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 Making of the Camaro Concept car

January 15, 2006

If you ever wondered how car designers take engineering drawings and artist sketches and make a full-size concept vehicle, these photos taken in the GM Design Center in Warren Michigan give you some glimpse at the process that is used.

The car won the EyesOn Design Best Concept Implementation Award at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan on Tuesday.

The interior buck for the Camaro Concept is created from clay and prototype parts.

Numerically controlled tools and extensive hand sculpting were used.

Assembling the interior of the Camaro Concept

The front nose of the Camaro Concept takes form.

A full-size clay model was used for the Camaro Concept under development at the GM Design Center in Warren, Michigan

The Camaro Concept takes form in the shops at the GM Design Center in Warren, Michigan.  It has moved from clay to real materials

The finished product - Camaro Concept with a 1969 Camaro SS

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