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by Andrew Maitland
May 24, 2005

Webber's 'anti climax'
(GMMf1NET -- May.24) Williams' Mark Webber has described securing his maiden grand prix podium - at Monte Carlo - 'a bit of an anti-climax.'

Williams' 2005 recruit became the first Australian to mount the rostrum since Alan Jones in 1981, and the fourth in history.

''I just felt like I deserved a bit better,'' the 28-year-old told The Australian newspaper.

Undoubtedly, Mark's gloom was fuelled by his dismal start, becoming stuck in traffic, and - due to an adverse pitwall call - finishing behind teammate Nick Heidfeld.

Worse still, the Nurburgring - scene of Sunday's race - is unlikely to stage a team repeat.

''BAR will be back,'' Webber explained, ''and Ralf and Montoya will be better placed. It'll definitely be tougher.''

Kimi not most famous Finn
(GMMf1NET -- May.24) Kimi Raikkonen and Mika Hakkinen may be F1's most famous Finns, but - in Finland - there is someone even more renowned.

According to the Finnish 'Helsingin Sonomat' newspaper, so-called 'super geek' and Linux inventor Linus Torvalds takes the cake.

The publication searched the names of 160 Finns with internet search engine Google, and Raikkonen - McLaren's championship contender - came out number two.

Fourth was 1998 and 1999 champion Hakkinen, just outpaced by musician 'Darude'.

In a separate feature, Finland voted war hero and President Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim the 'greatest' Finn of all time, but he only ranked 16th on the Google list.

Ralf upholds sibling attack
(GMMf1NET -- May.24) Ralf Schumacher has vowed to bounce back and aim for the podium after a miserable Monaco.

The Toyota driver, who endured a penalty, two shunts and a row with brother Michael at the weekend, said he would turn it around for his countrymen at the Nurburgring.

''I think we can be competitive at each circuit from now on,'' Ralf, 29, remarked.

''I go to Germany in the expectation that I will again fight for a podium position.''

Schumacher, meanwhile, refused to back paddle after accusing 'crazy' elder brother of a potentially fatal overtaking move at Monaco.

''I think I have probably expressed myself clearly enough on this topic,'' Ralf said, ''and I don't want to comment more.

''I said what I said and I stand by it.''

Nurburgring thunder
(GMMf1NET -- May.24) Germany's Nurburgring is one of the most temperamental locations on the grand prix calendar.

Located in the wooded Eifel hills not far from the Belgian border, Nurburgring - in the Nurburg village - was the scene of rain, hail and snow for the recent 24-Hour race.

''For the sake of the Formula One fans,'' BMW's Mario Theissen smiled, ''we hope (the location) will provide more clement weather conditions.''

It does appear that way.

''I hope so,'' said Ralf Schumacher, who - like brother Michael Schumacher and compatriot Nick Heidfeld - was born not far from Nurburg.

''Our (Toyota) car seems to work a bit better in slightly warmer conditions,'' he continued.

However, although it should be nice and hot - up to thirty - on Friday and Saturday, one forecast is predicting a 60 per cent chance of Sunday thunder storms.

BMW in F1 'decision' mode
(GMMf1NET -- May.24) Williams' double podium at Monaco will not influence engine partner BMW's judgement on whether to shake up its disappointing F1 project.

That was the worrying verdict of BMW motor sport director Dr Mario Theissen after the champagne soaked Monaco result.

''It is certainly positive,'' the German insisted, ''but we have been with Williams now for more than five years and you shouldn't take a strategic decision on a one day event.

'''On the other hand, the podium finishes are ... a motivational boost.''

Earlier at Monte Carlo, Williams' technical director Sam Michael revealed that BMW are 'in the middle of making (a) decision' about the future.

He added: ''BMW have gone on record saying that not continuing with us is not an option.''

Theissen, meanwhile, also downplayed suggestions that Mark Webber was angry at the team's decision to give pitstop priority to German teammate Nick Heidfeld on Sunday.

''Before, (Webber) had fifth places but no more,'' Mario noted, ''now he is on the podium. I see no reason to complain.''

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