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2007 Champ Car schedule UPDATE #5 Not new news to AutoRacing1.com users, but Steve Johnson told autosport.com, "That's what we would love to happen (both European race). We have a great fanbase in Europe, a lot of our participating drivers are from Europe, and we can make it work. On my provisional schedule for 2007, I have Assen down for September 23 and Oschersleben for September 30.

"We have signed Memorandums of Understanding with both circuits, and we have until next Tuesday for the financial settlements to be finalized, and we - and our partners at the tracks are using our best efforts to try and make this happen for 2007. We're up against the 11th hour, but we'll work at it."

As we told you below, a sponsor is already lined up for both races. We expect them to happen. It appears the '07 schedule will not be released until next weekend, perhaps at Road America.

09/09/06 We have added track layouts of Champ Car's new for 2007 overseas circuits the series will visit - the 2.297-mile Oschersleben, Germany track, the 2.67-mile Zhuhai, China circuit, and the 2.83-mile Assen, Holland circuit. All are natural terrain road courses and are a break from Champ Car's plethora of street circuits.

That brings the mix of circuits for 2007 to 50% street and 50%  non-street (4 natural terrain road courses and 2 airports).

Also, AutoRacing1.com hears that both European races have a sponsor lined up and it is a name you will recognize immediately as it is a large American corporation.

09/08/06 Based on our research, and hearing that 5-year MOU's have been signed for both Assen and Oschersleben (pictured right), the 16-race 2007 Champ Car schedule that we expect to be announced next week will be as follows:

April 8 Las Vegas (Street)
April 15 Long Beach (Street)
April 22 Houston (Street) May

May 20 Zhuhai, China (RC, pictured right)
June 17 Portland (RC)
Jun 24 Cleveland (Airport)
July 8 Toronto (Street)
July 22 Edmonton (Airport)
July 29 San Jose (Street)
Aug. 12 Denver (Street)
Aug. 26 Road America
Sep. 23 Assen, Holland (RC, pictured right)
Sep. 30 Oschersleben, Germany (RC)
Oct. 21 Australia (Street)
Nov. 11 Mexico City (RC)
Nov. 18 Phoenix (Street) 

09/07/06 Hearing that the 2007 Champ Car schedule is planned to be released sometime next week and will show 15 or 16 races, though that does not mean one or two could not be added later.

09/01/06 Another writes, Dear Autoracing1.com, While I agree that Champ Car should be doing whatever it can to minimize conflict with dates at PIR, I disagree with your solution. First, neither street race should be in the "middle of March". Champ Car should be trying to find a way to be part of the Sebring weekend, not competing with it. Second, the casinos want the race to be in April, and will have no incentive to disrupt downtown on the weekend before Thanksgiving, an already busy one. The problem is the stupid idea that Champ Car needs to finish its season in the US. Run the Phoenix race in October, and everyone wins. Al MacKrell

Dear Al, There is no traffic to disrupt in downtown Vegas the week before Thanksgiving. The traffic is much further south on "The Strip" where all the big new casinos are. Downtown is very quiet. Champ Car will not share a weekend at Sebring with ALMS. There is no hotel space available....period. Phoenix is 2,000 miles from Sebring, neither race will affect the other. We will reiterate our earlier point - as long as Champ Car holds a street race close to a PIR NASCAR event, ISC will work the political and media angles in an attempt to kill it off. If the Phoenix NASCAR race shows a drop in ticket sales next year, ISC will point to the Champ Car race as the culprit and it will be all-out war. Mark C.

09/01/06 We hear that the San Antonio race is not going to happen, so we have removed it from the schedule below. The local TV sports report stated the race might still happen in 2008. Meanwhile Phoenix is still listed as the season final one week after the NASCAR race in Phoenix and we predict that as long as the Champ Car race is within one week of the NASCAR race, ISC will work to kill the Champ Car Phoenix race behind the scenes. Vegas should be the season final and Phoenix the season opener in March, just before the baseball season begins.

Our revised guess at the 2007 schedule:

April 8 Las Vegas (Confirmed, should be season finale )
April 15 Long Beach (Confirmed)
April 22 Houston (Confirmed)
May 20 Zhuhai, China (Confirmed)
June 17 Portland (Tentative)
Jun 24 Cleveland (Confirmed)
July 8 Toronto (Tentative)
July 22 Edmonton (Tentative)
July 29 San Jose (Confirmed)
Aug. 12 Denver (Tentative)
Aug. 26 Road America (Tentative)
Sep. 23 or 30 Assen, Holland (Close to being announced)
Sep. 23 or 30 Oschersleben, Germany (Tentative)
Oct. 7 TBA
Oct. 21 Australia (Confirmed)
Nov. 4 Mexico City (Tentative)
Nov. 18 Phoenix (Confirmed - Should be season opener )

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