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F1 Hot News
By Andrew Maitland
July 8, 2002

Driver Analysis: British GP
1- Michael Schumacher (Ferrari): Stormed home on superior Bridgestone tires for a faultless 60th career victory. 'It is also an ideal situation for the championship. The whole car-tire package worked well, and I thank Ross (Brawn) for making the right decisions on strategy.'

2- Rubens Barrichello (Ferrari): Completes the scarlet 1-2 after fighting from last on the grid. 'After stalling on the grid, I stayed calm and started to pass people. I spun when I touched a kerb, and enjoyed a fair fight with Montoya.'

3- Juan Pablo Montoya (Williams): After a defensive fight with Schumacher, struggled to make his Michelin's work in the wet. 'It was a crazy race. I couldn't keep Michael back, but then the rain decided the race because our tires didn't have the pace.'

4- Jacques Villeneuve (BAR): Heads the team's first points for 2002 with an impressive drive. 'It was a very tricky race, but so great for the team. The car and circuit really suited each other and the result is a credit to us.'

5- Olivier Panis (BAR): With patience and a solid drive, completed a great day for Brackley. 'I'm very, very happy. Sometimes these things takes time but it's like good food - you need to wait.'

6- Nick Heidfeld (Sauber): Also on Bridgestones, pushed hard to net the final point at Silverstone. 'My first set of tires didn't seem to work, but was better on Inters. The car was good and I was able to push hard.'

7- Giancarlo Fisichella (Jordan): Just failed to score a point for the locally-based outfit. 'Seventh is alright, but it would have been fantastic to score points today. I drove well, but the car was very nervous.'

8- Ralf Schumacher (Williams): Ran strongly until the rain and a broken fuel rig ended his luck. 'We were clearly the best Michelin team, but the fuel rig problem leaves me very disappointed.'

9- Felipe Massa (Sauber): With multiple spins, the Brazilian was lucky to finish. 'The track was very slippery in the early laps, and I was quicker than several people, but I'd lost too much time for points.'

10- David Coulthard (McLaren): Multiple pitstops, poor wet Michelin rubber and communication breakdown marred his day. 'A terrible afternoon. While the mechanics could hear me, the pitwall couldn't. We made a mistake by staying out on slicks and had braking problems.'

11- Pedro de la Rosa (Jaguar): Did well to cross the finish line intact with valuable R3b data. 'We took full wets, which was a mistake. We did our best and have a good data bank of information to take away and analyze.'

12- Jenson Button (Renault): Like other Michelin runners, Jenson's luck ended with the rain. 'Everything was working well, despite some understeer. When the rain came, the Bridgestones were simply flying. At the end, had a problem with the front wheel.'

13- Takuma Sato (Jordan): Another engine failure prevented Taku from scoring a debut point. 'After we changed to intermediates, the handling was very good and I continued to get a good run on dry tires. But then sadly the engine just blew up.'

14- Kimi Raikkonen (McLaren): Ran strongly until tire, pitstop and engine gremlins ended his day. 'I was as quick as the leaders early on, overtaking Ralf; and then the rain started. I didn't inform the crew early enough for the pitstop, then an engine problem finished my race.'

15- Jarno Trulli (Renault): A strong runner until the rain, electrical problems halted his R202. 'It was a tough race! Then electronic problems started: the car lacked traction, and the gearbox started downshifting on its own. I was losing so much time that all I could do was retire.'

16- Enrique Bernoldi (Arrows): Would have scored points, a failure ending a dismal weekend for the team. 'I was able to push hard and was thoroughly enjoying the race. In the end it didn't matter as I stopped for good.'

17- Eddie Irvine (Jaguar): 'In his crucial British Grand Prix, Irvine ended the day in the gravel. 'The conditions were very tricky, making us stop for full wets. I lost grip on a kerb coming out of Stowe.'

18- Heinz-Harald Frentzen (Arrows): Chasing Ralf for third place, an engine failure ended the chance of points. 'That was the most fun we have had this weekend! We were definitely in for a lot of points today and Ralf would have been easy meat.'

19- Mika Salo (Toyota): When the rain hit, a small spin broke the drive train. 'When the rain started our lack of downforce really showed and we struggled with little grip. Very disappointing after such a good qualifying yesterday.'

