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Boxing star to start new Mexican team UPDATE #2 According to this ChampCar.ws article, rather than start a new team with Chavez, it now sounds like Dominguez is trying to perhaps get Chavez involved with Rocketsports next year.

Could the Dominguez/Pizzonia/Rocketsports partnership at Surfers Paradise be a preview of things to come for 2007?  For his part, Dominguez wouldn't mind. He's wooing Pemex to re-up for the full '07 season, even as he's is in discussion about a partnership with boxing legend Julio Cesar Chavez.

"It's looking very good for next year with Pemex, and also we're trying to get Julio Cesar involved in the project, " he says. "That will also help to get maybe more sponsors. Especially the big market that is in the U.S. with Hispanic community. I mean we race in places that have a huge Hispanic population -- Long Beach, San Jose, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Denver, Houston. So I think that should be able to help us attract sponsors who are interested in penetrating that market. With a guy like Julio Cesar involved that should be a big help. Also that translates into a lot more ticket sales at the races."

We have left the Chavez team on our 2007 Champ Car Silly Season page, but it does sound like it could be a joint effort with Rocketsports if it happens.

09/29/06 The photos below are of Julio Cesar Chavez in Las Vegas Wednesday night where Champ Car was kicking off the 2007 Las Vegas GP.  Julio assisted in the presentation of the 2007 Champ Car Schedule as a member of the board of directors of the Las Vegas and Phoenix races.


09/23/06 Ex-boxing champion and Mexican idol Julio Cesar Chavez (the greatest Mexican boxer ever and for sure one of the three most important sportsmen in the history of Mexico)said that Brian Weymouth is trying to convince him to build a Champ Car team around Mario Dominguez for 2007.   According to Chavez, he will be in Phoenix next week to see the formal project. Mario Dominguez confirmed this story to El Norte/Reforma in a telephone interview from Elkhart Lake.

The five time world boxing champion will announce his plans to establish a corporation, Julio César Chávez Entertainment, that will focus on real estate investing and business, entertainment, and increasing the number of educational resources available for the Hispanic community.

“When I last fought in the Valley, I fell in love with this place. The people here are amazing. The following and fellowship that I had here was tremendous,” says Chávez. “I am very well aware of some issues that face this wonderful city and am excited to begin to develop more relationships in the community for the betterment of individual lives here in the Phoenix area.”

In addition to developing business and entertainment venues for the Hispanic community, Chávez was recently placed on the Board of Directors for the Phoenix Grand Prix, who is spearheaded by Dale Jensen, the largest shareholder of the Arizona Diamondbacks. “I have always been a racing fan,” Chavez says, “and after meeting with Mr. Jensen I do not see a reason why this race will NOT happen. It makes so much sense on so many levels and I’m excited to be at the ground floor of something so fabulous here in Phoenix.”

He further added, “In boxing, I gave my all and fought until the last bell finally rang, I was never bullied around in the ring. If there is a project that makes sense for the Valley, I will reflect the same type of attitude, and this project makes sense. It is pioneering for the city of Phoenix.”

Julio broke onto the boxing scene in 1984 when he delivered a knockout punch to Edwin Rosario winning the WBA Championship, his first of his five World Titles. During his magnificent run, Julio strung together an overwhelming record of 90 straight fights without a loss, which today stands as the most decorated undefeated streak in boxing.

“I am looking forward to continuing to build Phoenix’s reputation as a growing opportunity and resource for my fellow Latinos. Last time I was here I felt the great energy that is being generated within the community and I am hopeful that I can continue to be a part of it.”

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