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by Andrew Maitland
September 25,  2005

Alonso on walk to F1 history
(GMMf1NET -- Sep.25) Fernando Alonso is pretty sure he can tie up his record-breaking world championship in Brazil on Sunday.

The 24-year-old Spaniard, who would be the youngest ever title winner in F1's 55-year history, only has to coax his blue Renault to a comfortable podium spot to put McLaren rival Kimi Raikkonen out of reach.

''I think everything will be ok,'' Alonso said in Sao Paulo after qualifying on pole. ''In terms of reliability, we are 100 per cent sure.''

Whether he is too bothered with actually winning the race or not, F1 is set for a brand new - and ultra calm - champion.

''I will try to win the championship,'' Fernando answered to a question about charging for the win. ''Third is okay. If I am seventh here, in Japan and in China it's okay too so I'm sure we have a fantastic chance.''

You just don't know Fernando Alonso if you can imagine him tossing and turning on the eve of the most important grand prix of his young career.

''I am not so stressed,'' he added, ''and I will sleep perfectly. If I think 'I can be champion tomorrow' then for sure you will have trouble, but my head is looking forward to China. If I can do it here, okay, if I can't, I will be happy anyway.''

Montoya backs 'A1' concept
(GMMf1NET -- Sep.25) F1 driver Juan Pablo Montoya might one day represent Colombia in the fledgling 'A1 grand prix' series that is debuting in England this week.

''Sport always needs to evolve,'' McLaren's 30-year-old said in Sao Paulo for the Brazilian GP, ''so I support it.

''I would be very proud to maybe represent Colombia one day -- it's always a possibility.''

Closer to the task at hand, Montoya - the front-row getter at Interlagos - doubted that teammate Kimi Raikkonen has the ability to any longer fight for the title against champion-elect Fernando Alonso.

''He needs to rely on Alonso making a mistake,'' Juan Pablo said of his Finnish stable mate.

''For me, I am looking at the win.''

Meanwhile, Montoya is sporting another new helmet design in Brazil, the closest thing - as a South American - to his 'home' race. Every year, JPM runs a competition where children draw a new design.

''This one was designed by an eight year old and she's here,'' the F1 ace said at Interlagos.

Brazil is F1's 'shabbiest'
(GMMf1NET -- Sep.25) Brazil's is the 'shabbiest' grand prix on the 19-race calendar, a British hack has moaned.

The Independent newspaper's David Tremayne said at the Interlagos track, south west of Sao Paulo, that the Brazilian grand prix is perhaps not really worthy of crowning a new world champion.

''(The venue) is unbecoming of a formula one venue,'' he said. ''Perhaps it is the fact that the Brazilians do not see fit to have telephones in their press office.

''It all seems just a tad sad and lethargic, as if nobody can be bothered to make the effort.''

Tremayne said the 'Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace' makes a mockery of Max Mosley and Bernie Ecclestone's constant criticism of Britain's F1 track.

''(Silverstone) is a veritable palace by comparison,'' the Briton grumbled.

Heidfeld fit, says physio
(GMMf1NET -- Sep.25) Williams' German driver Nick Heidfeld is 'perfectly fit' to return to his 2005 cockpit.

That is the claim of his physiotherapist, Ricard Huelamo, after 28-year-old Heidfeld missed the last three races with - first - concussion, then a cracked shoulder-blade in a bike shunt.

Huelamo told Spanish television channel Telecinco: ''He was with me at my home for a week and he's perfectly well.

''He's ready, but it's the team's decision.''

More and more observers, though, speculate that there was more to Heidfeld's injuries than met the eye -- such as a link between his 'rest' and his new BMW contract.

1982 world champion Keke Rosberg, meanwhile, thinks there is some truth in paddock gossip that puts his GP2-driving son, Nico, in Heidfeld's Japan and China seat.

The Finn told ITV at Brands Hatch: ''There's been a lot of speculation and you'd have to assume there's something in it.''

FIA study Fisi's helmet
(GMMf1NET -- Sep.25) The helmet Giancarlo Fisichella wore in the Belgian grand prix is reportedly being studied by F1's governing body.

It is understood that the Roman's head struck the tyre barrier when he crashed his Renault at high speed at the top of Spa's famous Eau Rouge bend.

Fisichella's mandatory carbon- fibre helmet was scratched and gouged, reports say.

Williams 'chose' Bridgestone
(GMMf1NET -- Sep.25) Williams' Sam Michael has rejected any suggestion that the Oxfordshire team was somehow compelled to switch tyre supplier for next season.

The logic of moving from formula one's dominant supplier to beleaguered Japanese brand Bridgestone is obviously questionable, even in the event that the category some day soon will revert to a 'control' tyre situation.

But Williams' technical director said in Brazil: ''We definitely had a choice.

''We took that long term (decision) based on what we could see Bridgestone technically deliver us in the future.''

Although official confirmation is still pending, Cologne based Toyota will also switch from French brand Michelin to Bridgestone.

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