20- Mark Webber (Minardi): On lap ten, a little mistake stranded the Aussie in the Stowe gravel. 'The car just snapped into a high-speed spin. It's disappointing, because we could have finished well.'

21- Allan McNish (Toyota): In his first home Grand Prix, everything went wrong for the Scot. 'The lights went green, the clutch groaned and the engine stalled. Needless to say I am extremely disappointed, not only for myself and the team but for the fans supporting me here at my home race.'

22- Alex Yoong (Minardi): Did not qualify.

Team Analysis: British GP
Scuderia Ferrari (1 and 2): A consummate performance with clearly dominant Bridgestone wet tires. The Scuderia's twelfth British Grand Prix triumph. Jean Todt: 'It has been an exceptional day, with a fantastic one-two scored on our rivals' home turf. Our entire package was excellent: the drivers, the team, the cars and the Bridgestone tires.'

BMW.Williams (3 and 8): A difficult race marred by underperforming Michelin wets and fuel-rig problems. Sam Michael: 'A good conclusion for Juan to what was a really difficult race. Juan did well to claim a podium position and the points to go with it in all of the changeable racing conditions.'

BAR Honda (4 and 5): Finally some good news for the Brackley, a strong performance and five debut 2002 points. Olivier Panis: 'I consider this a good step forward for the team but let's keep focus and remember that we have a lot of work ahead of us.'

Sauber Petronas (6 and 9): Nick Heidfeld struggling with grip and Felipe struggling to keep pointed in the right director, a good result. Peter Sauber: 'We did well to salvage sixth place this afternoon. Congratulations to the team for great pitwork, and to the drivers for fighting performances.'

Jordan Honda (7 and DNF): Just meters from their Silverstone factory, seventh place and an engine failure is a disappointing result. Eddie Jordan: 'I'm sorry we didn't score a better result for all our staff who are here today. I am certain that better races are in store for us.'

McLaren Mercedes (10 and DNF): With no grip from the Michelin wets, McLaren endured a dismal Sunday's racing at Silverstone. Ron Dennis: 'Unexpected pitstops coupled with significant interference on our pitwall communications systems did not place us in a position for even a top six result. As always we will learn from our mistakes.'

Jaguar Cosworth (11 and DNF): Failed to meet expectations or make noticeable gains with their heavily-revised package. Niki Lauda: 'It's been a long and difficult weekend for us, and we have many issues to address. We have learned a great deal about our new package and quite simply, we still have a fair way to go before we are satisfied.'

Renault (DNF and DNF): Poor balance, no grip from the tires and two failures speak for themselves. Mike Gascoyne: 'Jarno suffered electronic problems, and after Jenson stopped with the problem on the left front wheel, we decided to retire him as there was little point continuing given his position.'

Arrows Cosworth (DNF and DNF): Would have wound up in the points, but instead fittingly ending a dismal Silverstone weekend. Graham Taylor: 'It was certainly good to see our cars swarming all over some of the more significant Michelin runners, but to not finish is a huge shame.'

Toyota (DNF and DNF): A clutch failure on McNish's car and a low-grip spin ended Toyota's run early on. Ove Andersson: 'A weekend to forget for us, but again there is plenty to learn from. Our car is clearly not as good in the wet as in the dry and we have to work on this.'

Minardi (DNF and DNQ): While Yoong failed to make the grade in qualifying, Webber made his first mistake of the year at Stowe. Paul Stoddart: 'Sadly, today was not as productive as we hoped it might be. Given the changing conditions, it was a perfect race for KL Minardi Asiatech to have scored a point.'

Irvine Ready To Walk?
Eddie Irvine has refused to confirm reports that he will hang up his helmet before the year is out, the Ulsterman saying that he's taking it 'day by day'.

After failing to shine in the much touted, heavily-revised R3b package, the 37-year-old was compelled to respond to claims that today's British Grand Prix could have been his last.

'The speculation surrounding my future continues', the Jaguar driver said. 'There have been stories saying that if I don't do well on Sunday I'll quit the sport,' he told the Sun newspaper.

