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Interview with 12-year old John Edwards, the next Rain Meister?
 by Csaba Tůth
January 31, 2004

This interview is with recent 12-year old Barber Dodge race winner John Edwards by Csaba Tůth of motorsportok.hu.   At 12-years old, Edwards is believed to be the youngest driver to ever win a road race.  It's obvious from how well Edwards answered the questions he's well beyond his age in maturity.

Motorsportok: First, we would like to congratulate for your weekend results. Fantastic, being 12 years old and beating the big boys out there!
John Edwards: Thank you! It was amazing, I felt really great about it!

MST: Just for the record, when and where were you born?
JE: I was born on March 11th, 1991 in Louisville, Kentucky.

MST: Honestly, what did you expect from this weekend before the races?
JE: I expected to be competitive, probably about a Top 5, definitely a Top 10, and maybe a podium. But I never expected a win. When I won, I almost literally couldnít believe it.

MST: I think everybody from the media wants to come around you since this weekend? Do you like it?
JE: Itís an honor that everybody is treating me like this, and it has a bright side - that the story by Skip Barber was picked up like this. Itís just incredible.

MST: How many interviews have you done before this one?
JE: This is my first one.

MST: I think after these results, a lot of people will look differently at you, donít you think itís going to put some pressure on you?
JE: Not really, I mean, I try to be myself, I think, but it shouldnít demand very much.

MST: Have you been in school since your win? What were your classmates saying, have they heard that?
JE: I actually told one of my teachers and she e-mailed the entire school about it; so everybody in school knows about it now.

MST: How do you feel about this?
JE: Itís great; I mean lots of people are congratulating me and itís just great!

MST: How old were you, when you started karting and what kind of results did you have there?
JE: I started when I was 8 or 9. After I won my first club race we started to move up to regional and national races. This last year was my first in nationals and I finished sixth in one category, and tenth and eleventh in another two categories.

MST: Are you a rain man? I mean you won the second race with a 25 second lead in the rain, and it was only a 30 minute race. Guess you like racing in the rain.
JE: Itís a lot of fun in the rain. I like to think that Iím like Schumacher when Iím racing in the rain.

MST: How were you feeling after your first win? And after your second?
JE: After my first win I was fairly surprised. Because, you know, my expectations were to finish well, but Iíve never expected a win. After I won I almost couldnít believe it. After my second win I was happy that Iíve won, but I was a little bit surprised because it was my first rain race (in Skip Barber) and I won with such a margin that was also surprising.

MST: Iím sure your parents are proud of you. I see that your father is supporting your career (because he set up the interview). How about your mother?
JE: Sheís very supportive. She came to this last race because my dad was too busy with work. She drove me to the track and held my things when I was either getting in the car or getting feedback from the instructors. She did everything she could to help.

MST: When did you decide, that you want to be a race driver?
JE: Actually my dad was racing in Skip Barber and he actually wanted me to race karts for fun, and I thought kart racing would be a fun experience, or a hobby. Then it just grew from there. I canít really pick up one certain time when I got serious about it; I mean I never wanted to be a race driver to start with, but it just sort of evolved as a series of happenings.

MST: Basically, whatís next? Continue to learn in the Barber series?
JE: Yes, I think Iíll try to move up in the Skip Barber Ladder series to Barber Dodge Pro and then just move further up in the ladder system.

MST: Whatís your aim, whatís the big goal, Champ Car?
JE: Formula 1 is my main goal.

MST: Whoís your racing hero?
JE: Probably Michael Schumacher, just because of the way he acts and shows himself in interviews and during a race weekend, and obviously because of his driving style.

MST: John, thank you for the interview!

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