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DATE News (chronologically)
Something big up at Champ Car UPDATE #7 This rumor is now 'fact' with today's announcement.  See Home Page for the story. 10/06/05 This rumor is about to go to 'fact' today as we hear HVM will make a big announcement this afternoon. 08/13/05 There won't be any Williams Cosworth announcement here in Denver this weekend as we hear that Williams wants to make the announcement in Europe.  There will be the 2006 schedule announcement midday today, but other than that there are no other scheduled press conferences this weekend.  We remain at a loss as to what Mr. Forsythe meant.  We assume something has changed.  As for the Cedric announcement, we heard the deal was finally signed, but being in the entertainment business, prefers an announcement in Las Vegas.  So that leaves just the schedule announcement this weekend. 08/11/05    A reader asks, Dear AutoRacing1.com, This big announcement from Forsythe and company has me confused, as does your most recent report. An announcement about Cosworth for WilliamsF1 does not make sense with regard to Champ Car, at least not "something big up at Champ Car". I know that this was just a rumor, but something just doesn't add up in my mind. Perhaps there is more to this than we know. Maybe a joint sponsor deal with Intel for both Williams and Forsythe for instance. Just a wild guess. Perhaps you can expand on your comment of figuring out what you believed it was in the earlier thread, but would not comment on it out of courtesy to GF. Obviously you had something else figured out. Deke McTeer, Twin Lake, MI Dear Deke, Anything is possible. As for Intel, we expect them to take a bigger role in F1 and Champ Car, but we can't say this is what Mr. Forsythe meant. Stay tuned and we'll all soon find out, Mark C. 08/10/05 We are hearing that the big announcement Gerald Forsythe was referring to was probably an announcement that Cosworth got the Williams engine contract. We hear that Frank Williams was thought to be flying into Denver for the announcement, though we would be surprised given his physical handicaps that make travel very difficult. We're not sure what this has to do with Champ Car though........Another rumor still out there was that Cedric the Entertainer was to be announced as a co-team owner, originally in San Jose, then supposedly Denver. Nothing confirmed, so we shall see, but we are certain the Cosworth Williams deal is signed, sealed and delivered. Of course we will see the preliminary '06 work-in-progress Champ Car schedule this weekend as well. Mark C.  07/31/05 Ran into Gerald Forsythe this morning in San Jose. He told us the big announcement for Tuesday is actually in two weeks. He had his dates mixed up when he told us yesterday. 07/31/05 Through a bit of detective work, AutoRacing1.com has figured out what Tuesday's announcement will be. Out of respect for Mr. Forsythe, we won't reveal it at this time, but it will be a definite boost for the series, will further strengthen the foundation Champ Car is building, and it is major announcement that will involve some heavy hitters. We will tell you more when we can. Mark C. 07/30/05 AutoRacing1.com has learned that Champ Car has something big planned for a possible Tuesday announcement. Series co-owner Gerald Forsythe told AutoRacing1.com exclusively that "we have some really big news to announce on or around Tuesday of this week." Further prodding from us was met with a smile, "nope that's all I'm telling you. Wait for the announcement." We do know that that there was a big owners meeting yesterday morning.
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