'It's not as simple as that and I have not set myself any deadlines on making a decision. We are taking it day by day but it would obviously be very sad if this turned out to be my final British Grand Prix.'

His three-year contract up for renewal, Irvine promised to 'walk into the sunset' if the Silverstone aero-kit failed to fly.

And fly it did not; unless you count a high-speed conversation with a Silverstone tire barrier...

'The grip level on the track was far from ideal and on lap 23 I lost grip coming out of Stowe', the 37-year-old confirmed.

'The car spun completely off the track and buried itself in the gravel trap. Not the way to leave your mark on your home race, but with only eleven cars finishing the race today, it isn't hard to appreciate the challenges that everyone was faced with today.

'Some got lucky, some didn't!'

Schumacher Relishes Challenge
While Rubens Barrichello is proving a match for teammate Michael Schumacher lately, the feisty German is relishing the challenge of an all-scarlet duel.

Trouncing the champion at the A1-Ring, the Brazilian continued to out-shine his illustrious Ferrari cohort at the Nurburgring and during qualifying for yesterday's British Grand Prix.

If Schumacher is feeling the pressure, however, he certainly isn't letting it show. 'It is always a good challenge fighting with your teammate,' he said.

'When Rubens does better in practice and qualifying it just pushes me to try even harder. Of course, we will try and find out why and try to modify my car to try similar set-ups.

'Very often it works, but sometimes, like qualifying at Silverstone, unfortunately I have not managed to do better.'

Rubens was ordered aside for Schumacher after dominating the Austrian Grand Prix in May, the scarlet pitwall sparking a global controversy. At yesterday's British race, Schumacher led home the fourth Ferrari one-two this year.

'This is a very special win for me, as I have not finished first so often here and it is also my 60th win', the German said.

'It is also an ideal situation for the championship.'

A repeat of today's performance will see Michael Schumacher snare his fifth world championship crown.

Castroneves Linked To McLaren
McLaren chief Ron Dennis has rubbished claims that Indy Racing League ace Helio Castroneves is eyeing a silver seat at Woking.

While the team principal grapples with contracted drivers David Coulthard, Kimi Raikkonen and 'sabbatical-boy' Mika Hakkinen, the Briton admits that unproven Brazilians from across the Atlantic are the furthest thing from his mind.

'There are quite a few humorous things I could say in response,' Dennis said with a chuckle. 'But the truth is I can't even spell his name!'

While the back-to-back Indy 500 star impressed in his recent Toyota F1 test at Paul Ricard, Dennis remains firm that there is 'Absolutely no foundation' to the wild rumor.

While Castroneves might have to be content with his red and white Penske for now, Dennis admits that a few changes are on the cards for Woking next year.

'We are not winning at the moment and when that is the case, you have to evaluate every aspect of your operation,' Dennis adds. 'There are a range of decisions we are currently working on and should be in a position to say something within the month of July.'

Among the 'range' of decisions, is no doubt the team's 2002 driver line-up. While David Coulthard and Kimi Raikkonen are expected to keep their silver seats next year, Mika Hakkinen holds an option for a racing return.

Bernie Slams Silverstone
As 20,000 motorists grappled their way out of the revised Silverstone International last night, Bernie Ecclestone slammed the track after $10m of circuit revisions.

Issued a stern ultimatum late last year, promoters Octagon were forced to pay a $8m performance bond pending rapid improvements to circuit access, parking and traffic chaos.

The new Dadford road and 18,000 parking spaces later, and the F1 Supremo remains unmoved that the British Grand Prix remains 'The worst event' on the calendar.

'I've looked at the car parks and everything else,' the 71-year-old Briton said yesterday at Silverstone. 'The new roads are down to the Government. The rest hasn't changed too much.

'I'm not impressed and it's dreadful for the public. It's chaos, nobody knows where they're going or where they've been. There are no signs, nothing.'

Despite staging the inaugural modern championship race in 1950, Ecclestone is convinced that the past is 'Where it belongs - history. It's probably worse than most other races.'

The stern warning to Silverstone comes just weeks after Ecclestone quipped that 'three or four' current Grand Prix tracks would lose their spot on the future F1 calendar.

Russia, China, Turkey, Bahrain and others are all lining up to taste the benefits of the pinnacle of motorsports.

