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Is there no 2013 silly season for IndyCar? UPDATE Our annual 2013 IndyCar Silly Season page has been started.  It is still work in progress.

A reader writes, Dear AR1.com, Considering the sad state of affairs, and the fact that I forgot IndyCar existed due to it finishing its season the last ice age.... maybe you forgot. I nearly did. 

If not, I'm left to presume that you, like me after nearly 20 years of the most nonsensical decisions being made by a pin the tail on the donkey in the dark approach of 16th and Georgetown, are in such dire, dire hopes of resurrection or success down the road that you can't bear to think about it. For God's sake, people clamoring for NASCRAPwagon to purchase the series? Pray tell... things must be bad. Why not have Lifetime Network or Jerry Springer buy it, they'd at least make up enough of the kind of drama that people watch instead of that which turns folks away.

I just don't care much about IndyCar anymore, I just don't. Those that know me wouldn't believe those words just came from my mind. I've been infatuated with this sport since Jr. High. My first race was at Laguna Seca for Mario Andretti's swan song, the crowds 60k or 70k deep from memory. These things burned so brightly in my heart for decades but now the candle barely flickers.

Sadly, no sooner did I fall in love with it than things went sideways, same with Van Halen, same with my marriage. Thanks Tony George, Eddie Van Halen, and ... .... moving on.

Such is the luck in my life.

Looking at a Lola or Reynard, even the Renske, Swift or the Panoz DP07... man, the cars were beasts yet beautiful. ChampCar was regaining traction for a minute, on the right track. That was just before they shut down, folded (merged or whatever) and clearly told us that what we have now would be better for the sport. It's been all down hill. Good racing people claim? It has been, sure, but you can see that at any club event on any weekend, at local moto-x tracks, formula v and formula ford, club racing miatas. Check out any regional SCCA or NASA event near you.

Good racing alone sucks nuts and bolts. It's about the imagination, about the cars. The 1950's wasn't about how great the cars were but about how great they could be. There was excitement and anticipation, things were on the edge.

Then, on the other end of things, ALMS. The sexiest cars on earth, diverse technology. If they brought that approach to IndyCar it would have been exactly what the heyday of CART was all about. Manufacturer's involvement brings in the $ and technology that people want to see. Having a cheap series doesn't ensure and enduring economy. These IndyCar chassis, to put it frankly, suck. They are not exciting to watch, they look like beached whales except on super speedways with the tiny rear wings and all, and there isn't anything different between any of them. Aero kits be damned, what a farce.

I'm not offering solutions here but would be happy to upon request. I'm just ... well, asking why you don't have silly season page yet? Are you as dejected as I am?

I just can't believe some circle track or mud pit / snow mobile racing has more coverage on the "speed" network than IndyCar or F1. Maybe, just like the cool car models from manufacturers, Americans only get fed the crap THEY (whoever they are) think we want to digest. Sometimes being American  comes at a cost.

How much easier would it be to be Italian, German, Aussie, Chinese, Japanese, South African, Canadian, Brazilian, Mexican, French, Russian, Indian or English and have something you love to cheer for on motorsports weekends and live in the bliss that you didn't know a damn thing about IndyCar?

That whole hearted dedication is what I'm envious about from my soccer, football & baseball friends in the world. They got it on a platter.  Rich Rose

Dear Rich, Hang in there, we will have a 2013 IndyCar Silly Season page up.  Right now we are focused on the NASCAR and F1 seasons coming to an exciting end. And to be honest the firing of Randy Bernard and the internal politics in IndyCar that are rotting the series from the inside out have taken precedence for the moment.  CART, for all its faults, made IndyCar racing into something even better than F1 at the time. There isn't a person in the IndyCar paddock that wouldn't jump at the chance to return to that golden era.  But it's too late. Tony George won his pyrrhic victory. Mark C.
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