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Forsythe - OWRS has some big plans for Champ Cars
 Revealed in exclusive interview by CorsaNews
February 5, 2004

Gerald Forsythe

In an exclusive interview with our colleagues at CorsaNews in Italy today, Open Wheel Racing Series (OWRS) principal Gerald Forsythe had some interesting things to say about the future plans that OWRS has for the Champ Car World Series, including some big plans to take the Champ Car World Series internationally in a big way.  This interview is published here in its entirety.

Q.  Mr. Forsythe, What are the most urgent issues that must be resolved for the Champ Car Series?

Forsythe:   Certainly finalization of the TV package is first and foremost.  It should be done shortly.  The race schedule is nearly complete and should be issued in about a week and it will include some new international venues. 

Paul Gentilozzi and David Claire are going to Seoul, South Korea in a few days to determine if that race is possible for 2004.  We are working on seven (7) new venues for the 2005 schedule.

Q.  Bernie Ecclestone has stated that 2004 would be the last F1 race at Imola.  Would you consider bringing the Champ Car World Series there to replace F1?

Forsythe:  We are currently looking at races in Spain and the UK for 2005.  We would have to talk to Bernie.  If he would bless us taking over for F1 at Imola, then certainly we would consider it.

Q.  What are the chances Jacques Villeneuve would return to Forsythe Racing in 2004?

Forsythe:  I have not spoken to Craig Pollock about his plans for Jacques in 2004.  If they put together something for Jacques in F1 for 2005 and he is available for 2004, we would jump at the chance to bring him back to Champ Cars.

Q.  Can you give us the names of possible CEO's for the Champ Car World Series that you are considering?

Forsythe:  We will be continuing with Dick Eidswick, the current CEO of OWRS.  Mr. Eidswick has a fantastic record managing large companies and we hope to convince him to stay for a long time.

Q.  Do you foresee in the future enough room in the world for two international series -  Champ Car and F1?

Forsythe:  Absolutely.  There are so many places vying for a large international event and F1 can't satisfy all of them [Editor's Note: Where have you heard that before?]. 

"There is definitely a place for Champ Cars internationally.  In fact, we are currently looking at more new venues outside the USA than inside.  At some point if we have 50% of our races in the USA and 50% internationally, that would be a good mix."

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