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Kenny Brack

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Latest News and Commentary

Another bandwagon....
by Scott Morris
August 23, 2002

This letter is in response to this Milwaukee Sentinel Journal article.

Mr. Kallmann,

If CART is dying, why is the attendance so strong? All of you reporters keep failing to mention this. You know, eventually, the public is going to label you all ignorant hacks, and just stop reading. You won't know though, because your editors know even less, and the daily news and stock tables and reports still make any rag worth buying.

Second thought, perhaps I am wrong. The public only knows what you tell them; they follow your word like sheep in a herd. Sad, isn't it?

All the things you mention about CART are quite interesting and true to a point. However, it continually perplexes me as to why the American media and general public fail to view and appreciate racing for what racing is supposed to be, instead of trying to turn it into a WWF style circus like NASCAR and the IRL? Why must we tailor everything to the attention deficit disorder stricken American public. Double up on the over- prescribed medication and watch what is really going on.

Has it ever occurred to someone that when a pass is difficult to make, it takes more skill to execute? Has anyone ever considered that DaMatta has been clearly faster than anyone else in most every outing, even though his car is essentially the same as several others? That's driver my friend, and quite interesting to watch to see what makes him so different and better than the others. It also makes it even more interesting to see Carpentier drive so flawlessly to challenge DaMatta, or watch Junqueira run him the closing laps.

You know, maybe you're right. Lets make it more interesting. Lets forget that the sport is about the man and the machine, and the harmony and control, on the cutting edge, between them. Lets require that every driver must be passed at least three times on-track during a race. Boy would that make it look neat. Each driver would have to figure out when and where to be passed and yet still come out on top. Wowzers, that makes a lot of sense. Exciting stuff...for idiots.

Why don't we lower the NBA basket about six inches, or make Hockey goals the same size as soccer goals? Why are baseball bats still round and required to be made of wood? In fact, lets put all the bases flush with the ground so its not so hard to touch each one as you run. And lets give batter a few more strikes too while we're at it so the batting averages go up a little bit.

Does nobody understand what it takes to pilot a car around a road course like Road America, where the kink is a flat, top gear, full throttle, full drift turn with absolutely no room for error? I can happily arrange for about 10 laps in the two-seat Champ car around Road America, at full speed if you like. I think you would soil your knickers. In fact, I would be happy to place a handsome wager on that.

It seems the majority of Americans lack the intellect or sophistication to appreciate what a real racing car driver is, and what real racing is about. They prefer to be entertained like children watching cartoons.

Maybe this is somehow related to the fact that out illiteracy rate (per-capita), as well as knowledge in science and math amongst the American public as whole ranks below many third world countries. We are a bunch of brain-lazy idiots that want to be entertained. My girlfriend works in a home for Alzheimer's patients, and that is what she does, find ways to keep them happy and entertained.

This is why CART has such an upscale and international following. This is why they still have excellent attendance (true attendance mind you...not the IRL's count 5 for every 1 method), and the overseas and foreign attendance is through the roof! There are still enough people that know what real racing is, and will come to see it. Obviously you, as well a the rest majority of the American public do not. So keep watching your NASCAR and your WWF, and your Jerry Springer.

And if you are going to report on something, be true to your journalist mission, which is to responsibly inform the public and deliver the true story by reporting the facts. I realize this is crap, as journalism is more about ad revenue and reader counts than it is about real reporting, but you guys could at least pretend to care about the principles and foundation of the journalism profession.

In closing. NASCAR is not racing, it is entertainment held on a racing track. It is only about sucking every possible dollar out of a demographic segment, that often times does not really have it to spend. Even the insiders at NASCAR will tell you that in private. IRL is cut out of the NASCAR mould.

Sure these types of racing have their place. Entertainment is not a bad thing. Even I enjoy being entertained once in while. But let be honest about what people are really watching here, or they will get (already have) a very distorted view about what the sport really is and what its about.

CART and F1 are real racing. Take a look. Figure it out.

Scott Morris
Orlando, FL"

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