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F1 return for Mexico and South Africa 'possible' UPDATE #4
The richest man in the world, Carlos Slim Helu
Son of the richest man in the world, Carlos Slim Domit
(GMM)  Speculation about a return to Mexico for formula one is revving up. Earlier this year, Sauber sponsor Telmex's Carlos Slim Domit confirmed that officials are working on a project to end the country's 20 year absence from the calendar.

On a trip to Mexico in August, FIA president Jean Todt said it is "possible" Mexico will host a race soon.

Slim Domit wrote in a column for FIA in Motion magazine: "Linking races in Canada and the US with a Mexican round would perfectly consolidate formula one's footprint in North and Central America and provide a viable bridge to the race in Brazil."

Bernie Ecclestone told the Independent newspaper in September: "After Russia I would like to go to South Africa and Mexico.

"Both countries are trying to do something."

Germany's Speed Week now says "leading representatives" of Mexico's motor racing federation are "very confident" a F1 race is viable, with the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez on pole position as the venue.

That track, in Mexico City, last hosted the grand prix in 1992, won by Nigel Mansell.

12/01/11 The return of Mexico to the Formula 1 calendar should be a no-brainer, according to Mexican businessman Carlos Slim Domit.

Slim Domit, the son of the world's richest man Carlos Slim, has been working with entertainment company CIE to take Formula 1 back to the country after an absence of nearly 20 years.

Slim Domit believes Mexico should capitalize on the rising interest created by drivers such as Sergio Perez, now racing for Sauber, to be back on the F1 calendar for the first time since 1992.

"I embrace the idea and believe that a new race for Mexico is what, in colloquial English, is referred to as a 'no-brainer'," Slim Domit wrote in a column for the FIA in Motion magazine. "Mexico has long been close to Formula 1, closer to it indeed than it has been to many other racing series that have visited the country.

"The rise of a new generation of Mexican racers has only served to boost the interest in Formula 1. We not only have Sergio Perez impressing at Sauber, but waiting in the wings is another star, Esteban Gutierrez. He is a Formula 1 star in the making.

"The potential of these young drivers has reawakened interest in F1 beyond hardcore fans and the huge crowds who flocked to see Perez's F1 demonstration in his home town earlier this year attest to a new-found popularity for the sport that should be capitalized upon."

He also reckons a Mexican race would work perfectly to consolidate the sport in North America together with the races in Canada and the planned events in the USA.

"Linking races in Canada and the US with a Mexican round would perfectly consolidate Formula 1's footprint in North and Central America and provide a viable bridge to the race in Brazil," he said. Autosport

09/19/11 (PVM) Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone wants South Africa and Mexico to return to the grand prix calendar. Speaking to The Independent, Ecclestone revealed, “After Russia I would like to go to South Africa and Mexico. Both countries are trying to do something.”

Adding that, despite its economic problems, “Greece are also trying to do a Formula 1 race. The Germans will lend them some money”.

The sport has witnessed unprecedented growth in recent years with Abu Dhabi making it’s hosting debut in 2009, Korea in 2010, India happening in October this year, United States scheduled for 2012 and Russia on track for 2014.

South Africa last hosted a grand prix in 1993 at Kyalami, but Cape Town is being mooted as the likely venue of the country’s future F1 race.

Mexico has been on and off the grand prix calendar over the years, with 1992 being the last year that the Mexican GP was held.

08/09/11 (GMM)  Carlos Slim Domit has confirmed efforts to revive the Mexican grand prix.

On a visit to Mexico last week, and before touring the Hermanos Rodriguez circuit, FIA president Jean Todt said it is "possible" the country will return to the F1 calendar.

"It is being studied," businessman Carlos Slim Domit, the son of the world's richest man Carlos Slim Helu, is quoted by the Europa Press (EP) news agency.

The report said Slim Domit, whose father controls the Sauber and Sergio Perez sponsor Telmex, is on the FIA's ten-member senate.

He reportedly said officials of the sport are working on the project to end Mexico's 20-year F1 absence along with the Mexican entertainment company CIE.

CIE is the operator of the Hermanos Rodriguez track in Mexico City, the scene of the last Mexican grand prix in 1992 won by Nigel Mansell.

Slim Domit said the circuit is one option for future Mexican grands prix, but EP said the facility would require "large investments" for improvements.

He said another option is a street circuit in the western city of Guadalajara.

Europa Press said CIE did not immediately comment.

08/08/11 (GMM)  A return to the F1 calendar for Mexico is "possible", FIA president Jean Todt has revealed.

He said in Mexico City on Friday that he sees "no reason" why a future Mexican grand prix should be ruled out.

"As part of the meetings I am doing I intend to see the Hermanos Rodriguez circuit," added the Frenchman, referring to the venue that last hosted formula one in 1992.

"Today Mexico is an economically strong country and I am convinced that in the future it (F1) is possible," Todt is quoted by Europa Press.

"We know that the races have a cost.  There are also a number of criteria for the approval of an event, especially in the safety parameter."

The only Mexican driver in F1 at present is Sergio Perez, although fellow Mexican Esteban Gutierrez is moving up and won the GP3 title and is now in GP2.

Meanwhile, Todt - apparently referring to the recent blown exhaust saga - has been quoted as saying F1 needs "more specific" rules for the future.

"The teams interpret the rules in such a bizarre way that they break them.  We must be more specific, so that everyone applies them," he is quoted by the Italian agency AGI.

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