Michelin Struggle In Wet
Even Pierre Dupasquier's damage-limitation PR after yesterday's showery British Grand Prix was not enough to hide Michelin's slippery deficit to rival tire manufacturer Bridgestone.

All bets were off as the rain came tumbling down on the 5.14km Northamptonshire track, Juan Pablo Montoya's feisty defence of Michael Schumacher coming to and end when his full-wet French rubber failed to grip the circuit.

The scarlet juggernaut, shod with superb Intermediate Bridgestone rubber, highlighted Michelin's urgent need to further develop their wet rubber.

Motorsport Director Dupasquier, however, remained defiant that the Michelin's weren't to blame for the scarlet whitewhash. 'There were some very positive aspects', the Frenchman said rather unconvincingly.

'Our intermediate tires have been much maligned in the past, but if you look at the lap times David Coulthard was doing they stood up very well in today's conditions.

'McLaren was a bit unfortunate today: the weather conditions were unpredictable and although the team's tire gambles didn't pay off, they could well have done. It was a risk worth taking.'

A leading Michelin runner revealed that, with the Intermediates simply not up to scratch, intermittent rain left him without an option at Silverstone today. 'It was too slippery for grooved tires, and not wet enough for full wets.

'We need an Inter like Bridgestone'.

Towards the end of a highly defensive 60-laps, Juan Pablo Montoya found himself overtaken by Ferrari runner Rubens Barrichello. Pierre Dupasquier continues, however, that no-one was able to compete with Ferrari in yesterday's British Grand Prix.

'They (Ferrari) weren't just three to four seconds per lap faster than our cars, they were that much faster than everybody', he added. 'This included Villeneuve, Heidfeld and Fisichella who are all exceptionally good drivers in the rain - but they were on the same (Bridgestone) tires and were all three to four seconds per lap slower (than Ferrari).

'Juan Pablo did a really good race, with a correct strategy, finishing at 31 seconds from the winner.'

Pay-Day At Brackley
Four months into the 2002 season, BAR-Honda have finally netted their first points of the season with a strong showing at the British Grand Prix.

Clearly benefiting from superior wet Bridgestone rubber, the locally-based Brackley outfit - led by David Richards - welcomed home French-Canadian Jacques Villeneuve for a solid fourth place and three vital championship points.

After so much 2002 toil, Jacques is delighted to relieve BAR of their status as the only Formula One outfit scoreless this year. 'It has been a long time coming but today's result is fantastic for the team,' he said.

'It was a very tricky race and to get both cars home in the points in those conditions is great for everybody. I've had a very good three days here; we just kept improving the car throughout every session.

'For the first time this season, we were confident that for once we didn't have to rely on luck to be in with a chance of a points finish. We were actually competitive enough and the car and circuit really suited each other', added the 1997 and '97 Silverstone winner.

Consolidating pay-day for the struggling team was Frenchman Olivier Panis, following his cohort home for an additional two BAR points. 'I'm very, very happy,' he smiled.

'This is a fantastic day for me and for the team, especially as this was our home Grand Prix. I'm really pleased that we were able to put on a good show for all the staff in the grandstands -this result is exactly what they needed.

'From 13th position it was a hell of a fight because of the weather conditions, but I had a lot of fun along the way. After all the problems I had on Friday and Saturday, the team reacted with great professionalism and determination.

'I would like to take this opportunity to thank Honda for all their hard work because we have great respect for what they are trying to do. Sometimes these things take time but it's like good food - you need to wait.

'Last but not least, a special thank you to Bridgestone, whose continued efforts paid off especially well in today's conditions.

'I consider this a good step forward for the team but let's keep focus and remember that we have a lot of work ahead of us.'

The Formula One circus moves on to country France in two weeks, for the picturesque event at Magny-Cours.

Bridgestone Conquer Rain
Japanese tire manufacturer Bridgestone scored a clear victory over rivals Michelin in yesterday's showery British Grand Prix.

Effectively winning the race with their V-treaded Intermediate tire, Bridgestone technical director Hisao Suganuma toasted a Ferrari one-two and five out of the six points-scoring positions.

