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Three Formula Renault Championships To Be Organized On North American Soil
February 14, 2004

Renault Sport Technologies has signed a partnership deal with 'Race Team Promotions' concerning the creation of three single-seater motor racing championships in North America. This will begin with the organization of Formula Renault 1600* and Formula Renault 2000* championships in 2004, followed by the introduction of a Formula Renault V6 series from 2005.

Capitalizing on its experience in the realm of single-seater racecars, Renault Sport Technologies is keen to export its expertise and to give young American drivers an opportunity to work their way up the motor racing ladder, in the same spirit as that which governs Renault Sport's existing race-driver grooming process that is widely established in Europe.

Renault Sport Technologies underlines that this decision is based entirely on business logic. "We are the world's biggest single-seater racecar constructor and we owe it to ourselves to be present on the American market, even though Renault has no commercial presence there as a brand. The creation of a range of single-seater championships in North America is based solely on our desire to expand our sales of competition products. In no way does it signify a change in the strategy of the Renault Group itself vis-à-vis the North American market," commented Renault Sport Technology's Competitions and Communications Director, Jean-Paul Mari.

Race Team Promotions will act as an independent promoter with responsibility for the organization of all three championships. Meanwhile, Race Team Promotions has signed a commercial agreement with Tatuus, single-seater racecars constructor’s, with a view to importing them into the U.S.A. and Canada.

To mark the occasion, the winners of the 'Winter Series' currently being run by Race Team Promotions at Homestead will be given an opportunity to test drive a Formula Renault V6, the latest addition to Renault Sport's single-seater catalogue.

Formula Renault 1600

First steps in racing: this low-cost concept places the emphasis on car set-up and racing skills and is positioned after karting and Formula Renault Campus as an opportunity to get a first taste of competition, for a reasonable budget, within the framework of a championship.

Formula Renault 2000

A legendary formula: Over five hundred Formula Renault 2000s have been sold to date! This formula is recognized as a benchmark across the world for the acquisition of single-seater racing skills. No fewer than thirteen national championships already exist, not only in Europe but also in Asia and South America, while a Formula Renault 2000 Eurocup will be organized in 2004.

Formula Renault V6

The ultimate stepping-stone before F1: The 425 bhp Formula Renault V6 employs F1-style technology, including a sequential gearbox, carbon brakes and steering wheel-mounted gearshift controls. The races themselves are particularly exciting with features such as rolling starts and mandatory refueling stops. The 2003 Eurocup was an extremely fiercely fought affair broadcast by Europe's leading TV sports channel, Eurosport.

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