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FOTA group could 'stop' after Ecclestone says it's useless UPDATE
Stefano Domenicali
Ferrari's Stefano Domenicali has warned that the future of the Formula One Teams' Association will be cast into doubt if agreement cannot be reached on the Resource Restriction Agreement at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

"So what we have discussed is to go to Abu Dhabi to make sure that a solution, a final solution, has to be taken. On top of that, what we said is really if this [mistrust] will come out of FOTA activity then what is FOTA all about? We know the reason why FOTA started, and now we need to understand if FOTA is still needed. What are the objectives of the future of FOTA, if there is a future for FOTA?

"We need to do that in a very constructive way, a very open way. That is the discussion that I believe in the next weeks is important to take over. On the RRA with Abu Dhabi either there is a solution or we will see."

"I think that FOTA has reached the crossroads where it needs to deal with some of the key issues moving forward or we'll stop. It's as simple as that," he told Reuters. "The principal issues are obviously the Concorde Agreement, the direction that goes in, and fundamentally the RRA (Resource Restriction Agreement). If we can't find agreement within FOTA on that, then what is the purpose of FOTA?"

Christian Horner with his driver Sebastian Vettel in Korea
The health of the formula one teams association seemed in danger on Sunday as a bosses meeting broke and you can bet Bernie Ecclestone could not be happier after saying he has no time for the group.  He does not like them whining about petty things.

FOTA has scheduled another meeting for Abu Dhabi next month but the association seems at loggerheads over the future of the cost-limiting gentleman's Resource Restriction Agreement.

Fingers have been pointing at Red Bull and Mercedes, with fellow grandees McLaren and Ferrari reportedly on the other side of a burgeoning argument. zzzz

According to the BBC, Red Bull chief Christian Horner said FOTA needs to deal with its problems "or we'll stop".  HRT is already a non-FOTA member, ahead of crucial forthcoming negotiations over the next Concorde Agreement.

"If we can't find agreement within FOTA on that then what is the purpose of FOTA?" Horner is also quoted as saying by Reuters.

FOTA president Martin Whitmarsh said in Korea that the alliance exists for the good of the teams.

"I think we have got to improve it," the McLaren boss said, referring to the endangered cost agreement.  "I think we have got to work together to enhance trust and mutual respect in the process.

"Will we ever reach a stage where everyone is very comfortable, has no concern, no accusation?  I doubt (that), but I think it has been the right thing for the sport and I think we have got to continue to persevere with it."

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