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NASCAR drivers know they are inferior UPDATE "The bottom line is us trying to gain credibility, to say that our drivers are the best drivers in the world," Randy Bernard said. "They're the fastest, most versatile drivers in the world. That's really what this is all about, is putting that out there to say, 'If you don't believe it, come take a look.'" 

You won't see NASCAR's champion trying IndyCar and exposing how bad he might be
[Editor's Note: And if NASCAR, who claims they have the best drivers, let their drivers race in IndyCar and they lost, then they would lose the best driver claim.  Hence why it is OK for other drivers to come to NASCAR at a disadvantage and look bad, but NASCAR does not want the reverse to happen.  So you won't see many, if any, Sprint Cup drivers going after the $5 million as it may expose the real truth about NASCAR drivers.]

The other bottom line is, well, the bottom line. Last year's season-ending race at Homestead was televised on the cable channel Versus; ABC will televise this one.

"Our whole key to this is last year we did a 0.3 rating on our championship race," Bernard said. "In my opinion, that's the best-kept secret in motorsports. If we can't do a 1.5 or 2 rating on network television, I would consider it a failure."

Kurt Busch even fizzled driving in a straight-line in his Dodge Pro Stock car.  Imagine if he had to turn right?
03/12/11 There’s an ad on the radio for a free trip to the Indianapolis 500 and the race in Charlotte the same day.

It’s a Pennzoil promotion and the voiceover stars Kurt Busch, who drives for Roger Penske in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.

In the ad, Busch says the prize will be a flight to “the big race in Indianapolis,” followed by a private jet ride to Charlotte for the “Coca-Cola 600” later in the day.

Did some copy-writer write that? Did some Pennzoil-connected ad person really write “the big race at Indianapolis” instead of its official name, which is the Indianapolis 500? Which is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year?

Or did Kurt Busch take it upon himself to change those words?

After all, when Busch won the race in Charlotte last May, he said over his car’s radio: “The real Victory Lane is in Charlotte.”

Ha ha.

Now, bear with me here.

Years and years ago, I lived in Montreal. People in Montreal like to tell Toronto jokes. “Why do the lights on the Decarie Expressway keep burning out? They were made in Toronto.”

Ha ha.

All the years I’ve lived in Toronto, I’ve never heard a Montreal joke so I wondered what was with all the Toronto jokes I heard in Montreal.

Then it dawned on me: Montreal people felt inferior and it was their way of feeling superior by putting down Toronto.

So, it’s obvious that Kurt Busch, a NASCAR Sprint Cup driver, feels inferior because, somehow, he just couldn't bring himself to say “Indianapolis 500” in that radio commercial.

Of course, he should feel inferior.

Kurt, when it comes to comparing the Indianapolis 500 and the race in Charlotte, there ain’t no comparison.

The real Victory Lane always has been, and always will be, at 16th St. and Georgetown Rd., back home in Indiana. Toronto Star

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