Predicting CART's 2001 Schedule 
July 14, 2000
Revised July 20, 2000

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Here is what we believe CART's schedule will likely look like when it gets released next week.  It was put together from bits and pieces of information.  We think running Nazareth on the 2nd weekend of Indy 500 qualifying makes the most sense.  Most CART teams will have qualified on the first weekend, and those who don't can qualify on Saturday, the day before the Nazareth race.  Don't book those hotel's just yet, however, because TV negotiations may mean some date changes will be necessary.

AutoRacing1's  2001 CART Schedule

Date Venue

March 11

Monterrey, Mexico (New temporary road course)

March 25

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Oval)

April 8

Long Beach, California (Temporary street course)

April 21

Motegi, Japan (Oval, Sat. race)

May 6

Irvine, Texas- Texas Motor Speedway (New oval)

May 12-13

Indy Qualifying, Indianapolis, Indiana (IRL)

May 19

Indy Qualifying (Last Day), Indianapolis, Indiana (IRL)

May 20

Nazareth, Pennsylvania (Short oval)

May 27

Indy 500, Indianapolis, Indiana (IRL)

June 3

Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Short oval)

June 10

Detroit, Michigan (Temporary street course)

June 24

Cleveland, Ohio (Temporary road course)

July 1

Portland, Oregon (Road course)

July 15

Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Temporary street course)

July 22

Michigan Speedway (Oval)

July 29

Chicago, Illinois (Short Oval)

August 12

Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course (Road course)

August 19

Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin Road America (Road course)

September 2

Vancouver, British Columbia (Temporary street course)

September 15

Brandenburg, Germany (Oval track - Eurospeedway, Sat. race)

September 22

Rockingham, England (Oval track, Sat. Race)

October 7

Houston, Texas (Temporary street course)

October 14

Monterey, California Laguna Seca (Road course)

October 28

Surfers Paradise, Australia (Temporary street course)

November 4

Fontana, California (Oval)

Final tally - 10 Ovals (11 if you count Indy), 6 Street Course, 6 Road Courses

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