'I am very proud of our performance today,' he said. 'The overall result with all but one of the top seven cars on our tires is down to the competitiveness of our intermediates in the damp conditions, and they survived reasonably well as the track dried out too.'

With most Michelin contenders opting for either grooved tires or full wets, the changeable Silverstone circuit highlights the need for a competitive Intermediate tire.

Even on dries, however, Bridgestone were confident of taking the fight to their French counterparts. 'During the early laps and at the end, we also showed that our dry tires were competitive.

'Nevertheless, we won't be sitting back, we will continue to work hard and

Ferrari Technical Director Ross Brawn, who steered Michael Schumacher's winning Bridgestone strategy, praised the Japanese rubber at the British Grand Prix.

'We had the best tires today, both in the dry and the wet,' he said.

F1 News In Brief
- The Swiss Sauber team welcomed Malaysian driver Mohamed Fairuz into their Silverstone garage on Saturday. Fairuz, a 19-year-old British Formula 3 charger accompanied Dad - Fauzy - a prominent man of the Malaysian karting and Motorsports scene. According to Peter Sauber, the team chief is 'Happy to support the efforts of the [Malaysian] government to prepare young racers for the more senior Formulas.' The Swiss boss then confirmed that Sauber will prepare a young driver program to help develop young Malaysian driving talent. 'We'll make a full announcement of this program in due course.'

- In Free Practice for the weekend's British Grand Prix, keen track spotters may have noticed Ferrari experimenting with different colored rain lights. As well as the usual bright red version, the F2002s of Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello also tried a fluorescent blue tail-light for improved rain visibility. The champion was unconvinced: 'It did not have the effect we were expecting', Schumacher said. 'Actually, when it rains very hard and the car in front is throwing up so much water, you can't see anything, whatever the color of the light!' Toyota were also spotted with blue tail lights.

- BMW.Williams technical Director Patrick Head has angrily called for a rapid fix to Ralf Schumacher's failed fuel rig. Holding fourth place, the German was forced out of the points when his FW24 struggled to have any fuel delivered. 'It's disappointing not to get 4th place with Ralf,' he said, 'But we had another refueling rig problem. We've got to find out what the problem is because it's the second time it's hit Ralf this season, with equipment that really should be sorted.'

- Within hours of the British Grand Prix close, Michelin had already turned their attention to the upcoming races on the 2002 calendar. With the heavily-revised Hockenheim circuit set for debut in four weeks' time, Pierre Dupasquier says that the German GP-spec tires are 'Not yet finalized because we are still analyzing the layout. It really will be a step into the unknown. It is so new that there haven't been any races at all there yet - the first will be the Formula 3000 event that acts as a curtain-raiser to the German GP two weeks from now.'

- Feeling a little weary? Spare a thought for Australian F1 fans today recovering from their 5 - 7am coverage of yesterday's British Grand Prix. With the Wimbledon clash, programmers at Channel 9 decided to air an additional seven hours of domestic Rugby, MAD TV, and a program called The Big Fish before televising the taped Silverstone action; and more of the same is planned for the French Grand Prix at Magny-Cours in two weeks' time. Since their own Australian Grand Prix in March, no live races have been aired 'down under' this year. Not happy? Send your email complaints to Network Head of Sports, Gary Burns at

On This F1 Day...
No Formula One birthdays today, but July 8 does mark the fortieth (40) anniversary of Dan Gurney and Porsche's first Formula One win at the 1962 Grand Prix of France at Rouen.

Starting from sixth on the grid, the American went on to win the Belgian Grand Prix in his own Eagle and Le Mans on successive weekends in 1967. One of the best and most versatile American drivers, he also gave Brabham their first championship victories.

Gurney's Eagles went on to be a mainstay of Indycar racing in the seventies. After 86 races, he converted four career wins from 3 poles.

On this day in 1984, British great Nigel Mansell started from his first career pole position in the United States Grand Prix at Dallas.

Driving the Lotus-Renault, the Englishman fell to sixth when his gearbox suffered a failure.

A fiercely competitive driver - one of the best of his generation - whose determination and talent finally netted a richly deserved championship in 1992 after several attempts.

On this day in 1990, Ferrari drove to their 100th win with Alain Prost at Paul Ricard.

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