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DRR parking No. 22 after Indy UPDATE #2 Dreyer & Reinbold Racing will attempt to make occasional appearances in IndyCar over the remainder of the season if it is unable to secure the funding to continue full-time after the Indy 500. It was revealed on Friday that the team will be forced to stand down after the Indy 500 unless it can attract additional investment, with the hope of regrouping and re-entering the series full-time in 2014. However, team co-owner Robbie Buhl says that even if DRR is forced to scale back after Indy, it could still race later in the season.

"If there were one-offs later in the year that made sense, we would do that," he said.

"Oriol was as disappointed as everybody, just because the continuity that we have working with Panther was really starting to make some strides," Buhl said. "Having said that, we've really got to focus and deliver at Brazil and Indy, but it's a tough position to be in.

"It's not what you want to do, but we [co-owner Dennis Reinbold and I] feel that it's the best thing that we have to do for the team and for the future, it just say, 'OK right now we don't have enough revenue coming in; let's peel back after Indy.'

"We're going to try to keep a core group of our guys and rebuild for next year. We're also looking at some other series to be in. So we're not going away, but we've got to be smart in terms of how we look at things."

"Last year was a tough year for us," he said. "Starting with the Lotus and then having to convert over cost us a lot more than we anticipated, that changeover. It's a little bit of everything. But we love what we do.

"We'll stay after it and look to see what other partners we can bring in where it's value and a return for them, and hopefully have a full program for 2014."

"Any decisions with respect to the future of Dreyer & Reinbold Racing have no affect on Panther Racing," he said. "All the DRR guys are absolute class acts, and Panther will do anything in its power to help Dennis and Robbie continue racing this season and beyond in the IndyCar Series." Racer.com

Oriol Servia not giving up
This rumor is upgraded to 'strong' now.  Unless a new partner or financial angel surfaces quickly, one of the loyal, little guys in the IZOD IndyCar series is shutting down after next month's Indianapolis 500.

And one of the most resilient drivers in open wheel racing will again find himself in free fall.

Dennis Reinbold and Robbie Buhl, whose Dreyer & Reinbold team has been a mainstay of Indy-car racing since 2000, don't have the sponsorship necessary to continue to field a car for Oriol Servia.

"It's disappointing, obviously, but financially it has to make sense," said Reinbold, who informed Servia and the crew of their plight this week after returning from Long Beach.

"IndyCar racing is getting more and more affordable and it needs to continue that way but we just don't have the funds to continue past May."

Servia, one of IndyCar's most under-rated values, figured he'd finally found a home after more than a decade of ride hopping.

"I didn't see it coming. There were no signs because we never missed a test and we just bought eight new dampers and went to the shaker rig," said the 38-year-old Spaniard who began his career in CART in 1999.

"I knew we were a little short and one big deal fell through at the last second but I figured we'd be OK. It's sad because Dennis and Robbie have put together a damn good team." More at speedtv.com

04/25/13 Rumor has it that Dreyer and Reinbold Racing is parking the #22 Servia car after the Indy 500. Sponsorship difficulties. How do teams get sponsorship with the TV ratings NBC Sports Network is delivering?  No official word from the team as of yet. Partner Panther Racing will carry on with Hildebrand, however.
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