcohol use in relation to any sport. Thanks for you frank and honest views. Barry 

Dear AR1.com, Thank you for a brilliant article on the AJ fiasco. This is simply one of the best written and most damning pieces I've ever seen on AR1. Not to mention the only article that sums up the absurd and pathetic situation which has damaged one of America's best racing drivers for life.

I have never been a NASCAR fan. I like my racing honest and real. (I guess that precludes IndyCar and F1 now as well).  The AJ saga has further poisoned me not only to the organization but more so to the drivers and owners who have dumped on the man in such a holier than though manner. Some of the drivers in particular have been so self righteous in their pontifications it made me want to throw up.

I only hope that AJ's career can get back on track as we need great American Drivers more than politically correct ones.

I also hope that this is a wake up call to all the groups and companies that think it is OK to ruin a person's life based on an imprecise and error prone system of tests performed by mere mortals who can, and do, all make mistakes.

But of course that is pure wishful thinking. Our society is headed into a divisionary chasm that has us all screaming at each other from our moral and idealistic high ground. While our politicians and leaders encourage this ever increasing split between factions and classes.

The whole "war on drugs" is a Government conspiracy totally out of control. Causing loss and suffering to hundreds of thousands of innocent people while costing us billions of dollars annually . It has, over the decades, produced absolutely zero results in it's stated goals.

How could it when the government through it's own agencies, read CIA, imports tons of illegal drugs into the country every year. Supports drug cartels directly in order to curry favors in foreign countries. And allows pharmaceutical companies to pump billions of poison pills into our systems all in the name of good health.

It is without doubt the biggest fiasco and lie perpetrated on the American public over the last 50 years.

Unfortunately, AJ is just another casualty in that unholy crusade.

Good luck to you AJ...unfortunately in this judgmental and divisive society we live in you are going to need a healthy dose of it to recover from the sickness that it has infected you with. There are no drugs for that malady I fear. Ray Masters

Dear AR1.com, Great Article, we need more people looking at both sides.  Dennis

Dear AR1.com, I wonder if there is a way to do a new baseline test on him to see him sans supplement/energy drink contamination and then have him take the supplement/energy drink and then get retested to see if the results would be duplicable.  I just seems totally inconceivable that he would purposely take something that is banned.  I had my life insurance premium increased by 2.5 times the rate it should have been because I had a flawed glucose test that I had incorrectly not waited the requisite fasting time and it resulted in showing a higher glucose reading due to that.  Since it was in my medical records, I now wear that scarlet letter of being type 2 diabetic and hence have a higher risk, even though it was not an accurate representation due to not having waited the correct amount of fasting hours before taking the test.  To make matters worse, my doctor then put in my chart a prescription for Metformin to help with my  high glucose readings.  I cannot get any of this info off of my medical records and I am basically screwed on future insurance at what should be healthy test results.  This sucks to no end.  I feel for A.J. and his situation if he honestly did not do any drugs knowingly.  I have also experienced false positives on other tests as well, one for my son and another one for my wife so it absolutely happens and you are at the mercy of the results as most institutions will view the results as being 100% accurate.

Good article that points out the problems with the industry  that makes up the drug testing in our country. Dan (in Chicago)

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