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'Bad Brad' gets mouth wired shut UPDATE Like he does with everything else, Keselowski finds a way to laugh at his critics and with his fans.

“You’re never going to get all of the people to like something that you do. It’s not possible,” Keselowski said. “Someone’s always going to dislike something you do, and you have to roll that off your shoulders and move on.”

He was fined $25,000 last year for calling the new electronic ignition a “media circus.” He was fined another $25,000 late in the year for sending out tweets from his car during a red-flag period at Phoenix International Raceway.

He used that same Twitter account to play down his meeting with two of the most powerful people in NASCAR. “Spent some time with Lesa and Brian from the NASCAR team after yesterday’s article, the passion we all share for our sport is amazing!”

You won't see 'Bad Brad' opening his mouth out of line anymore
NASCAR executives met Friday with Brad Keselowski after the defending Sprint Cup Series champion outlined the challenges facing the sport in a Sports cover story in Friday's USA TODAY. NASCAR Chief Communications Officer Brett Jewkes said Keselowski wasn't penalized. Jewkes said the meeting wasn't directly a result of the USA TODAY story, but it was discussed. NASCAR generally had been seeking more dialogue with its champion, according to Jewkes, and Friday provided the opportunity. USA Today

[Editor's Note: Rumor has it that was a nice way of saying NASCAR called Keselowski in and read him the riot act, something to the effect, "Boy, if you wanna keep running in this here series, you had better keep your mouth shut and always say nice things about this here sport.  Remember, we made you boy, and we can just as easily unmake you.  You got that?"  Full Interview

Calling their biggest star, Danica, a backmarker must have not set to well with the NASCAR brass
We are sure essentially calling their biggest star, Danica Patrick, a wanker, did not go over well.  This is what he said, "When Danica (Patrick) gets in the car, I don't think, "Oh there's that girl." I think, "Oh, there's that 30th-place driver." That's the reality of it. People who talk to me about Danica and say, "Man, you need to give her more of a chance." No, you need to give her less of a chance. You need to treat her equally and think about those who never came even close to getting the opportunity she had."  Given she went from pole to dead last in 12 laps in her qualifying race, Brad may have a point, but it still does not explain how her car got on pole unless it was preordained.]
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