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Auto Club Speedway might lose IndyCar season-finale to....Indy? (Update) UPDATE Sources tell AR1.com that Fontana will be the season finale for IndyCar in 2014.  So the grand final will have maybe 35,000 in attendance instead of over 100,000 that would be at Indy under the lights on Labor Day weekend 2014.  But who ever said IndyCar cared about being a huge success.  Staying small has its benefits it appears.

IndyCars on the Indy oval are spectacular.  Running a 2nd race on the oval, under the lights on Labor Day weekend would be the spectacular IndyCar season finale the series needs
Nothing is official, but there’s an indication change is in the air as far as the Auto Club Speedway’s IndyCar Series date is concerned.

In a story on the Racer.com website, veteran open-wheel reporter Robin Miller said the IndyCar Series is considering moving the MAV TV 500 from its season-finale status at Fontana to a date in June 2014. The initial MAV TV 500 was run last September and this year’s race is schedule for Oct. 19.

It’s among several changes the series is considering, according to Miller.

Portions of the conversation is shifting the Fontana race to June so that the Triple Crown – three 500-mile races – would be run in consecutive months. In addition to the traditional Indy 500 date in May, Pocono Raceway was added to the 2013 schedule in July.

If IndyCar wants to finish their season on an oval, that leaves Milwaukee or Iowa on Labor Day weekend, neither of which makes sense as a season finale.  What does make sense as a season finale is a 400-miler at Indy under the lights on Labor Day weekend. 

This talk of a road course race in May at Indy is utter nonsense.  It detracts from the Indy 500, which must remain sacred, and the heavy IndyCars on the Mickey Mouse infield road course will make the product look slow and inferior.  A 400-miler under the lights on the Indy oval would be spectacular.  To do anything less is shear neglect of the product.  Have they no clue?

Q: We should expect a decision real soon about a road course race at Indy.  How do you feel about the month being strengthened or having a second race? 

A.J. FOYT:  In my own opinion, I would hate to see that because Indianapolis 500 has been like the Kentucky Derby.  It's a legend race, and I think it would take a little bit from the 500.  Now after the 500, mid‑year, something like that, that would probably be fine.  But I'd hate to see it interfere with the Indy 500 maybe a week or two before it opens.  I don't think it's a good deal, and that's my personal opinion.

Amen AJ, Amen.

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