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Honda eyeing F1 return? UPDATE Honda "could make an F1 comeback in '14," according to AUTO BILD. Honda Research & Development CEO Yoshiharu Yamamoto said that he "would welcome an F1 return." Yamamoto said, "It is true that we watch the races and hope to return at some point."

Although Yamamoto does not believe in an immediate F1 return, he "sees the potential that the upcoming rule changes provide." He said, "I obviously follow the rule changes, and if they provide an opportunity for us then it would be nice to come back." The financial crises in '08 led to Honda's withdrawal from F1. It seems that "Honda's return is dependent on whether F1 goes through with its proposed engine change or not."

The plan calls for new, less expensive 1.6-liter turbo engines to replace the currently used 2.4-liter V8 engines in '14. The change "seemed practically implemented," however,  F1 CEO Bernie Ecclestone "recently hinted that he wants to stop the change at the eleventh hour." French car maker Renault, which provides four teams with its engines, "would be far from pleased if Honda returns." Renault, Ferrari and Mercedes are the only three car manufactures currently active in F1. Therefore, a Honda comeback "would be extremely attractive." AUTO BILD

10/10/12 (GMM)  Honda is not ruling out a return to formula one in the future.

The Japanese carmaker pulled out of the sport after the 2008 season, amid the global financial crisis and the slump in new car sales.

But Honda's head of research and development Yoshiharu Yamamoto has told autocar.co.uk that the marque still sees F1 as an attractive platform.

"On a personal level I love racing, but there is a lot involved when you are in F1 -- it is the very top of auto racing and that requires a large commitment.

"But it is true that we do look up at those races and hope that one day we can take part again," he said.

"I do not personally think we can just go straight back immediately, but there is potential for the rules to change and attract us.  I follow the rules, certainly, and if they present an opportunity then it would be nice to go back."

His comments follow speculation F1's 2014 switch to radical new turbo V6 engine rules could attract more car manufacturers to formula one.

Honda has committed to running a 1.6 liter turbo engine in the World Touring Car Championship (WTCC).

"This is my personal view – not that of Honda – but I feel the first thing we must do is win in the WTCC, and then perhaps we can look further afield," said Yamamoto.

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